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( Odeya )
He tried standing up so I removed my hand from his body,i didn’t even know I was touching him;was I high?
I stood up in a haste too so i would bow.
He picked his phone which he threw away
Then he turned back and left.
I sat on the floor.
Are u okay?
ODEYA Lydia is waiting.
Jeremy’s p.O.v
Nana called me, gosh in this heavy rain.
I had to come to school she said She was in Bryans secret hide out so that’s where I am headed.
I arrived and she ran out ..she was crying.
“Jeremy”she said in tears
“Nana are you okay,why are u in the rain come on lets go”I said and tried dragging her up.
“No, bryan is in the rain.find Bryan I dont where he is going to; you know he has a health condition please”she said
“First you need to get out of the rain Kim nana”I said.
“I will,get bryan first then you can come and get me please..I will wait for u”she said.
I ran off.
Austin was right when he said that bryan was seeing nana.
I ran into the car and soon I saw bryan where he sat on the chair in the rain.I hastily rushed out and sat beside him.
“Jeremy you are going to catch a cold”he said and looked down
“You are the one who has cold”I said and He chuckled
” Yes, let’s go”he said
I sat more comfortably in the rain.
“Bryan how did you meet nana? What happened between you and Kim nana?
Tell me even if that’s the only thing you would tell me this year.”I said
He nodded
“I met Her when I went for that training.
She was 12 then I was 13.
I didn’t have any friends so I was always indoors after training.
She on the other hand was crying everyday.
She said She wanted to do fashion and she didn’t want to sing but her dad her forced her into music so nana cried so much.
Diego pitied her and always brought her to our suite everyday.
And all she knows how to do is cry
The noise was much so I always left the house for her. I would normally go to a lonely place and stay there till they took her home.
She was coming everyday but she didn’t really talk to me all she DiD was cry.
Then she traveled for 3 years and returned at 16.
She wasn’t crying anymore but i was still the same no changes. Still a loner.
She started coming over more regularly, she wanted to be friends but i wasn’t ever the friendly person.
She met Diego and he said I should talk to her son I started replying her..one word to the other then I grew comfortable with her.
It was fun having a friend.
She would even sleep over if Diego went out with his girlfriend. No one would know she slept over.
We were good friends.
Then the romantic feelings came so she asked for us to date
I wasn’t really comfortavle with idea cos it was all new to me but I knew I liked her so we dated, but Diego Broke us up.
he said that was against the rules.
So we didn’t date we where just good friends until training was over.
After her first debut at 17? yes, 3 days before mine.
We left the training and become a couple.
Diego didn’t know no body knew because of that policy and the second rule in our list.
Dating an Idol from another band is against the rules.
We spent time together and she was the only real person that mattered to me,there was no one else.
” so how did you guys fight?”i asked.
” well 1 year into the relationship nana started misbehaving.
She realised I couldn’t do without her so she used it against Me.
At every little thing she would keep threatening to leave me.
Every minute she would say she would leave just to have me beg her.
Soon she made leaving a habit.
If I shouted at her she would travel for 4 months then I would beg her for one month and she would come back.
She kept leaving gosh.
I stopped getting angry at her so she would not leave.
Even when she started her involvement with men I just kept quiet.I held the pain.I didnt complain because I didn’t want her to travel.
I can’t stay without her.
Then finally she slept with Ian.
“Ian?”i asked.
“Yes splitz’s Ian”he added.
“What the–
“Yea Fuck!!” He completed.
I smiled
“I caught my girlfriend in the act it was so disgusting.
She only said sorry once.. and when I got mad at her she too got mad at me for shouting at her.
She said I didnt have the right to shout at her.
And that she was traveling to Miami because I got her angry imagine!!
I loved her till I spoilt her with love.
She got so proud.
You won’t belive nana traveled like that
No call no letter
So I too decided not to beg her.
For the first 3 months it was so difficult i couldn’t breath.
But later I got used to it
She stayed for 9 months and she’s just coming back now.
So what does she want from me this time.
I don’t want to be with her anymore
It was bondage dating her.
It was so difficult to move on
I couldn’t do anything without her.
What replaced that pain was hatred for females.
I detest them Jeremy,if not for this competition I would not even consider accepting them.
It was the competitions that made me want to try to accepting them
But it’s impossible
It’s still Kim nana
There was no other girl.
” do You still love nana?”i asked
“Love? I don’t know how that feels anymore. Kim nana i don’t want to be with her anymore.am grateful she saved my life but I can’t go back to her,she’s one of my worst nightmares.” He said.
” But the girl you thought wasn’t nana did you love her ?”i asked
” I can’t even love a woman Jeremy,i was just grateful I found a girl whom I can sing with and be with without falling sick or throwing up cos that’s how I feel with girls nowadays..so I was glad I found someone my soul could breath with and i was happy I won’t fail my dad.but as you can see it was still nana.after everything she did She is still the only woman I don’t feel sick around but I would rather I died than sing with her.” He said
To bad it was nana if it was another girl even if he doesn’t love her now he will sureky fall in love again after regular practicing and always staying together.
I really want you to fall I love again Bryan, u need to prove to nana that your not hers.
I will make that happen,i jeremy will surely help you out.
Love is more beautiful than what you had with Kim nana.
I just hadn’t met your soul mate.
I stood up and dragged him up.
We might not be close in terms of talking always or spending time together but we are close in our own way.
Soon we got to the car and i allowed him walk in.
“Nana Is in the rain,i will get her with the other car.”I said.
He locked the car door and i rushed away just to see odeya in the rain..Whats going on today? I rushed towards her.
” deya what’s wrong?”i asked.
“Nothing, I got caught up in the rain then I slipped”she said
I moved her wet hair into her ear and she smiled shyly.
“Are u okay?”i asked
“Yes”she said.
“I will call my driver to take you home”I said.
She nodded.
I called my driver who was a at the other side, he came out and i waved at odeya.
he helped of her into the car.
I headed back to the secret place.
Now i understand why nana is so proud.
She still believes that bryan is hers.
Bryan Is giving her hope because of his introvercy
I mean how does a loner move on
when u don’t have friends both male or female.
U will keep thinking about that one person and that one pain and u would never be able to let go.
If Bryan didn’t start avoiding girls he should have moved on from nana since..cos it’s obvious he really doesn’t want to love her anymore.
But now it’s already like this..and he would just get worse by the day.
Where is your girl Bryan?
I arrived and nana was in the rain crying.
“Nana lets go home”I said
“I dont want–No let me go”she shouted.
I lifted her up into my arms
“Listen,you will be fine” I said.
She started crying
Soon it was the car then their house.
Zaina opened her room door and i placed her on her couch.
“Is she okay?”zaina asked
“Hot coffee will be fine”I said
She nodded and i left.
I rushed out and ran into my car, I called my driver
“Where is deya?”i asked.
“I dropped her at a friends place”he said.
“Male or female?”i asked.
“Female something rose”he said.
“Shes okay right?”i asked
“Yes”he replied.
“Ok..bring the car home.”I said.
I headed home…what a stressful day.
Bryans pov
Next morning
I took a hot bath.
I fell to my bed.
That moment when u felt so happy that you are finally letting go then u realise it was all a dream.
Too bad it was all nana.
I was all wrong so Life moves on.
I saw her necklace and lifted it. i will return it today,at least I can do that much as appreciation for saving my life.I called her on phone.
” Bryan”she said.
“Nana Are you home?”i asked.
“I wanted to come and check on u”she said.
“Wait am Coming out “I said.
“Ok.”She said
Kim nana’s p.o.v
I dropped the call and fell on my pillow. I already tied my towel i wanted dress up and visit them but since his coming i better dress up and wait downstairs.
zaina walked in
“Nana are you still not yet dressed ?”she said
“Bryan is coming over..I wonder why”I said
“What are you going to do?”she asked
“Wait for him,i better dress up”I said.
” What if—
” No I can’t possibly do that”I said.
“U might not see him again,maybe he really left this time so u have to make sure u get him back” she added.
“Getting him into my pants is not an option”i said
“Its not like he hasn’t been there before,u had better seduced your boyfriend back into your arms. dont come crying when u finally loose him..a lot of girls are dreaming” she said
“Well luckily he is not interested in girls zee,i know he Will still come around he always did. I just have to beg him enough then sexually trap him like u said”I added
“Ooooh I thought I won’t take my advice”she said
I chuckled.
“Am leaving,better don’t try dressing up..wait in that towel”she said
“No this is too short and i am–
” Better wait” she said and ran off.
Bryan just forgive me like u always did
It’s been long do u really want to leave me for good
But your mine..u don’t belong to anybody else.
I looked at my leg and straightened towel.
My baby ..I smiled,I know I miss him gosh!
I held my towel tight and Stood up.I need to ask zaina about pro–
I opened the door and Bryan was trying to knock.oh gosh!
He wore red my favorite color,with a black Jean and a black hair warmer. I ran my eye down to his belt then up to his face. He looked at me from my shoulders down for a while then he looked away.
He took his pretty lips into his mouth.
” Ummm, i came to return your– don’t worry I will give it to zaina downstairs ” he said and tried walking out.
“Bryan please wait!!”I said as hastily brushed my fingers into his waist.
He moved back a bit and then moved into me and I locked the door.
“You shouldn’t touch me like that”he said looking at my hand so I removed my hand from his body.
“Tell me”He added
“Bryan please, am really changed now. I will be better all i need is one last chance huh” I said,as I brushed my fingers into his top from under.
he felt kinda cold.
“Am leaving” he said, and tried leaving so I ran after him
“Bryan just wait” I stood facing the door.
He gently slapped his fore head
“Nana come on…Am not even feeling fine and your making it worse” he said
“just listen to what I have to say then u can go”I said standing at the door.
He moved as close i wanted and tried opening the door, “nana just stop, I don’t even want to listen to–” i kissed him tightly for a while then I removed my hand from the door and brushed in from his tummy up to his waist then raised them behind his neck.
I felt his hand coming up my arms where he gently moved me away..but his eye wasn’t even looking at Me it was at my wall.
“This picture, you took it on the day of our show right?” he asked while lifting the picture from the wall holder.
I nodded.
” Is this the only necklace you wore that day”he asked Pointing to my pearl necklace in the picture.
I nodded
“That was what I wore,do you like it?”i asked as I moved closer to him again..while brushing my fingers into his waist.
“Nana hold on” he said, and moved away from me.
I took a deep breath and rolled my eye.. I can’t handle loosing Bryan for real
he brought out a necklace from his phone pack.
“This necklace,is it yours?”he asked me.
I couldn’t even concentrate on the necklace he was showing me..I … just…. want… him.
“Kim nana!! Come on, I asked you a question”he said.
Obviously this is not mine but …….
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