The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 26
**Gina’s POV**
Gosh! this is getting pretty much!
Kira is out this early morning to Drake.
What’s wrong with my sister?
Yeah fine! Drake is handsome and all that and I did crush on him and let him have sex with me but i’ve realized that he’s just a fucking playboy!
He’s now messing around with the new neighbour too!
I’ve been talking to Kira to forget about him but she’s so stupid and don’t understand.
I’ll keep talking to her.
He doesn’t even love her.. He just wanna always get her ass on the bed and that’s all.
Kira is just too blind to see that.
If Kira doesn’t stop seeing Drake then I’ll have no other choice than telling everything to dad and she and I know what dad can do!
The door flung open and Kira stormed in, looking really vexed up.
“Kira close the door.” I said.
“Don’t call me!” she snapped and threw my nail paint away.
“What! Kira you’re upset, don’t put the aggression on my nail paint! what’s wrong!” I yelled.
“You don’t get it!” she cried and threw the bed pillows away.
“Tell me.” I said.
She sat down on the bed and picked her phone.
“Drake is in that stupid neighbour’s apartment!” she cried.
I sighed.
“I’ve told you Kira to forget about Drake. He’s just a playoy and would always be. He doesn’t love you. Why are you so stubborn to see that?”
“Don’t start now Gina. You think I don’t know about both of you? You gave yourself to him too!” she said.
I smiled, “Yeah just like you also did, so what? He’s not only having sex with both of us. He’s having sex with dozens of ladies!” I said.
“If he’s having sex with thousands of ladies doesn’t give you the guts to betray me! your sister!” she yelled.
I got up from the dressing table, walked to the bed and stood in her front.
“Don’t you shout at me Kira! im your elder sister!” I said.
“I don’t fucking care. We are twins and no one is older! you are so annoying and a big liar!” she barked.
“And you are so stubborn and blind to see that Drake is just messing around with you. You are eighteen for christ sake! and he won’t keep you for long. He’s seeing another older neighbour and you are just a teenager to him.” I said.
“You’re so stupid Gina.” she said and stood up on the bed.
I flung my hair back, “What me?”
“yea! cos you are also a teenager to him too.” she said.
“Yes ofcourse I am. So you should know that. Just bundle yourself out of his life or rather, bundle him out of your life. There are so many cute guys out there, in school too. I think i’ve found one already.” I said and smiled.
“Drake is my boyfriend and no one is gonna stop that!” she yelled.
I chuckled, “Oh don’t say that. You know dad would stop that.” I said.
She stepped close.
“You don’t dare tell him!” she warned.
I scoffed, “If you keep do-” I got interrupted by a voice at the door.
We both gasped as dad walked in.
“I thought you’re at work already?” I asked.
Kira nodded in fear.
He smiled as his hands went akimbo.
“Well silly me. I forgot a very important document.” he said.
I inhaled.
“So you go get it?” Kira said with the most nervous tone i’ve ever heard from her.
“Or should we help you get it?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“No.. rather, do this. Pack your luggages you’re leaving to Florida tomorrow.” he said and we gasped.
He turned to leave.
“Dad!!” we both yelled.
He turned back and arched his brow.
“Dad why!” Kira yelled.
“Why dad!” I asked.
There’s no point thinking too much… he heard us.
“You’ll focus more on your studies there than on a boy.” he said, turned and walked out.
I turned to Kira and she threw the duvet away in anger.
“Oh it’s better..” I said but then I sighed, “..just that im gonna miss Jay” I said.
“You caused this Kira.” I sighed.
“Me! you’re so out of your sense Gina. Im not leaving to Florida. I’ll talk to dad and you’ll talk to him too.” she said.
“Uhnm really? you’re just so careless. How could you forget to lock the door when you came in.” I half yelled.
“You don’t fucking blame me for that.” she yelled.
“Well no need to. Dad had said it all. Go to your wardrobe.” I said.
She came down from the bed.
“And if you think im gonna stand here talking with you, then you’re a big joker. Im going to dad.” she said, hissed and stormed out.
I shook my head and went to pick my nail paint where she threw it to. It has poured on that whole area.
Im gonna stress myself cleaning this now!
Kira is so unbelievable.
In as much as I don’t want to leave here, I think it’s the best thing so Kira could get back to her senses.
Drake is nothing but a player.
“I have said it and im not taking back my words, go and prepare with your sister.” I heard dad say.
“Dad!!!” Kira yelled.
I picked up the nail paint and sighed.
**Drake’s POV**
I watched Clara as she picked at her fingers, picking on her nails. The coffee far away, untouched and cold already. Danelle cleaning up the room.
“Clara your coffee is already cold. Do you want Danelle to go make you another one?” I asked and she tucked her hair behind her ear without looking at me.
“You need the coffee Clara, please.” I said.
“You should go. Don’t act like you care. You all are the same.” She said without looking up.
I breathed out, “Clara. Im just telling you to take a coffee, so you could get warm a bit.” I said camly.
She didn’t answer.
She layed back her head on the pillow and turned her face to the other side.
I exhaled.
Danelle picked the broken glasses into the wastebin and walked out.
“I told you to leave.” she said.
“Yeah I know you did, im only going to leave after you’ve taken the coffee.” I said.
“I don’t want to.” she said.
“You have to Clara.” I said
She sprang up, “I don’t want to!!” she yelled and threw the pillow away.
I sighed, “Hey it’s okay. I’ve heard you, no coffee then.” I said.
She layed back down.
“Just leave.” she repeated.
“Clara your sister begged me not to. She said that she can’t do this alone.” I said.
“Really? nothing’s wrong with me. Can’t you see? im perfectly fine!” she said.
“I know… but I know you need someone by your side right now and i’ll be by your side. I’ll help you get over this. If only you will allow me to. Remember I told you my past. I told you about my family and my heartbreak. I understand this situation and I promise to help you get out of it. I could help you forget about him in no time.” I said with an assuring smile.
She sniffled, “I don’t need your help.”
I sighed,“I understand your reasons but I promise it’s not gonna cross to that boundary. I just wanna help you out of this, trust me. Do you believe that heartbreak could be gotten over back in just two weeks?” I said.
“I don’t think. It’s too painful.” she said.
“It could. I found out during mine. That the way you face heartbreak is how long it lasts.” I said.
“By becoming a playgirl” she said.
I sighed.
“No Clara it’s not that. That part was my decision. What I mean is that; you can mend your heartbreak by doing what would make you think less about him. I found out that I thought so much about Jennifer and it lead me into taking the wr-” I paused and breathed out, “…you can start by taking out all his things you know you have with you. I spent weeks, keeping Jennifer’s things, her pictures, every single thing she gave to me, because I couldn’t stop staring at them but I found out that the more I stared at them, the more my heart breaks.” I said.
She sat up and wiped her tears.
“Drake you’re not a heartbreak mentor.” she said.
“I know but I don’t want you suffering this for months.” I said.
“Why?” she asked.
I breathed out.
I can’t tell her the truth, that im falling inlove with her.
That I suddenly want to be in her life. That I can’t help but think about her.
That it’s not lust anymore but love.
That I wanna stand by her forever.
That I’ll be the the last man to make her sad and heartbroken.
‘These words are only going to make her feel worse.
They are going to make her hate me.
Because this words might have been what Noah told her too.
She just accepted us to be friends few hours ago, I can’t risk that.’
[From Author Rejoice Books ] I stared into her eyes, “Because I care, because we are friends now remember?” I said.
“Just that?” she asked.
“Trust me.” I said..
She glanced at her closed wardrobe, then back at me.
“Drake you are a man, tell me, why men are just so cruel and bunch of liars? Why ain’t they appreciative of a woman’s true love to them?” she asked as tears began gathering in her eyes again.
I moved closer to her and place my hands on her shoulders.
“Every man is the way he is because he decided to..but remember not every man is cruel. Every man with his different character.” I said calmly.
“They are heartbreakers. They don’t love sincerely.” she said.
“Because he wants to. If he wants to love you and keep you forever, he would. It’s his decision.” I said.
Tears rolled down her eyes.
“Im scared of men. Im scared of them all.” she said.
Her statement hurt me.. because im a man too and because Im inlove with her.
“I regret ever loving again. I regret ever being so inlove and giving my all. Noah was a drug dealer with his father but he lied to me! he took my trust for granted. He hide it from me! He took me to the company that isn’t his dad’s! he told me his dad is an export and import car dealer! he gave me fake proves!” she cried and I wiped her tears with my thumb.
“Tell me, what should I do? what do I do?” she cried.
“You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve to be hurt by any man.” I said.
She let out a slight smile that vanished immediatly.
“I remember this were his words too. ‘Clara you don’t deseve this heartbreak. No man is worth to give you pains, to break your heart.’” she said and I inhaled.
she wiped her tears, all of them and dressed back her hair and packed it in a ponytail.
Then wiped her face again, and adjusted her top.
She was acting like someone suddenly possessed.
Then she untied her hair and repacked it again, more tightly now.
“I hate him! I hate him and i’ll get over him! in no time! im gonna be strong from now on. I’ll do everything I can to get over him in no time and that would be my end of letting a man hurt me again!!” she said and got out of the bed and over to her wardrobe, flung it open and began throwing out clothes and shoes including jewelries and teddy bears, even bouquet of flowers and card gifts!
Then she went over to her drawer and pulled them open and threw out papers, files and pictures.
I picked up one and stared at it. It was a picture of both of them, smiling at each other.
I dropped it back.
She’s getting out everything that belong to him, everything that would remind her of him.
Everything that he gave to her.
She closed the drawers and packed half of the things.. they were still left.
“Danelle!” she called out.
Danelle came in thirty seconds after.
Her eyes went wide open at the things on the floor and the ones in Clara’s hands, “Sis”
“Get the remains and come with me to the refuse dump.” Clara said and walked out.
Danelle turned to me.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, picking the pictures and shoes and the rest.
“Trying to get over him in time. Trying to be strong.” I said.
She smiled and packed up everything then turned to me again.
“I know you gonna help her get over him quickly. Thank you. And I really wish she’ll give her heart a third chance for you to come in. I know you’ll not hurt her.” she said.
I just smiled.
I have no idea what to reply.
She walked out.
‘If only she would give her heart a third chance. If only she would let me in…
but I don’t know and Im just having the feeling that she would accept Noah back.’
I breathed out.
Abeg im not a heartbreak mentor biko.
Don’t kill me if you think Drake gave her the wrong advice.
Im trying my best ni.

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