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( Odeya )
[trouble in trouble]
11pm …………………………..
11:00, Lydia finally let me go to bed by 11:00
. How long will my life be so painful? life with
my step mom has been hell! She didn’t even
have plans of letting me go until I lied, i had to
tell her that my period showed up and she had
to let me go because the entire neighbourhood
knows that odeya has bad cramps!
I tried lying on my bed when I received a text
from rose, i looked Into her window and her
room lights where shining brightly; its obvious
she is missing me.I rushed out of my room, i’d
rather sleep with my bestie than stay alone in
this heaven forsaken room thinking about
” what are you looking at?”I asked her because
she was deeply engrossed in her laptop
“Odeya come closer,check out this
headline”she said adjusting on her bed.
“Dream high school isn’t a school , rather it is
‘hell.” These where the last words of min soo,
senior high student of dreame high school who
just committed suicide today;she is just 18. in a
white paper min soo had boldly written
“girlfriends?”..no, it should be “girl-devils.” The
industry behind “girlfriends” had taken the
issue seriously.
” a student commits suicide out of depression,
but she blames it on a female band of girls juzt
her age; Is the world really going to believe
that lie?” These where the words of Richard,
General manager of v entertainment.
“Odeya, dreame high school is really scary”
rose said.
“I don’t really care, odeya doesn’t go to school
and its obvious I never will.I am just really
really sorry for min soo.”i said.
“Me too,”she said.
My phone sparkled and I saw a text, since
8pm. I opened up and it was The manager our
dept in blinkz hotels/suites.
Odeya there will be a show on Saturday night
at the hall,you have been chosen as one of the
“Ok sir”I repiled.
” show?”rose asked
“Yes Saturday night.”I said
She hastily browsed it and it previewed.
Lenora Thompson will be seen live at blinkz on
Saturday night in honour of the presidents
wife’s birthday.
I smiled and hugged rose tight,Lenora Is my
role model.
“I can’t believe am going to watch Lenora sing
” i said.
“Better prepare to look good,the show is still a
bit far”she said.
“Silly u, am on the waiting list”I said and she
another headline turned up
Dreame released a song today in honour of the
commoner min soo’s death, not only that;Bryan
personally honored the family for their loss.
some fans dropped a comment
“This is all formalities, the boyfriends and
girlfriends know exactly what happened to that
commoner. The Idea of scholarship in dreame
high is a total failure cos the only 3 common
students who where admitted had a bad story
to tell;2 committed suicide while one ran away.
I believe I am speaking for the General
populace when I say that we commoners are
no longer interested in dreane high,its a school
for the rich and nothing can change that. so the
scholarship which just started has to end.”he
. The board behind dreame high school
had already marked today as the very end of
the new scholarship into dreame high school.
” wow,”rose Said
“Are the boyfriends really that bad?”I asked
” I guess,”she said.
” so u texted, what did you want me to do for
you?” I asked
” i wanted you too–” I heard my room bell
oh no!! I told Lydia I was sleeping.
I hastily stood up and rushed out.
” odeya good night.
” bye.
I pulled into my window and Lydia was
standing there with her face like Lydia the
” you told me you got your period and u were
weak and sleepy,am i right?” she asked.
“Well I just —
“But it’s obvious you are very fit tonight, follow
me!!” She said and i followed her innocently.
We got to the passage and she brought out a
Basket of beads.
” what should i–
” count them
“These are bold beads, i just want to know if
madam Lincoln cheated me,”she said.
” can’t I count it tomorrow, you know I really —
“Start!!!!!” She shouted and headed into her
I sat on the floor and started counting, ever
since my mum ran away, I stopped living .
I was done by 3:30,i hastily rushed into my
room to sleep.
“IS that stupid girl still sleeping,odeya!!” My
stepmother shouted, she woke me up from my
I stood up and picked my clock;its 4:00 am,it’s
time to open her shop, i better jump out the
window so she won’t slap me for delaying.
Other kids are going to school, but what about
I work alot of jobs daily, trying to survive is not
really easy.
I help so many women both pregnant and lazy
to clean their shops early In the morning. I
headed to all the shops one after the other just
after I was done cleaning lydia’s store. i locked
their doors and I kept their keys.
I did this half awake and half asleep.
Day broke and i ran off to “pause for pizza,”
that’s where i work ; both delivery and manual
” good morning sir,” I said, I was fully drooling
and looking so tired but I can’t miss work, I
might get fired.
” s-square entertainment ordered coffee,” he
” dreame?,”i asked.
“Yes, the company not the “boyfriends”
house!!”he said.
“I understand sir, i will take their order.” I said
as I hastily wore my t-shirt and ran off with the
coffee neatly arranged. thank God s-square is
really close, and After this delivery i will go
home for a hot bath. I can’t even open my eye
well,i cant even see well,God help me!
The security let me in and i strolled in while
really really trying to clear my sight.
. ………………..
I suddenly ran into someone , the hot coffee
poured on us both and stained his shirt. He
flinched with full shock, my own mouth was now
open. he is tall And has a sexy figure,he is
just too beautiful. his blue eyes was already
turning wet with pain as he rolled his eyes. I
looked into his white transparent shirt and i saw
the red marks on his flat tummy….odeya what
did you do?
” sir–“….
” what the — how the hell can you be so stupid
miss!!!” he yelled, while hastily brushing his
diamond laid finger from his forehead into his
” am sorry, am really sorry..i..i wasn’t seeing
clearly,please i didn’t –” i couldnt talk again
because i saw the gold necklace he was
wearing,it was originally signed “boyfriend”…o
h my God, he Is an idol . i odeya, a
nobody; i just wounded an idol…
am dead!!!
A crowd of people rushed us
T.b.c. by chidels library.
You are reading “dreame” by Author chidinma
All rights reserved.
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I wonder which of the dreame idols odeya met?


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