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(The Billionaire’s Toy)


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________Seven’s POV__________

I never wanted to get drunk in love and ideas,my heart keeps screaming it to me that all girls are the same and I never wanted to get close to any girl.
They only bring back bad memories and illuck to me.

“Idiot what about Beauty??
My heart shattered me and for a second I realised that I am holding her really tight in the elevator just like I won’t let go.

I know I should stay very far from her,I truee but my heart won’t let go even if I let go.
I tried silencing her thoughts and I tried escaping her sound but i am already trapped with her and her dumbness is really affecting me. It seems like my skin is meant for her touch and my lips were just meant to kiss her.

Even when she lied to me at the library about her not being Beauty Dana. She told me there at the library that she’s Eve Dana and not Beauty Dana. She keep confusing me but I find out just by a shout. I shouted at her and she end up fainting on someone arm. She fainted on Len’s arm.

Instantly, I realise that she’s Beauty Dana and not Eve Dana.

“I cherish you even when you lied to me” I uttered and bite her earlobe.

“No no no….. I don’t understand what……???? She feign innocence but I am not gonna hear any of that.
“0” the elevator counts before opening to the exterior.
Emily keeps staring really hard,she’s trynna see beauty’s face but Beauty herself won’t allow her see her face.
She intentionally push her hair to the front and made it cover her face.

Even Len, his face had some cold glares and they were all over Beauty body.

“He better not try nonsense with Beauty or else he’s gonna get his ass kicked off.
“If he wanna play dirty games with me,he should better not include Beauty because she knows nothing about this.
“Beauty is so innocent, she knows nothing about this.

“Are you okay??? I took a glance at her bleeding wrists.
She never replied,she just made a cute sober face. I glance back at Emily whose eyes never left us.

“Left” I gave the direction to the sixth floor since Beauty is just new here.

“Just stay here while I get the first aid kit” I arched my brows and made her sit on the stair case.
She never talked,she just sat lonely on the last stair case and weave her hair into a long pigtail before rolling it into a bun.

“You see Seven,you’re just disturbing yourself. I told you already that I am not Beauty,I am Eve.
Just stay away from me!!!
She sniffed and wiped the lonely tears that fell on her cheekbone.

“You’re just wasting your time if you’re crying……
“Do you think I will stay away from you???
If only you know what you’re doing to me!! I smirks and she squeazed her face. She breathe in and outvabd slowly lit up her lashes.

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.
“Swears you’re just wasting your time if you think I am Beauty. Can’t you just see that I am Eve Dana!!!!
She brought out her tag and raised it up to me.

“You’re not Eve,you’re Beauty!! I took the tag from her tiny hand and threw it away.

“My tag!!!
“You just fling it away!!! She stood up and made an attempt to pick it up,she had barely take a step pass me and made an attempt to take the next step when her leg mistakenly curled up with nine.

“Is it a mistake or I did it intentionally?
I pushed her slightly on her waist till I made sure we both fell on the tiles with her lying on my body.
She keep saying she’s not Beauty and she keep acting like her.

“Oouch my wrist,I hurt it again!!!
She whimpered in little pain with her eyes half closed.

“Get off me” I smirks and snarled.

“Sorry” she mumbled and slowly raised her tiny body away from mine , she was almost getting off when her bones failed her,she fall heavily on me again with her moist lips clingling hardly on my soft lips..

The lips still taste the same,it still had that strawberry taste.

“What are you doing??
“Are you alright???
“I said it to you that I am Eve and not Beauty but you keep kissing me like…….” She stop her statement and wriggled out off my grip.

“I keep kissing you like what??
I stand up and took off my jacket. I was now left alone in a white shirt.

“I keep kissing you like what???
Tell me because I wanna hear that” I push her to the wall and loose all the hair that she spent her time weaving.

I had fallen deeply in love with her….
“I made a second mistake not knowing that I choose a brown haired again. …
And the brown haired girl keep making me going crazy…….

Can I ever be serious???
After Emily smash my heart on the floor. And now, Beauty is denying me, she wants me to stay away from her.

“Fine, you can go”
“I promise I will stay away from you if that will make you happy” I removed my gaze from her..she keeps making my knuckles weak.

“You will stay away from me!!!
She smiled excitedly.

“Yes I will stay away from you if you only tell me that you’re Beauty and not Eve” I start playing pranks on her.

“Okay now I will tell you the truth without adding anything” she made a hesitating look and my heart glitters.

“I’m listening!! I seethed.

“I’m Beauty Dana the one that works in your best selling clubs…
This is my real identity,I have brown hair and not black hair” she uttered while playing with her fingers.

“Then I am not gonna stay away from you if you’re Beauty Dana” I smirks and she went wild instantly.

“What the heck are you saying???
“You said it to me that you’re gonna stay away but now you’re changing everything.
“Stop it if it’s a prank!!!
Beauty rants.

“Your ranting is of no use since I know you’re Beauty.
“Its better you stop….the more you rant,the more I will keep getting close to you and I might even do the unexpected” I said and pierced into her hair.

😯😯😯Beauty’s POV😯😯😯

He keeps playing pranks with me,if only he knows it will be much better if I should stay away from him.

“If you don’t stay away from Seven Miles…..just consider yourself a gonner” Len’s words replayed in my memory..

Many problems gosh😱😱😱
So annoying and irritating😱😱
Seven’s ex is back with another bigger problem…. If she should find out about me then I’m just into double problem.

“What are you thinking about???? Seven questioned while tying my bleeding wrist.

Just then,my eyes caught Len. Emily isn’t there it’s just Len alone.
Anger were written all over his face,His eyes moved and collided with darkness….and formed red colour,seven didn’t see him,it was only me that saw him.

Slowly, my body detoriated and I gasped for more air. The look on Len face became intense and my skin starts shrinking while I keep gasping for more air.

Venoms builds in his throats🔥🔥🔥

Seven never saw Len.

“Are you alright????
Seven came to my aid and brush his shoulders over mine.

“What are you looking at??? He traced my eyes..he was almost getting to Len direction before he ran away.
Len ran away!!!

“Is anything wrong???
Seven became impatient with me.

“It’s just that….
“Yesss,I need to see Dyna..she’s waiting for me” I took my hand away from his own….

Can I really leave Seven also????

I avoid his gaze and carried my bag…
I can’t even move,it felt like my legs were heavy to carry…
I quickly tied my hair in another style and picked my tag.

Slowly,I start moving away from him till I got to the door.

“Can you do without me???
Seven uttered and followed me briskly…

Before I knew what was happening, he bolted the door….

“No…..I ….yes I can do without you”
I replied and I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“You can go!! He opened the door.

“No… I can’t!!
I flung my arms around him….
He was almost kissing me when I held heavy footsteps….

“Someone his coming!!
I pulled way from him and ran out with my backpack.

I keep running till I reach the last floor. I met the aggressive Mitchell , I look away from her and took another direction.

“Hi,I’m Jariel Dana. Can I be your friend?? A girl with a short bulb hair wave at me. I ignored her but she won’t just stop following me.

“You really look like my sister”
Jariel smiled softly and continue following me.

“Can’t you see that we look alike??
She mumbled wildly and start fixing her headset.

“I’m not your sister and we do not look alike” I cut her short and walk away.

I turned swiftly and met Len🔥🔥🔥
Even Emily was coming to my direction😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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