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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy🍷🍷
________Beauty’s POV________
Dyna is really pushing me in doing so many things. She asked me to tie my hair in a high ponytail then she replaced my tag with the one that bears Eve Dana.
What a sister???
“Dyna are you sure it’s gonna work???
I keep asking that same question.
“It will work only if you can keep up with the rules” she answered me and led me to the huge classroom.
It’s really beautiful, just like an artistic eutopia.
No one was in,so I sat beside the window and watch different rich people. They are all cute.
I was still watching that I never noticed someone was in. I turned in a swift and met him.
Seven Miles!!!
I slowly look away and acted just as if I have never met him.
I’m Eve Dana here but at home I’m Beauty Dana.” I tap my head and walk out of the huge class.
“What a world???
It really sucks to be alone.
I keep walking , not minding if at least I will get lost in this huge school . I just keep walking till I bump into someone.
“Did I bump into her or she bump into me?
“Can’t you see??? She half yell and it was more of a tiny shout.
“Emily Daniels!!! I saw her name clearly written on her tag.
“Curly who is this new birch??? Emily pointed at me while her friends cast me some glares.
“Can’t you see the way she’s looking han??
“Eve Dana!! Emily said my fake name with a chuckle.
“Not too bad” curly smirks and let out a smile.
After some taunts, they left me stranded in my own thoughts.
“Beauty!! Dyna called my name in a soft whisper.
“Your seat number is 36″
Stay very far from noise and trouble” Dyna utter and left.
I walk back to the class and start looking for my seat. I found it,it’s more close to the exit.
My seat is really far from seven’s own.
Just good like that.
I sat down and took down lectures till it was time for pop dance and other stuffs that look foolish to me
“Time for things that require noise and shouts.
I quickly stood up and picked my notepads.
I made my way to the exit door,I had not even taken fifteen steps when I met Len.
“Len Pablo!!
Seven’s rival.
“Good to see you here”
Len smiled wickedly.
I never talked back because Dyna said I shouldn’t talk.
“You know what to do, stay very far from Seven and stop working in his club if you know what is good for you” Len keeps ranging.
I squeeze mg face and walk past him but the idiot pull my wrist and twisted it till I let out a groan.
No one saw us and he is not done with me.
Len drag my injured wrist and keep dragging me down the hallway.
He left me alone in the lonely hallway. He pull my hair roughly till they all fell and covered the base of my skirt.
He keeps dragging my hair like a toy.
“Keep calm, I won’t shout at you” he shouted with a forceful push and my pounding headache arrived.
With my bleeding wrist,I pushed my hair away from my face and starggered backwards till I spit out blood.
My body detorirated and I was diminishing.
I was visionless and dumb.
I took a quick glance on my notepads that are already scattered on the floor,I start picking them while Len watch me with a very dark and lustful gaze till his eyeballs reached a peak where it is the darkest.
My mouth jumped into my stomach.
I traced his eyes and I found out he was staring at my lips.
My lips!
My lips!!
My lips!!!
Ohh no!!!!
I closed my eyes and opened them back…
All the books that i had already arranged pour back to the floor again just by a kick from Len.
________Len’s POV______________
I was overshadowed by darkness,jealousy, hatred and lust.
That’s it, Seven keeps getting all the good things.
He keeps getting the fame,
He keeps getting the fame,
He keeps getting the money….
Girls keeps flocking around him like flies…
Now he has found true love in the eyes of a commoner even if he’s yet to admit it.
Beauty Dana is the most beautiful I have ever seen….she got me captivated just by a look.
She’s just so fragile and and what???
She will just faint if I shout at her.
I grab her long hair and pulled her up.
Even Emily can’t match with her.
I pulled beauty’s hair up like a toy.
I thought she will plead with me but she didn’t…. She just watch me like a fool even when she’s in pain.
I push her to the wall and connected my forehead with her own.
Again, she squeezed her face with the little strenght she had saved.
“Just let me go”
She finally speaks and it was like an angel speaking.
The more she speaks,the more I felt the greater urge in kissing her pinkish lips.
I was about slamhinpg my lips on her when she pushed me away.
She pushed me away and start picking her notepads.
She was too slow,I caught up with her and pulled her bleeding wrist.
“You pushed a billionaire”
I yell to her face…..
“You pushed……
I had not even completed my statement when she raise her hand to slap me. I held her hand down and twisted it the more and she cried slowly….
“Just stay away from Seven okay”
I seethed and left her in the floor.
I walked away and watch her cry for the first time.
I won’t lie,she’s so much beautiful with a fragile heart. I wonder why she met seven before me.
What are you looking at???
Seven’s voice jerk me back to reality.
“None of your business” I rolled my eyeballs at Seven.
“Seven don’t move!!!
I rushed and block his way. He must not see the way I maltreated Beauty.
“Get out of my way!!
Seven yelled.
“Seriously seven you can’t pass”
I block his way so that he won’t see Beauty.
“Len out of my way!!!!
Seven clenched his fists.
“You can’t pass!!! I seethed and his face changed into a frown.
Before I knew what was happening, he landed a blow on my lips.
I staggered backwards and held the door of the hallway.
“Seven you can’t pass”
I mumbled with blood dripping down my lips.
Ohhhh goodness, another blow…
“Seven never miss his targets.
His blow landed on my cheek and I left the door for him to pass.


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