The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 17
**Drake’s POV**
I pulled into the apartmental and she didn’t
even wait for a second before getting out of the
car and slammed the door shut.
“Woah! We’re home?” Danelle asked from the
back seat.
“Yes we are.” I said with a smile.
“Alright, thanks for the ride.” she said, then
came down with her luggage.
Clara was already standing at her door porch.
Danelle came to the window and grinned at me.
“Thanks for the ride. Im gonna calm her down,
trust me.” she said and hurried to her sister.
I smiled.
‘Really the crazy type. Maybe I could make a
deal with her.’
I smiled.
**Clara’s POV**
“Sister” Danelle called as she walked to the
“Danelle I don’t like what you did.” I said as I
unlocked the door and went in. She followed.
“But he offered his help to drive us and great,
we are home safe and sound. You should be
happy because I am happy unless you have an
issue with him. You can tell me about it. Woah!
I love this furnishings. I wish it was then, I
could bring my friends to my sister’s home
without feeling embarrassed.”
My jaw dropped and I turned to her.
“Danelle, wait really? Wasn’t my house good
then huh?”
She twisted her lips, “Kinda but this one’s
great. Sister, I need to shower and take
dinner.” she said.
I inhaled, “The bedroom is by the right.”
“We are sleeping together?” she asked.
“Ofcourse. I live alone, so what do I need two
bedrooms for?” I said.
She rolled her eyes, “Sister, you’ll never
change, im off.” She headed towards the
I sighed.
‘Im in trouble with this girl.’
I picked up the remote on the table and.played
my favourite Celine Dion’s then headed to the
kitchen to make dinner. Reaching the kitchen, I
decided to make fried eggs and bread toast.
I picked five eggs from the fridge and
proceeded to break them into a plate.
Then my thoughts flashed back to Drake’s
coming to pick us up.
‘What’s actually wrong with him? What’s
wrong? Why can’t he just understand that I
don’t need his help. I don’t wanna associate
with such a badboy. A pervert! I don’t even
want him talking to my sister.’
I was done frying the eggs and now preparing
to place the breads into the toaster when the
music playing stopped and then replaced with
‘Did Danelle just change that music? I don’t
really know what to do to this girl.
“Danelle! Change back that music right now!” I
Then she came in, in her red nightie.
“No sister, this is cool. Rihana songs are the
best, listen to it. So what do I help you with?”
“Danelle. You just arrived today and you’re
giving me headache already.” I said.
“Im sorry sister, take a drug, you’ll get better.
Can I ask you sonething?” she said.
“That guy, uhmm.. what’s his name?”
‘Is she talking about Drake? definitely not
gonna happen.’
I eyed her,“Danelle what guy are you talking
“Your neighbour. Okay, I recall his name now,
Drake. Is he married?”
I inhaled, “Why are you asking if he is?”
“I just wanna know, and why don’t you wanna
be in his car. Are you guys having some tiff?”
she asked.
“Danelle get out the plates.” I said.
“Yes I will, sure but tell me.” she said as she
went to get the plates.
“He’s bad, Don’t associate with him.” I said.
“Really? but he doesn’t look like he is.” she
“Well he is.”
“But he’s handsome. I mean really really
handsome and looks cool. I love-” I cut her
“Danelle!” I snapped.
She chuckled, “his hair.”
“Danelle,do not talk about Drake here again.” I
“Okay I will not, so what do we talk about? your
She shook her head instantly, “No no talking
about that school makes me sick.” she said.
“Danelle this is your finall year in high school,
work hard on your books!” I said.
“Ofcourse I am. A law student is always on her
books.” I said.
“Good, help me with the foods, let’s head to
the dinning.”
“Alright, uhmm sis?”
I inhaled, “Yes Danelle?”
“What about Noah?”
I smiled, “He’s in Africa on a business with his
dad. He’ll be coming back next week.” I said.
“Like always.” she said.
I glared at her, “Don’t be like mom.” I said.
“Why not, she’s my mom.” she said and
I chuckled.
“Im changing this music.” I said.
she rolled her eyes, “I know already. It’s your
house, go on.” she said.
“Thank goodness you know.” I said and went
for the remote.
“Boring songs, makes me dizzy.” she said.
“It’s my best.” I said.
“Whatever you say. So are we going to
Montana tomorrow?” she asked.
“I think so.” I said as I took out the CD and
inserted Celine Dion’s track.
“I know I don’t have Rihana’s here, you
brought it?” I asked.
“Yes.” she said.
“I know.” I said and smiled as ‘A New Day’
began playing.
She rolled her eyes, “So Sis, what if we invite
Drake to come with us to Montana?” she said
and I frowned.
“Im sorry sis” she grinned.
**Drake’s POV**
“…Brenda, stop calling me, what’s wrong with
you? I told you that I don’t want to have
anything to do with you. A one night and that’s
over! stop calling bitch!” I yelled into the
“But I love you Drake, okay forget about the
sex.. im saying the trut here.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, “Well I do not feel any damn
thing and I don’t give a damn about that, so
you get the hell outta my phone.” I barked and
ended the call.
‘Fuck! what the hell is wrong with his hoe!’
I dropped my phone and headed to the
Turning the shower, I closed my eyes as the
water poured down my body.
Clara.. her image appeared.
Then in my car, when she was staring outta the
‘She’s so beautiful.’
‘Shit! Drake this is not you! This is not me.’
**Noah’s POV**
I sat on the bed, facing the bedside lamp.
Frightful thoughts ran through my mind.
The cops are still on the search for us.
They haven’t quit. They haven’t stopped.
We can’t head back to America nor leave here.
Dad said I have to change lines, no calls.. but
that can’t be possible.
How can I do that?
Clara would never forgive me.
What do I do?
I wanna tell her the truth… but it will mean
betraying my father.
I might loose her in the process too.
I really love Clara, what do I do?
A knock came.
Then the door opened and Jackson walked in.
“The Boss needs your presence now.” he said
and walked out.
I sighed, then got up and walked out.
Getting downstairs, I walked to him.
He sat on his usual couch, smoking with two
ladies beside him.
“You’ve been upstairs. Have you forgotten
about tonight?” he said.
“No” I answered.
“Get ready, we are leaving in fifteen minutes.
Mr MacKell is expecting us.”
I inhaled, “Alright.” I muttered and turned back
I slammed the door shut and slumped on the
I picked my phone and made a call to Clara.
I wanna talk with her.
“Hello baby.” I said immediately she picked up.
“Hello sweets, how are you doing?” she said.
I closed my eyes, inhaled and opened it
back“Im fine baby, how are you?”
“Im fine too, Danelle is here. She came for a
weekend holiday. I told you about it.” she said.
I smiled, “Yeah.. That’s great, now you’ve got
someone to keep you company and you know
your sister is really good at that.” I said.
“Oh kinda…but yours gonna be more sweeter
you know.” she said.
I breathed out, “Yeah I know. I miss you” I said
“I miss you too.” she said.
“Extend my hello to Danelle.” I said.
“She can hear you..” she said.
“Alright.. I love you baby, take care of yourself
“Why you in a hurry to end the call?” she
I inhaled, “I have to see my dad now okay?”
“Al right” she muttered.
I sighed, “Hey baby, it’s alright okay? im gonna
call you back ok.” I said.
“Alright. Take care, love you.” she said.
“I love you more.” I said and ended the call.
I checked the time, Ten minutes left.
I gotta prepare now.
After this.. I have to talk with dad.
**Clara’s POV**
“It’s always his dad all the time..” Danelle said.
“Just shut up Danelle.” I said.
She rolled her eyes and faced her phone.
She smiled as a call came in.
She glanced at me then picked the call.
“Hello Neil.” she spoke into the phone.
“Yeah, im with my sister. Uhmm really?”
“Stop kidding Neil.”
“Awwwn.. that’s sweet. Alright, im gonna talk
with you tomorrow.. My sister and I are going to
Montana tomorrow.”
She gasped, “Woah! really? That’s awesome.
We sure gonna see tomorrow then. Can’t wait.
Alright goodnight. Yeah.”
The call ended.
“Who’s that?” I asked.
She smiled, “My friend.. He’s coming to
montana tomorrow with his family. So we are
gonna meet, it’s gonna be fun.” she said.
“No more calls Danelle, I wanna sleep.” I said
and pulled the duvet over my body.

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