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The Billionaire’s To¥
# Chapter ~•6
Now enjoy
One more look at the beautiful stripper, i turned
my back at her and step into my car.
Shiva gave a slight bow before rushing to seat
at the driver’s seat.
“Sir you like that commoner???
He pick up a friendly conversation with me.
“Why are you asking??
Is that the work i ask you to do???
It’s better you get a tight grip on yourself now
or else,consider yourself as a gonner” i
sneered at him in horror.
“Sorry sir” he apologize and focus on the
steering wheel.
I have missed some important text from Jake.
Len Pablo has opened a club just exactly
like yours.
I am still trying to hack into the data of
Bryce Kali because he look more of an
Fiona and Len gave out five schoolarship
papers to commoners so that they csn gain
entrance into Miles Dreame high school with
the help of Massey Miles.
I don’t know what will happen to our own
restaurant and club house since Len built his
own just exactly like ours. It seems Massey
Miles is trynna act like a green snake under a
green puppet to your dad and once she is with
tge properties of the Miles,you know whats
next,she will make you a dead meat.
Anger surpassed me while hot temperedness
took over my veins…
How can Massey do this to me??
She wants to take over Miles Dreame high,
She wants my restaurant,
She wants my clubs….
She wants everything that my mom left in my
And that bitch was the one that killed my mom
and now,she wants me.
She’s ruining everything i have.
She’s smart but I’m smarter than her…
She likes playing dirty games not knowing that
I’m the master of gambling…
She loves winning challenge and that’s my
Can i have the names of those
Sure boss,they are just five girls” Jake sent me
a text instantly.
Mitchelle Darren
Ann Lemon
Curly April .
The last two are yet to summit their scholarship
Jake,keep an eye in those five girls,they
might just be serpents like Massey” i replied
Jake and step out of my car.
Shiva rush and opened the door for me.
“Get out of my way”
I clench my fist and walk into my huge living
I met her….
Massey Miles my aunt.
She sat on a flashy purple couch with a
trending fashion magazine on her hand.
She can never change,she’s still the same
woman she is.
She’s always putting on golden bracelets in her
“Is that how your dead mother taught you how
to greet!!!!
She dropped her trending magazine and send
me a cold glare.
“Your fucking goddam mother taught you to
stare at your elders without greeting????
“Little boy hurry,just come and kiss my feet and
i will forgive your stupid manners”
Massey stretched her feet forward.
I was so lost in thoughts…it’s just that i don’t
beat ladies ….
“Kiss my feet and i will forgive your stupidity”
“I don’t bite”
She uttered and gave that cold glare.
“I should bow down and kiss your feet”
Trust me,i will do that.
“I will just kiss your feet do that you can forgive
my stupid manner.
I gave a small smile and bow at Massey feet,
instead of kissing her feet that bear golden
rings,i push her to the pouch and grab her wine
hair tightly.
“Listen Massey”
I prefer kissing the sand than kissing your
goddam feet….
Your stay in this house is gonna be so
uncomfortable because i will make your life
I push her hair away.
Stubborness is in your blood,
That’s what killed your mother…..
And that’s what will kill you if you’re not careful
She tucked her hair properly and pick up her
“Let’s see who will kiss the dusk”
She retorted.
Its definitely you”.
I replied her with a mocking smile.
Ohhh dad,you’re here”
She changed her cold glare into a smile.
Yes,i just needed to attend an important
meeting” dad replied her.
Take care of your cousin”
Sure Miles, i will take care of your son*
Massey moved closer to me and pulled my hair
like a little kid.
“He hasn’t change a little bit”
“He still get that cute face and body”
“He is just getting more handsome each
passing day”
She comment on my looks right in the presence
of dad.
She’s just the exact opposite of a chameleon.
“Don’t touch me Massey”
I removed her hand from my hair and walked
into my room.
All this nonsense must stop with Massey……
____ Massey POV ______
I will win Seven this time around,not
immediately but definitely.
“Hey you,get your smelling ass here”
I signalled at Seven’s driver (Shiva).
Yes ma” he answered and gave a slight bow.
“Where is Seven coming from???
I questioned authoritatively and sip a small
quantity of my vodka.
He staemmered.
“You’re not deaf right???
I tap Shiva forehead.
Yes ma,he went to one of his best selling
And he met a beautiful…. .”
Shiva stopped his sentence.
“Why did you stop???
“He met a lady right!!!!
Who is she?????
What’s her name because i wanna hack into
her data right now!!!!!
I bombarded Shiva with loads of questions and
waited for an answer..
I don’t know what……”
You don’t want to talk right???
“Okay tell me everything and i will give you
“I don’t know her name,
Sir did not mention her name, she didn’t even
tell Sir her name”
Shiva shakes in fear.
I’m coding it…….
What happened between her and Seven
Did seven kiss her????”
No they didn’t…. Yes they. ”
Shiva trembled in fear at my feet.
Get out!!!
I uttered and he took to his heels like a wild
Come back!!! I voiced out …
Me”” Shiva asked.
No,not you. ..I’m calling your ancestors..
If you don’t come back here before the
counting of three, consider yourself a dead
I shot Shiva a glare.


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