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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 27
**Clara’s POV**
I felt better. A little bit better after throwing everything that I know belongs to Noah and everything im sure he gave to me.
“Are you better sis?” Danelle asked.
“A little but doesn’t still change the fact that my heart is broken.” I said and walked back into the house.
Danelle walked behind me. I stopped and turned to her.
“I won’t cry so much like I did for David. I won’t starve at all. I won’t keep starng at Noah’s pictures like I did for David..I won’t break the tv because two lovers in the movie were kissing. I won’t stay a day without bathing. I won’t think so much. I won’t fall sick. I won’t stop work. I won’t-”
She hugged me and that was when I realized tears have been streaming down my eyes.
“It’s okay sis. You’ll be fine. I promise you.” she said.
“When will I ever be fine? when will I ever be loved just the way that I love? It feel so broken to be in the dark all this while and you find out in the most painful way ” I cried.
“Come on sis. You can do this. I’ll be here for you. Drake also. I don’t want you to keep crying.” she said and cleaned my tears. “…but promise me one thing sis?” she added.
“That you’ll never accept him back.” she said.
“Im not going to ever accept him or anybody else.” I said.
She smiled and wiped my tears again.
“I know but your heart won’t get locked up forever. The right man who would love you sincerely and be truthful to you will show up someday.” she said and hugged me again.
“Thanks for wanting to be strong. Thanks for not wanting to starve. Thanks for wanting to forget about him. He doesn’t deserve you.” she said and kissed my cheek, then withdrew.
“So are you going to take your bath now and eat?” she asked.
I sighed.
“Sis please.”
“I will.” I said.
She smiled and hugged me again, then took my hand.
“Come.” she said and pulled me into the bedroom.
Drake wasn’t in the bedroom.
“Oh go bath sis while I go make you breakfast.” she said and then walked out.
I walked into the bathroom and faced the mirror.
My tears rolled down. I wiped if off.
‘It’s not going to be easy. Mom was right. She was right when she felt it but I was so blind to notice.’
I wiped my tears again.
‘I know i’ll get over this. I’ve promised myself to do that, but once I get over this…I’ll never fall inlove again.. I’ll give my whole heart to a man. I’ll never be so inlove and committed.’
I took off my shirt and pulled off my trouser.
I’ve been on the clothes from yesterday.
Not just me but Danelle and Drake.
Im so sad that I have to bother them with my pains, mostly Danelle.
She’s too young for this.
I wish it was possible for them not to bother about me. I’ll be fine. For the second time, I’ll be fine.
Danelle would have to go back to school tomorrow. She can’t miss school because me.. because of this.’
I pulled off my underwears then took the toothbrush and tooth paste.
I feel so weak to even brush.. but i’ve promised myself not to act like I did for David.
I want to be strong this time.
I want to be strong this time!
I repeated within and began brushing.
**Drake’s POV**
“Uhmm… I can’t believe you can make food this sweet.” Danelle said and packed another full spoon of it.
I smiled.
“Hey! go stay with your sister. Don’t worry about serving, I cook and serve.” I said and she smiled.
“Im so happy my sister is trying to be strong this time around.” she said.
“I know why.” I said.
“why?” she asked.
“Because she doesn’t want to repeat her mistake a second time.” I said.
She shook her head, “I know too. She doesn’t want to be so weak that someone have to make her strong again and then end up breaking her heart like Noah did.” she said.
“And it’s all because of me.” I said.
“I know but you’re sincere about being inlove with my sister?” she asked, crossing her arm.
“Yeah i am, but I know she wouldn’t accept me. She’ll never.” I said.
“You can’t say that. You see my sister? she’s a very soft hearted person, emotional and easily convinced. I know my sister. Im telling you because I want you both to end up together.” she said and I shook my head.
“I don’t think. I don’t think she’ll be easily convinced again. Her heart is strong now. This is her second heartbreak. She’s not stupid. She have feelings.” I said and sighed.
She nodded. “But you gonna stand by her, won’t you?” she asked.
“I am already.” I said and she hugged me.
“Hey watch the fire.” I said.
She pulled away.
“I just want you both together. The wish is so strong.” she said.
I smiled, “Go check your sis.”
She nodded and walked out.
I pulled back my hair and brought out plates to dish out the meals.
‘I know Clara choose to be strong because of that.. but im not gonna give up. Im inlove with Clara and sincerely, I wanna be the last man that will keep her forever.’
I served the meals on the dinning and soon, she came out with her sister. She wore a red flare gown with Danelle.
Clara really mean this.. That she’s gonna be strong.
She sat down opposite me and Danelle sat beside her.
Inhaled, “What if I say let’s go see a movie to night?” I said and Danelle smiled and looked at Clara.
She didn’t answer but picked up her spoon and ate from her meal.
She did that really slowly.
I smiled.
“Hey my food doesn’t taste good right?” I asked and she forced out a smile.
“It does Drake.” she said.
My smile widened.
“And about the movie. Im going.” she added.
“Oh great!” Danelle.
Clara ate another spoon, ate another, then another and dropped the spoon.
I watched her.
Then a minute later, she picked up the spoon and began eating eating.
I smiled.
She’s trying to be strong just like she have promised herself.
[Minutes later] I was done eating, Danelle as well but Clara was still picking on her meal.
“Sis are you okay? I can takw the food away if you don’t wanna eating anymore.” Danelle said to her.
“I’ll eating them all.” she said and took another spoon.
Danelle smiled at me.
“Drake you should go freshen up and you too Danelle. I’ll take care of the dishes.” she said, suprising me.
Danelle gasped, “No sis, i’ll do that.” Danelle said.
“I said I will, go now.” Clara said.
Danelle breathed out, “Alright sis.”
She stood up and headed towards the bedroom.
“And you too.” she said.
I laughed, “Clara im not smelling.”
“Hey I know you’re trying to care. Im fine, just go.” she said.
I smiled, “Fine then. I’ll be back soon.”
“You don’t need to.” she said.
I sighed, “Clara you don’t understand.” I muttered.
“We are friends and we should be there for each other.” I said.
“We ain’t officially friends.” she said.
“We don’t need to be. If I am your friend then this is the time that you need me most.” I said.
“Im fine.” she said.
“Im gla you wanna be and i’ll be here to help you get perfectly fine.” I said.
She faced her meal.
“I’ll be back.” I said and headed to the door.
“Drake” she called making to stop and turn to her.
“Yes Clara?”
“Thank you.” she said.
I nodded, turned to the door, opened it and walked out.
[From Author Rejoice Books ] I inhaled as I walked into my sitting room.
‘Im so happy Clara wanna be strong but im so scared about her decision.
I need to stop her.
But why do I keep having this feeling that Clara would accept Noah back?
I have to do everything I can to stop her from doing that.
I won’t bear it.
Yeah it might be true that Noah loves hee but I won’t let him have her back.
I want Clara. Im inlove with her.
I walked into my bedroom and pulled off my clothes to head to the bathroom.
My phone rang.
I left it and walked into the bathroom.
I’ve got better things to worry about than this bitch.
**Brenda’s POV**
“He isn’t picking my calls!” I said after I’ve called him three times.
Nikky glanced at me, shook her head and faced back to her laptop.
“I’ve told you Brenda. Just give me the job and i’ll do that without wasting shitty times.” Nikky said.
Nikky is my bestfriend or rather some sort of secret bestfriend cos she doesn’t really show herself so well
None of my friends know about our friendship though no one knows she’s an assasin except people she had worked for.
She saved me months ago and ever since then, we became friends.
My dad do see her with me but have no idea what she do.
She’s tall and slim and keep short red hair.
She keep no tatoo or rings. You’ll hardly notice she’s a deadly girl though she hardly smile.
It happens occasionally.
“Brenda im not requesting for money from you to do this job. You want this guy, then fine. Bring down every damn thing that is holding you back from getting him.” she said
“I love him. I really do, but if we bring down the girl what about the rest? Drake is a playboy. She’s not only the one he mess around with.” I said.
“Buth she’s among! then get her out of the way, you’ll find the rest.” she said.
“I don’t know what’s holding me back. I don’t know.” I said.
“Fine then, keep worrying your beautiful self over nothing.” she said.
I sighed.
“WOAH!!.. I got his identity!! cool cash loading” she said and zoomed out a picture of a man in tuxedo suit.
I went closer to see.
“Who again this time? Who’s he?” I asked.
“The father of a thousand seeds.. His son wants him dead in three days.” she said.
Her way of answering to questions like this.
“But why would his son want his father dead?” I asked curiously.
She zoomed in the picture and zoomed out another of his picture in suit too.
“Their business. My business Is to shot the damn man and get my money.” she said.
I moved back and picked my phone.
“Babe, i need food im going to the kitchen to make something..” she said, stood up and walked out with her laptop.
I sighed as I stared at my phone.
I want Drake.
Im inlove with him but to hurt that girl, I don’t really know why I can’t do that.
I tried Drake’s number again but he didn’t pick up again.
I threw the phone away and it landed on the recliner but then began ringing.
I rushed to it.
“Oh my Drake is calling.” I said and took it but hissed when I saw it’s dad.
I picked it up.
“Hello dear.” he said.
“The search wasn’t successful. But i’ll keep trying.” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Dad that’s not my problem now!” I said, ended the call and threw the phone away again.
After awhile, I sighed, realizing how I spoke to dad.
He had spent years looking for his family that he left for the woman who later left him and her five years old daughter which is me!
Argh! I don’t even wanna think about this.
I have something more to think about and it’s Drake! how to make him mine..

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