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The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 21
**Drake’s POV**
“OMG are you alright sis? are you okay?” Danelle said.
“Clara dear, oh thank God got you out in time.” Rebecca said.
“Clara.. are you really fine?” Anita added
“Damn” Neil breathed.
“She’s fine.. she’s fine” Jaden added.
“Oh great she is.. you almost killed us all.” Mr Chris said.
“Please don’t let her get close to the water for now.” a lady said.
“She must have injured somewhere, someone check.” a man said.
Lots of people gathered.
I raised her arm to check and she coughed out more water.
“Ohh she’s so very bad at swimming.” another person said.
“Take good care of her, let her cover herself to avoid cold.” the first lady said.
I dropped her hands, there’s no bruise or wound.
I turned her head to check her neck and my hand brushed the side of her sweet set of boobs in these amazing bikini.
I recalled the time I was pressing on her chest.
My hands were direct on her boobs! gosh.. such sweet moment..
They were so soft and I even felt her nipples. Ahh..
I couldn’t stop smiling within.
It was a heavenly moment… and when my lips covered hers… it was pure bliss.
Her lips tasted so sweet.
My eyes fell on her lips with my hand on her neck.
I was lost in thought when a hand pulled my hand away from her neck.
I looked and it’s her.
She opened her eyes for the third time.
I think she’s finally alright now.
“Im fine!” she said and dropped my hand.
“Sure?” I asked.
“Yeah.” she said but she talked weakly.
“Sister! gosh thanks for not getting away from you. I almost lost you, I won’t bear it!!” Danelle said and hugged her for the second time.
I smiled.
“Clara you alright?”
“Clara you fine now?”
“Clara we’re sorry.”
“Clara dear”
Every one spoke anxiously.
She sat up.
“Im fine, thanks all.” she said.
“Oh thank goodness” Rebecca said.
“Danelle help me up.” she said but I was fsst enough to do that or rather Danelle gave me every chance to.
I pulled her up and hugged her. I almost forgot to…
I know it suprised her but we’re pretending to be lovers here right so we need to act like we really are.
“I thought I lost you.. Im sorry for leaving you there. Im happy you’re fine.” I said and I wondered what she’s saying in her mind right now..
But did I actually just said the truth?
Yeah.. sincerely I was scared when that happened. I was shocked and scared when I saw her struggling in the water. I lost my senses and didn’t care about anything else, all I wanted was to save Clara… it’s so obvious but I told myself never to fall inlove again. What happened? Why im I even getting inlove with Clara! why do I wanna get heartbroken for the second time! Why do I keep being a victim!
But I can’t help it… Clara. She’s making me go nuts.
Her lips is so soft.. geeeeeez! and her boobs! Ahhh
She look so beautiful when she close her eyes.. those long lashes.
“You are hugging me for too long Drake.” she said and I realized I was even hugging her. I was so lost in thought.
I smiled and pulled away.
“You’re sure you are fine?” I asked, looking into her eyes.
“I am.” she said.
“Let’s play football over there pleaseee” Neil suddenly shouted.
“No, wait let’s dance first.” Danelle said and I dragged Clara to the cooler and handed her a can of energy drink.
She took it but rolled her eyes.
She’ll never stop hating me.
I understand..
First when she packed in newly, all I wanted from her was sex. I didn’t show up with a clean mind.
Secondly, she’s crazily and faithfully inlove with her boyfriend.
She hate me.
I grabbed yoghurt and walked to the six others.
Danelle hurried to me with the camera.
“Please record. Wanna dance.” she said and I took it with smiles.
Then I placed it on video record and began capturing her.
She played a current viral beat song and began dancing.
Woah! she could actually dance good.
Neil joined her and they were making perfect steps.. Jaden was the next to join, pulling his girlfriend in.
They danced in their own best…
Jaden began ‘dappin’ and they all followed him.. Rebecca came in as well as her husband.
Ahha? I laughed.
Mr Chris was ‘dappin’ nonsense.
I suddenly felt like joining in the dance so I walked to Mr Chris and handed him the camera.
“Continue please. Thank you.” I said and he took it.
I joined the five and soon we were going same way.
It was so cool.
It’s been so long that I danced like this.
“Ha ha ha.” Anita laughed.
“Not funny bae.. ahh I could dance more.” Jaden said to his girl.
“This is the best current dance beat but i’do dance more good when it comes to break dance.” Neil said.
“OMG Drake, I love your move. You can dap so cool. C’mon teach me.” Danelle said.
I laughed.
“It’s no so hard at all, just this way.” I did and they all followed my style even Mrs Rebecca.
“You’re just smelling your armpit honey, im even better.” Mr Chris said as he videoed.
We laughed including Rebecca.
“Oh stop honey.. I can do it.” she said.
“Let my sis dance, let’s tell her to dance.” Danelle suddenly said and I smiled.
“Maybe she can’t dance too!” Jaden said.
“Yeah she was always studying. Lemme just find her troube a little.” Danelle said and went to Mr Chris.
“A minute sir.” she said and took the camera and then turned it to Clara who was standing beside the cooler and our bags, sipping from the drink I handed her.
She saw Danelle and the camera and arched her brow.
“Dance sis… Danceeee danceee.. dap for us.” Danelle said.
“I can’t!” Clara said.
“Just try sis, c’mon” Danelle said.
“Im not dancing!” She said.
“Just try!” they chorused.
She ran away and Danelle chased after her but then stopped because she must have realized Clara just wanna get far away from these people and deal with her. She came back.
Clara stopped running too.
“So, let’s play ball.” Danelle said and I smiled.
Smart girl.
**Clara’s POV**
Crazy people.
Look at them playing ball.
How could they tell me to dance when I don’t even like that crazy music and the dance, weird.
I gulped the remaining drink in the can and threw the can away.
They can play their ball while I stay here and stare at the people in the beach water.
It made me recall what just happened to me. Who even pushed me? What happened.
I guess It’s a mystery.
My mom said such things could be signs..
When you hit your toe on a stone you didn’t even see there when you were coming or bite your tongue or fall without nothing pushing you down..
She said it’s always a sign, told to her by one of her West African coursemate then in school.
Thank God Drake saved me.
But what sign could this be? Mom said it’s always sign of bad news.
I just hope everything is fine.
Drake kissed me.. no.. he didn’t.. he just breathed into my mouth but our lips still came in contact!
I touched my lips, but really his lips felt so soft.
I knocked myself, ‘Clara don’t be foolish’
I know, I know, I really miss Noah. I can’t wait for him to be back next week.
The alarming voice of a girl behind me got my attention and I glanced, then turned my eyes back to the water and listened.
Oh my godness!! Bella!! Jane!! come over!
What’s that Annie?
Breaking news!” Annie shouted.
Breaking news of what!
Tell us
See..The real top drug dealers have been caught and arrested!! Oh my!! see their pictures.
Annie said.
Oh my!!
Ohhh geeeeez
C’mon girls.. My dad need to see this! it’s been his prayers Annie said.
I glanced at them as they hurried away.
Finally the mongrels had been caught.. Such a good news!
I stared back at the beach water.
I finally got tired and bored of watching, so I got up and walked back to the others who were still playing ball.
“Yeahhh! sis is back, pass the ball to her.” Danelle said and Neil already did before I could say ‘jack’
Who im I passing the ball to?
I didn’t realize Drake was the next.
“Drake.” Neil said and I almost rolled my eyes.
Drake smiled.
I passed the ball to him, he passed it to Jaden who passed it to his bae, Anita, Anita passed it to Rebecca who passed it to her hubby, Mr Chris, then Mr Chris passed it to Danelle who passed it to Neil, Neil passed it to me and I tried something better.
I hit the ball really hard at Drake.
If I can’t swim, I could as well do this one.
I just wanna look for his trouble.
He smiled and kicked it back really hard on my knee.
Ouch that hurt! but I maintained just a smile.
“Oh my! this lovers!” Rebecca said and they all laughed.
Drake gave me a smirk smile.
[From Author Rejoice ] We played for thirty minutes more, then took refreshments..
“Let’s go for a horse ride.” Jaden said.
“Wow yeah”
“Ahh yes, let’s go.”
“Really cool”
they all said and we headed to the place.
Mr Chris paid for four horses.. Really nice. He paid for us all.
Such a nice man.
If only I had a dad.
‘Jaden and Neil you are so lucky to have such a father’
“So let’s ride.. be careful everyone.” he said as the horse keeper helped him onto one of the horse and the his wife at his back. She wrapped her arms around him. Then Jaden followed and Anita, then Neil and Danelle.
“Be careful!” Mr Chris said again.
“We are dad!” Neil said.
It was remaining Drake and I.
Drake climbed up by the help of the horse keeper. Then he stretched out his hand. I rolled my eyes and held it. He pulled me onto the horse at his back though the horse keeper helped too.
“Hold me or you might fall and your boyfriend would have to come and help you up this time.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
We were the last people to start riding, others were already at the front. I held him.
I wouldn’t wanna risk falling down from this horse.
“Clara, you have such a great body and your lips, it was really soft.” he said.
“That is not what I wanna hear here. Why did you lie to them? did you plan it with Danelle?” I asked.
“Im sorry Clara.. I couldn’t do anything.” he said.
“You are such a cheap liar.” I said.
“I know.. just hold me so you don’t fall.” he said.
“Whatever!” I said.
“You really love your boyfriend… it’so hard to see a lady so faithful. I just wish she was like you.” he said.
“Who?” I really wanted to know.
“Someone I thought was faithful. I know you see me as a badboy but that wasn’t the way I was three years ago.” he said.
I listened as he began.
“…Jennifer made me became that. We were dating, I was faithful. I was so crazily inlove with her but never knew she wasn’t. I could do anything for her. I could defend our love and relationship anywhere. She was my life, my all.. I lost my family and she was my family.. I took her as the only treasure I own. I treated her with so much love and affection.. but I had no idea she was seeing another man, someone richer. Someone told me but I defended her and almost fought with the guy because I never believed my girlfriend could do that. I thought the guy just wanna come inbetween us… but then weeks later, I caught her.. I caught them together pinned down on the her bed, having sex.. It was the most disgusting sight. I couldn’t do anything, I lost words, I lost my voice and all I did was turn and walk away in tears. I drank myself to stupor, drinks became my companion, loneliness became my bestfriend and you know the worst? she never came to apologise.. She only sent a text message that she was sorry, that she’s found true love with him.
I lost myself.. I went crazy! I cried so much, day and night.. I realized Jennifer never loved me. I was shattered. I lost my job because I couldn’t go to work… I was battling with great heartbreak. I lost everything, I lost her, I lost my job.. even after loosing my family, I thought I’ll never loose her but I did. She broke me into tiny piees that took me months to fix back and after I did.. I swore to myself never to fall inlove again. Never. I decided to be a playboy.. To hurt girls.. not just one, two or three but as many as I can get.
I relocated to MayMack apartment and then I stated clubbing, drinking and smoking and taking call girls home for sex. I became a playboy and I was happy.. then I got a new work at a higher bank with a higher pay and I was beyond happy… so that’s my story.” he finished.
I breathed out..
His story is so touching. I could feel tears gathered in my eyes but I tried very hard not to let them fall.
A girl turned him this way! I really feel sorry for him. He must have passed through so much. then anger and pains made him make such drastic decision.
I suddenly felt like stopping my hatred towards him.
He doesn’t deserve to be hated.. It wasn’t his fault. Oh no it wasn’t.
I faced such moments too and I almost made a decision which I later found out that I would have regretted if I had went on with it. I would have gained nothing.
When David shattered my heart.. It was the most painful months of my life.
I cried till there was no tear left to cry, I starved untill I lost all of my weight.
I tried committing suicide but my mom was there.. She rescued me and always stay with me and talk to me..but he, no one was there to rescue him from such a drastic decision that he made. No one stayed by him to talk to him. It was just him. He said he lost everything. It’s so saddening.
“What happened to your parents?” I asked.
“Fire outbreak. It wasn’t only my parents, my brother too.. It’s such a painful memory I don’t wanna remember now.” he said.
“Im sorry.” I said.
“Its fine. Im fine.” he said.
I still held him, and now more tighter.
I didn’t care anyways.
All I feel now is saddness and pity.
I couldn’t hold back mine.
I decided to tell him mine.
I told him about my mom’s heartbreak. The man who she said is my father ran away and left us to just my mom.
How my mom suffered alot in bringing I and Danelle up.
Then I told him about David. How I gave my all to him, my love, myself, my trust, my faithfulness! but he shattered me. He married someone else.
I felt like dying when I heard the news. It was the tragic months of my life…
I decide suicide but my mom saved me. She was there for me, all the time. then I met Noah.. He helped me out of my pains.. He showed me true love.
“How sure are you about Noah’s love?” he asked after I was done.
“He love me truely and had always want the best for me.” I said.
“But David loved you also.” he said.
“His love was different, Noah’s love for me is pure.” I said.
“I’d wanna see his pictures.. he’s really lucky to have someone so faithful and committed.” he said.
I smiled.
“Wow! great ride!” Jaden shouted.
One of the horse keepers helped Danelle down, then helped Anita and Rebecca, and then I.
The men jumped down.
“It was a great ride” Mr Chris said.
“Oh yeah.. it was.” They all laughed.
I smiled at Drake. His eyes were at the horses.
‘For your story, I don’t think I wanna keep hating you Drake. I will try not to. I will try.’
Wow.. it seem Drake’s story would change Clara abit towards him.

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