(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
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“What if I have 14inches long brown hair???”
Beauty questioned me and for a start I felt like strangling her mouth.
“It would be better if you don’t have”
I replied her and kept a straight face on the road. I don’t want to remember Emily again.
Emily! Emily!! Emily!!!
She’s the pain that ate me alive,she brought out the demon in me just because she have me wrapped on her essence. I regretted the day I make out with her,I never believed she was working with Massey,they just want to scamper with my properties and wealth.
⬇Flash Back⬇
“Massey I will get your work done perfectly. You should trust me with this. Seven is really smart but he is not smart in love and I know how to get him easily.
“Okay I will send some information into your mail right away”
I overhead Emily talking to Massey over the phone.
“Emily who are you talking to over the phone!!! I cut into her conversation.
“Hmm nothing…. It’s nobody” she replied and flashed me a smile.
Like a fool, I dance to her tune till she helped Massey with all the neccesary informations about me and my brother.
After all the pains, Emily broke up with me openly.
For a month,I became traumatized…
I couldn’t breath at all,I just keep falling down and down.
The brown haired girl made me down,she failled me in all ways…
She used me like a rag and I keep dancing to her stupid tunes.
⬆End of flashback⬆
I looked at Beauty who had her face dropped on the window side, she looked as scared as hell. Her bright face became sober,she played with her fingers and grabbed her back tightly.
“What a strange girl???
I pulled the car to a stop.
“Get down,you’re home” I opened the car door for her and watch her step out of my car.
She stood with her back turned against the car. She is not moving.
She’s so much unpredictable,she never close the door back.
“Close the door” I mumbled softly…
“Okay” she replied with a shaking voice and close the door…
She avoided my eye lock and I wonder why.
“Is it because of the brown hair stuff????
She better not try nonsense.
“Why are you not moving???
“Is that not your house??? I speak to her.
“Yes,it’s my houseeee but!
But” she scratch her hair and stare deeply into my dark gaze.
“But what??? I arch my brows at her.
“Emmm I want to tell you something” she pouted her lips in a strange manner.
I swear I’m not even understanding her anymore. Her dumbness is really affecting me.
I step out of my car and walk up to her.
“I’m listening” I said and tuck my hands into my pocket.
I keep waiting for her to say something but it’s taking forever.
Beauty isn’t saying anything at all. She’s just shaking like she’s gonna faint.
“Are you gonna say something or I should leave??? I smirk and fix my earbud into my ears.
She raised her head and I saw the tears that are dripping down her cheek bone.
She keeps acting fragile and the tears keep pouring the more.
I raise my hand to clean them but she held them down and flung her arms around me. She allowed more tears to pour down on my chest.
I don’t just know why beauty is acting dumb or is she hiding something???
She pulled away from the hug and stare deeply into my eyes while trying not to get carried away.
“Seven what if all my hair change to a very long brown one????
“What if it become brown and even 14inches long????
She questioned foolishly and that’s what I hate. I don’t want to hear brown hair……it only bring the bad memories of Emily.
“What if my hair change to brown???
She asked again.
“Then you will have to choose between me and brown hair!!
I replied her and her heart start pounding faster.
She picked her bag and ran into her compound.
I push my hair sideways and hopped into my car.
_________Beauty’s POV________
There was dark and numbness, I start hesitating and panicking as I walk to the main door.
“What will I say to Elva and Dyna???
I scratch my neck and pulled off my wig.
My brown hair fell down and covered my buttocks a little bit. It’s so much long and I keep wondering why Elva and Dyna won’t allow me cut it. I kept the wig into my bag and crossed my heart before opening the door.
I tip toed till I reached our small sitting room.
I was so unlucky because Elva and Dyna were there.
They sent me some glares that were devoid of emotions.
“Why are you late???
“Do you want to kill us???
“Are you with Seven????
“Did he hurt you????
“Are you alright????
They both bombarded me with questions.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.
Dyna helped me to a chair while Elva handed me a glass of water.
I will forgive you today” Elva left me with Dyna.
“You will attend Miles High School if only you will follow the rules”
Dyna uttered with a sad expression.


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