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( Odeya )
He strained his eye like he couldn’t see me.
I remembered He said we shouldn’t meet so I turned and ran away.
He looked at his wet phone and threw it away.then he left.
I carefully moved the pipe from the road and walked out.
I almost arrived at school when I remembered Bryans jotter.oh no ,is that what he is looking for.
Oh no,I hope Jeremy didn’t put the jotter in the dust bin also.
I ran off and headed back to the pool house.I arrived and it was no longer there.It was no longer there..even the dust bin was no longer there.
I scratched my hair in serious frustration.I saw a woman so I went to her
“Madam where Is the dust bin?”I asked.
“It was removed just now”she said
“Where do they pour it? Am looking for something”I asked
“The bin behind the school–
I ran off in a haste…I headed to the long black big drums behind the school library.
I carefully searched all of them,one by one.
I looked so dirty and dusty.
But I finally found his jotter.
I remembered that first song he wrote that day….it seems he didn’t write that one here..I already know that one..I recorded it in my brain that very day because I liked it.
I hummed the song as I stood up from the dust bin..should I read his book..yes I should.
I opened the first chapter it was all songs,his writting is very pretty.
I went to buy a nice drink and i decided to buy one for him too.
Thank God no student saw me.
I closed the book and headed to his secret heaven..I snuck in and kept his jotter there as well as one bottle of cold drink…I rembered he can’t open a cup so i opened the bottle for him and closed it lightly.
I climbed up and sat there,I need to make sure no one takes the jotter from here.
I started doing my assignment up there where I sat.since you protected me by staying silent I will always help you anytime I can…I will be lisa,i will be your secret sister.if I find you in trouble I will help you,if i can make you happy I will.that way you would never think of suicide again and maybe you will start smiling..right
The long awaited
bryan’s p.o.v
I had to change at home,it was really cold earlier on and i almost got blind if not for that girl in uniform,i couldn’t see her face but she has pretty hair.
I dont want to see a girl again, seeing women alot in a week is total bad luck for me.
We have a live show today and i almost ran mad while looking for my jotter until I remembered that i left it at the pool house..that’s Where I am headed.
Soon I arrived and I didn’t see any stuffs or anything but I saw a woman.
” hy,uhmmmm did you see any book” I asked.
“No,all stuffs have been moved to the school dustbin..a girl was here earlier looking for some stuff she forgot and i also sent her to the school dustbin.”she said
” ..uhmm the girl, did she have a wound on her leg?”
I asked wondering of it was that coffee girl
“Noooo I don’t think so..she was running like a whippet,but she’s very pretty and she has amazing hair,” the woman said
“Oh ok”I said
I guess I will just go to dust bin.it’s pointless trying to find the girl, she might not be with my jotter.
I headed to dust bin and when my driver opened the door I couldn’t stand the sight.
so I couldn’t step out of the car.I headed back to my secret place.I just lost 14 new songs.
I arrived and i was surprised to see my jotter there,it looked a bit dirty,its obvious who ever kept it had to search for it.I tried sitting when I saw the drink.
I sat down and tried struggling to open it(as usual) but it was already opened and then closed freely.Isn’t this weird
I wonder who it was…who was it anyway.I carefully opened the cup and Drank half.
I looked around and i didnt see anybody.
I opened my book,oh no!! I didnt write that new song here and its bothering me cos I forgot it.now the name has already been written in our list of songs.
I need to check at home,am sure I wrote it in a paper. “thank you ,whoever you are..u made my day
I looked up and that was when I saw female hair.
am sure a girl Is sitting their is she asleep..I couldn’t see her face but her hair was very visible..it’s the same girl who turned off the water..it’s just the same hair length …I don’t know I guess.
I stood and tried using the stair when my phone rang, it was Jeremy…oh jeez
” hey “I said
” Bryan come home, your dad is here”he said.
” why?”I asked
“Come over”he said.
“Ok ” i replied.
I rushed out in a haste.I headed to the dreame mansion…whoever it is,i Will soon catch you.
I walked into the living room and there sat my dad,my manager Diego,Mr Williams(x squares manager) jeremy and the rest of the boys apart from evan,Mr samuel(s squares research manager.
What a gathering,i hope am not the topic.
I walked in fully
“Dad,good evening”i said falling on my chair,jace shifted cos that was where he sat.
I relaxed back..
“Bryan,Diego has been giving me stupid excuses since the last 3 competitions so I came over here to ask you to your face why you won’t sing”he said.
I can’t tell him that females make me sick he will get mad..but the truth Is i Will never spend that much time with a girl…I can’t.
” I don’t feel like competing Dad and secondly none of those girls have a nice voice..they are all falling below..Jeremy can sing with them” i said.
“Sir I did a thorough research on the natural voice of all female idol’s and the 5 girls I gave bryan have the best.” Mr Williams said
“Williams zaina uses vocals as well as Keira,i also did a little research when I saw your list,this competition is big and its worldwide. A lot of Kpop idols are competing and it has two sections the first section is the general bands show- case but the second section is the duet which must be performed by the leader…the competition is still far but we are starting preparation now because dreame has to win”Diego said.
“So how many girls did you cut out from williams 5girl list” my dad asked.
“Only 2, only two girls in that list have a great voice without vocals or editing:nana and min ah.Bryan has to go for one”Diego said
“What about the voice hunt?”my Dad asked Samuel
“The kind of talent we want hasn’t shown up..though there was this girl that sang but she didn’t register with her name so I told the team to delete the audio but the rioted saying her voice was ethereal. anyways i couldn’t send the clip to the board because it was nameless…but if you want I can play it here “he said
My dad nodded and everyone listened
odeya sing……
but am scared…..
come on bes….
dreame odeya dreame
” the world is yours my baby
” even in the rain,the storm and the scars,DREAME my baby dreame.
my mummy said..my baby dreame
“DREAME like its all you have
“even if the world is falling apart
“dreame odeya dreame
quickly write your name and send it .
Oh my God!! Did a human being sing that song..Evan ran in from outside
“Who sang that song?”he asked
“Voice hunt”jace said
“This voice is a guaranteed winning for the competition” Mr Williams said.
“It wasn’t registered,there are so many ODEYAS in the world..how do we find Mrs right?” My manager asked.
” we can do an open search” Samuel said
“No we will get her Into trouble, this girl might be a maid or a slave who isn’t allowed to sing, remember she said She was scared.
she only did this song to help her best friend so if we rush into this search we might bring harm to the poor girl even before the competition” my dad said.
“Sir We can find odeya in a secure way..the problem is will Bryan sing with her?”Mr Williams said
“Bryan what about this one, her voice;does it suite your taste?”my dad asked me while looking into my eye.

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