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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 28
**Drake’s POV**
I was done bathing and I dressed into a black trouser and red polo shirt.
I spent almost an hour tidying up my bedroom then picked up my phone and walked out of my apartment.
I checked the time and it said ’12:30pm’
“Hey Drake.” I heard Gina’s voice behind.
I inhaled and turned to see the twins standing with croseed arms.
“Hey twinies.” said.
“Where are you going to?” Kira asked.
I breathed out.
“What’s your business with where im heading to?” I asked.
“Just answer.” she said.
I breathed out again and decided to make it clear to her; “Kira, lemme make it clear to you. Anything about us is over and overly over here and right now. Im sorry baby. And you too Gina” I said, turned and walked to Clara’s door. I rang the doorbell.
I could hear Kira crying but I didn’t turn to look.
I just stared at the door untill it was opened by Danelle who smiled at me.
“How’s she?” I asked.
“She’s okay, reading a novel that I gave to her. I can’t believe she’s trying so hard to be strong,” she said.
“That’s good. Im gonna go get her something,” I said.
She raised her brow, “What?”
“Anything that might make her feel better.” I said.
She shook her head, “I don’t think she needs that. Nothing’s gonna make her feel more better than you in here, come in,” she said and I chuckled.
“Wait!” she stopped me and looked out to see Gina and Kira.
“Who are they? and why’s she crying?” she asked.
I smiled, “I’ll tell you later,” I said and she shrugged.
I went in and closed the door.
“She’s in the bedroom,” she said.
“I don’t know if I can see her right now,” I said.
“Ofcourse,” she said and I smiled and headed towards the bedroom.
I opened the door and walked in.
A pillow stood at the bed headboard and she layed her head on the pillow, covering her face with the novel.
She noticed my presence and removed the novel from her face to look at me.
“You should have knocked,” she said.
I sighed, “Im sorry. I’ll go do that,” I said and got up to go to the door and she shook her head.
“Not funny,” she said. I smiled and walked back to the edge of the bed and sat.
“How are you feeling?” I asked.
“Im fine,” she said and sat up, dropping the novel. I took it.
‘FIREFLY BEACH -Luanne Rice’
“Im not a fan of novels.” I said.
“Me too but this piece is really cool. I’ve read one of her novels and now this one,” she said.
I flip through the pages and at page 135, I saw a writting on top.
‘I Love u Neil’ I smiled and dropped back the novel.
“I saw it too,” she said.
I smiled.
“That girl’s so crazy! she have no idea what pains love can cost her. She’s very busy loving now untill he breaks her down. she’s still young to understand,” she said.
“Don’t hope such for your sister,” I said.
“I don’t. im talking out of experience,” she said and I smiled.
She kept her eyes on mine, it gave me a tingling feeling that I wanted it to last forever.
“She said that she don’t wanna go back to school untill im fine. Pleaee help me make her accept so she can leave tomorrow. Can you do that for me?” she said.
“Anything, I will,” I answered.
“Also you will have to help drive her to the train station.”
“Alright I will,” I said.
“Thanks,” she said
“Im your friend, i’ll gladly do anything for you,” I said.
‘This word -friendship- means so much to me in Clara’s case.’
She smiled.Wow she smiled
“Is there anything else I need to do like right now to stop thinking? The novel is interesting but it isn’t helping,” she said.
“You’re trying Clara,” I said.
“Just tell me.”
“Okay, would you mind taking a walk around the streets?” I asked.
She dropped the book, “sure.”
She then got out of the bed and slide her feet into her flops, then took out a black jacket from her wardrobe and pulled ontop her slim-sleeved red gown.
“Let’s go,” she said and stood up.
I smiled as we walked out.
“Where are you guys going to?” Danelle asked, emerging from the kitchen.
“Wanna take a little walk,” I said.
she smiled, “Can I come along?” she asked.
“Sure,” I said.
She shook her head with a smile.
“No bye,” she said and walked back to the kitchen.
We walked out and headed to the road.
The atmosphere was really cool and we walked with slow and steady steps at the walkway.
There were rails along the walkway and she ocassionally touched it as we walked slowly, counting each step.
“Ever since I came into maymack i’ve not taken a walk to look around.” she said as she finally slide her hands into her jacket pockets.
“I hardly do too.” I said.
“Wow, I haven’t seen that statue. It’s so beautiful,” she said.
“yeah it is,” I said.
“Wow check out that boy riding a bicycle,” she said and I looked over to see the guy making styles with his bicycle then suddenly he missed and fell with his bicycle.
“Oh my!” Clara exclaimed and we both bursted into laughter.
Woah! Clara just laughed.
Oh my! unbelievable.
I stared at her.
She look really perfect and unique.
Each passing day, I find more reasons to be inlove with you.
You are rare and unique, Clara.
“Wow look over there, is that a garden or what? it’s such a cool placce to sit.” she said pointing at ‘Forever Garden’
“I have no idea things as cool as that is in this area,” she added.
“Yeah it is. You want pizza?” I asked as we were getting near a pizza shop.
“No.” she said.
“Im buying.” I said and she just shrugged.
I bought two wrapped pizza ans handed her one.
She took it.
uhmm I thought she won’t.
Beautifully stubborn.
I smiled.
“I told you that I don’t want,” she said.
“You can just hold it,” I said and she chuckled.
Awwwn she chuckled!
It feels so good to be the reason behind her laugh, smile and her chuckle.
Just yesterday, her boyfriend broke her heart but here she is trying so much to act like everything is fine.’
“Let’s sit here for a while. I love here,” she said and we walked into the garden and found an empty bench.
“Here’s really pretty and the flowers and fountain makes it more prettier,” she said.
“Yeah it is,” I concured.
“What about the movie?” she asked minutes after.
She had eaten half of her pizza including me.
“By seven tonight” I said.
She nodded and bite from her pizza.
“There’s still no change even when im out here, I still think about him.” she said.
I breathed out.
“What’s your favourite music?” I asked.
“My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion,” she said.
I smiled. Her type.
“Uhmm read this novel, FATED?” I asked.
“Uhmm no,” she said.
“Do you want me to tell you about it?”
“Yeahh” she said.
“Alright, Diego divorced his wife, Felicia and took their daughters, Amalia and Nady who were just kids then and Felicia left without bothering about her daughters. The two twins were being taken care by their nanny, Paty till they grew up and they became singers. Amalia hated Nady because she had a voice more better than hers and more beautiful but she hated her most because Alberto Rein, a world supertar singer and a billonaire’s son fell inlove with Nady……”
[An hour later] “…Nady didn’t survive the bullets and Amalia went on hiding but still was caught and was imprisoned,” I finally finished and she smiled.
“Wow Interesting but such tragedy. It’s so annoying that Amalia had to accept such bribe simply because she hated her sister,” she said and sighed.
“Yeah.. people take the wrong decision sometimes,” I said.
“Alberto coud have done more better to save Nady,” she said.
“If only he had listened to his father,” I said.
The cloud began changing.
“We have to go now Clara. I think it’s going to rain,” I said.
She stood up and we began walking back home but then it began drizzling.
“Hurry up or let’s take a cab,” I said.
“No let’s walk,” she aaid.
“I wanna walk,” she said.
“Alright,” I said and we walked down the road.
“I wish Nady didn’t die! such a fate!” she began as we hurried home.
“She had to and she did. Amalia couldn’t quit her evil plots on her,” I said.
“I hate the story. How can a heroine die,” she said.
I smiled.
[From Author Rejoice Books ] Soon we were home and she rang the doorbell.
I checked the time and it said ‘3:30pm’
Danelle opened the door with a grin.
“I missed alot,” she said.
Clara walked in, then I did and closed the door.
There was a movie going on, and two were lovers kissing.
Danelle rushed and switched off the tv.
“Hey why?” Clara asked.
“I should put that back?” Danelle asked.
“Yeah,” Clara said and sat down. Danelle put the movie back on.
I sat down beside Clara.
Thunder stroke and Danelle went to the window.
“It’s raining now,” she said and came back.
The movie is Romance and im sure this kissing and all that was affecting Clara’s. Her face was changing already.
Danelle gave me a sign and I understood.
“I prepared lunch. I’ll go get it,” she said and walked away.
I glanced at Clara to see her face gone cold and pale with her eyes still on the movie. Tears had gathered in her eyes.
I sighed and picked the remote.
“Im sorry Clara but I have to change this movie,” I said and changed it.
She sniffled.
We’ll watch action.
She sniffled again.
“Hey don’t do that. Remember you’re trying to be strong. C’mon let’s watch this,” I said.
**Clara’s POV**
Everything still reminded me of him.
I can’t stop it.
Im trying to be strong but it’s not easy. it’s not easy at all.
Im still thinking about him.
The pain hurt really bad.
I want to get over this!
“Clara see that,” Drake said. I’ve been staring at the TV but my mind have been away.
I sighed.
When will all this end?
I want to get back to myself!
[Hours later] **Drake’s POV**
The rain wasn’t stoping and it’s six already.
We were still watching movies.
Danelle sat at the couch after ours.
“Oh my! What’s he doing?” Danelle said.
“Using his power to bind the crystals together,” I said.
“Incredible,” she breathed.
“What if he gets stucked in there,” she said.
“Let’s hope that he doesn’t,” I said.
Then Clara’s head fell gently on my shoulder.
I glanced and she’ve fallen asleep.
I smiled.
“Right, she’s asleep now. I wanna watch my movie,” Danelle said.
I smiled.
“Alright you are free,” I said and gently placed back Clara’s head on the couch backrest, then got u and gently carried her and headed to the bedroom.
I got in and gently placed her on the bed and removed the hair which covered part of her face.
She look just perfect.
“You’re so beautiful Clara and doesn’t deserve pains. I know Noah said this same thing to you and I-” I stopped because she sighed in her sleep.
I picked the duvet and covered her with it.
“Goodnight Clara,” I said and walked out.
I walked back to the sitting-room.
“Hey Danelle. I’ll be leaving now. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, to take you to the train station,” I said.
“What! my sister told you to?”
“Yeah. You don’t have to worry about your sister. She’ll be fine. She’s trying to be,” I said.
“But she still need me. I can’t leave her,” she said.
“She want you to go back to school and she is right. She’ll be fine,” I said.
She shrugged, “I’ll do that only because you are here,” she said and I smiled.
“Goodnight Danelle,” I said.
“See you tomorrow, Goodnight,” she said and I walked out.
I got to my room and fell on my bed, with my hands under my head.
With all thoughts about Clara
DRAKE is in

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