(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
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😱😱😱😱 Emily’s POV😱😱😱
“Fiona is there anyone with the name Beauty Dana” I questioned Fiona with a tingling feeling of jealousy in me.
“Beauty Dana!!
“Beauty Dana is in existence…. She’s in this school” Fiona replied me and my range increased.
“I wanna see her” I mumbled wildly to Fiona.
“Check the clipboard” Fiona sip in her milkshake before taking a bite of her buger.
“Yes I did that already. There are sixty Dana’s in this school but I’m concerned about Beauty Dana” I rolled my eyeballs.
“You’re the queen so why are you concerned about her…. She’s the one that ought to be begging before she can see you” Fiona smirks and pushed some fried fries to me.
“I don’t care for the fries”
I speak proudly and pushed it away.
“You don’t care for the fries but you care for Beauty Dana then start checking the tags of each person so you can find out” Fiona shrugged.
“I better start now” I stood up and start checking the name on the tags of whosoever I come across.
“Beauty Dana you better stay away from Seven” I speak inaudibly to myself.
“Hey you, you, you, you,you, and you”
“Come over here” I voiced out to the six girls.
“Yes how can we help you” the one with spectacles speaks.
“Shut up” I lash out at her and start checking the names on their tags.
“Why must you check my tag???
The girl with spectacles speaks.
“What effrontery Jariel?? I pulled her back and poured milk shake on her.
“That’s what you get her for insulting me. Next time make use of your manners because my statues is more than yours”
I emptied the content of the milkshake on her and fling the bottle away.
“What gut,did your goddam fuvkinb mother not impact knowledge into your cranky skull???
“Look Emily you have no right to bully anyone here because we are all paying our enemy. No one is your maid here!!
Noe rolled her big eyeballs.
“Why are you wasting your time???
“You don’t have to banter words with dim witted people like Emily.
“Girl,Emily is just a perfect description of a peacock”
“She’s so much full of herself and yet there’s nothing in her brain.
“All she know is to host parties”
“Gosh Emily you’re terrible” Jariel speaks to Neo.
“Fools I don’t have your time!!?
I fired back at them.
“So gross why won’t you have our time when all you know is just party!!!
I’m sure you’re gonna hot another party tonight.
“Keep hosting parties till you lost your memory” Neo blabbed.
“If I were asked to make a wish,I will just wish to have your hair cut” Jariel smirks at me.
Immediately,anger surpassed me and i felt like strangling Jariel.
“Do you know who you’re speaking with???? I fumed in anger.
“I can speak to whosoever I want since it’s not your father nor mother that is paying my fees!!
“I can speak Emily!!!
“Your father is a billionaire,you’re a young billionaire and my own father is into politics and he’s doing pretty okay so won’t I talk to you!!!
“As if you’re God”
“You’re not God and you’re acting as if you’re equal to him”
Jariel keeps bantering words with me and me talking back to her looks stupid.
“I don’t have your time!!! I pushed her out of my way and continue looking for the so called Beauty Dana. I just wanna know who the hell she is since Shiva said Seven is falling slowly for her.
I soon stop at the hallway and I met Seven and Len fighting.
Len looked disheaved with blood dripping out of his broken nose.
Just a push from seven, he moved out of his way.
Instantly, thousands of thoughts ran start running across my mind.
Firstly, Seven doesn’t fight, he is not like that.
The only time he was like this was when I broke up with him,he start destroying anything his hand layed on.
Many glass were broken with little of his blood spilled.
Right now, he is acting like that.
Definitely,there must be something between Seven and Len.
*does it have to do about Beauty Dana?
It should never be because if I should catch that so called Beauty????
I’m gonna make it unbearable for her to strive.
“Get out!!!! Seven pushed Len out of his way.
He entered the hallway passage and I did follow him behind without him knowing. He stop halfway and turned back.
Jeeeeeezzzzzz he looked at me,
Seven looked at me!!!!
My heart leapt but I saw the hurt in his voice,the hurt in his smiles,the hurt in is jokes and the one that clung underneath his veins.
“Why is Seven Miles looking like this???????
I grimaced and traced the direction of his eyes.
He was busy staring at a girl.
The girl was busy picking her notepads with pains all over her body.
Her hands were shaking, her legs ranging, even her lips were shaking.
She never reveal her face but her long curly lashes was visible.
For a second I noticed how long her hair is.
It’s more longer than mine…..
I smirks wickedly at her pinkish lips , she’s gonna go through hell if she’s Beauty Dana.
Soon, my gaze fell on seven….
He was staring really hard at her as if he has met her before and I doubt that.
I was even becoming more frustrated with the manner in which Seven looks at her.
I know what to do!!!!!
“Show your face!!! I raised my jaws and shouted with pitch of darkness in my voice.
She flinched and allowed her long hair to cover every part of her face.
I am not a fool at all…..
I know she’s playing pranks,she does not want me to see her face so she purposely allow her hair to cover her face.
“I see you’ve fallen in love already. Now tell me is she the Beauty Dana???? I asked Seven with an evil smirk.
“Shut up bitch!;!! Seven silenced ms and tried peiring into the girl eyeballs but she was too smart to have her eyes shut halfly.
There is more to this and I am gonna know if she’s Beauty Dana or not!!
My eyes rolled to the back of my geaf with devish plans running allover me.
I kept quite and fixed my gaze on Seven. He’s looking at her as if he has never seen a girl before.
“Is Seven really alright????
Back to the girl…….
She shared an half eye lock with seven but her heart never stop pounding.
Even Seven, his eyes keeps moving in shades of burning meteorites.
Stop it!!!
Stop staring at yourself like fools!!!
I shouted. The moment I shouted, the poor girl legs failed her and she fell to the floor with a bleeding arm.
Getting more interesting!!!! I smirks and faced seven maybe he will speak but to my greatest surptriy he never utter a single word. He just watch the manner in which the girl flinch even when she never showed her face.
And that’s what I Will keep doing,I will keep shouting so that she will keep flinching.
I know people like her. People like her have a very elastic heart…..her cardiac layer is very thin and tender and so they don’t need more shout.
“Too much of shout will only make her faint”
Definitely,she’s one of them….
She’s not a strong one…..
She’s a very weak one…..
More shout will only make her faint.
But there’s a problem,she is not showing her face.
“Show me your face or else I will shout at you” I yelled in a tiny voice and it was more if a mere shout.
“No no no never!!!!
I won’t show you my face” she pulled her long hair as a shade to cover her face.
Bit by bit,I was getting jealous of her long hair and I just feel like cutting it.
😑😑😑Beauty POV 😑😑😑
That’s it,I keep getting into trouble. Its just my first dat here and I already made many enemy.
“Seven is just the cause of everything.
“Seven is the cause!!!!
“I don’t why he usually look at me like that and now,I am stucked with Emily Daniels.
I have no choice than to get out of here.
Instantly, I took my backpack and ran through the back door.
Damn it!!!!
Seven won’t stop running after me.
Open open!!!,!
Idiot open!!!!
I press the button on the elevator door repeatedly.
“Just open Seven is coming closer!!!
I cried and keep pressing the green button.
“0” it counted before it opened.
Close back please,seven is getting nearer!!!! I pressed the red button again.
“2” just before the door count 1,Seven joined me in the elevator and the door finally close back.
Gosh Seven!!!!……”
I uttered and Start shaking.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you have brown…..???.
Seven stared coldly and I find my self lost.
“I don’t understand what you’re saying!!! I feigned innocence and hide my face….
“You don’t understand han!!!!!
“You will understand now!!!
Seven pushed me against the elevator door and pushed all my hair backwards.
Just then,Emily appeared.
Ohhhh no!!!!
She’s gonna see my face!!!!!
I ran out of idea….and the only choice I have is to hug seven inside the glass elevator.
Since he’s taller than me,I will be able to hide my head in his chest.
“You will understand now!!!!
Seven pushed me all over his body and rubbed my brown hair…..
Right in the presence of Emily.
I just destroy all the plans.
Because Seven knows am Beauty and Emily just found out my weakness.
“I cherish you even when you lied to me….I’m sorry for what I said to you at the library”
Seven whispered into my ears and bite my earlobes.


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