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The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 12
**Clara’s POV**
I checked the time on my wristwatch.
I hope I get to see a cab in no time, then dress
up and wait on Dr Campbell.
I walked out of the hospital building and just as
I headed to the road, I saw Drake car at the
parking lot.
Or isn’t that Drake’s car?
Then the door opened and he walked out.
Drake ofcourse.
He walked over and with his hands in his pants
pockets, breathed out.
I stared at him.
“I’ve been waiting for you for up to thirty
minutes now.” he said.
I tucked my hair behind my ear,“Why why are
you here?”
“Why do you think im here Miss nurse goo-” I
cut him short.
“Okay I hate that. Can you not call me that
He shrugged, “Alright. So can we go now?”
I glanced at his car, then back at him.
“Go where?”
He chuckled, “Are you serious? home
I sighted Dr Campbell come out of the hospital
building and was heading to the parking lot.
“Hey?” Drake called, making me to turn back to
“Yeah? yeah.” I said.
He glanced at Dr Campbell then back at me
and arched his brow.
“Nurse Adams” I heard my name by no one
else but Dr Campbell.
“Yes Doctor.” I answered and went over to
where he stood, at his car.
He smiled, “You’re fine?” he asked.
“Yeah I am.” I answered.
He glanced at Drake who stood a bit far from us
and then looked back at me, with a smile,
“Alright. I was thinking of giving you a ride
since you said your car is broke down but I can
see there’s someone waiting for you already.”
he said and I smiled.
“It’s okay doctor.. I’ll see you soon.” I said.
“Can I have your contact so I could call you
when I get to the address you gave to me? I
kinda forgot to ask that earlier.” he said.
I smiled, “Alright”
He handed me his phone and I typed my
phone number and handed it back to him.
“Thanks. Yeah. see you in an hour time.” he
said and I smiled and walked away, back to
Drake who was now leaning on his car.
“Done discussing with your doctor?” he asked.
“Yeah. Actually as a nurse pratitioner, Im a
private nurse to Dr Tony Campbell.” I said.
“What do you mean by private?”
“I work with him as a personal nurse, I go
through health records with him, go to the
surgery and operation rooms with him. Maybe
also go out on a health research with.” I said.
He rolled his eyes,“Super story.” he said and
went for the door.
I shook my head and went into the car.
He started the car and zoomed off.
My eyes faced the window. They was silence
untill his question made me turn.
“So.. what do a doctor and a nurse talk outside
the hospital building?”
“Are you serious Drake? what sort of a
question is that?” I asked, amuzed.
He shrugged, “It’s just a question, remember
when I said that you’re important to me.” he
said and I rolled my eyes.
“Well, the both of us are having a dinner
tonight in celebration of a successful surgery
operation of a very important patient.” I said.
He shrugged then his mouth went ajar as he
turned his eyes at me.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“Okay. But I thought that you told me you have
a boyfriend bla bla” he said and I rolled my
“Yeah ofcourse, why asking that?”
“And you’re going on a dinner with someone
else.” he said and I couldn’t just believe it.
“Drake didn’t you hear me huh? I said it’s a
celebration dinner.” I said.
“Oh yeah, I know but it musn’t be a dinner
night? you duo could just have a glass of wine
in his office, at the hospital.” he said and I
stared with him, feeling really angry.
“It’s none of your business Drake. I guess you
don’t know anything better apart from clubbing
every night and playing loud music and–” I
ended it there.
He chuckled, “And what?”
I ignored him and faced back to the window.
**Drake’s POV**
“Hey Clara?” I called but she didn’t answer.
I chuckled.
“Okay miss nurse two goody heels?” I called
smirkly but she still ignored.
“Okay Clara, it’s not like I wanna spoil your
dinner night with your doctor. Have fun.” I said.
No answer.
I pulled into the apartmental, stopping for her to
get down.
She picked her bag, opened the door, then
turned to me, “Thanks Drake for another awful
ride.” she said.
“Yeah, have a great dinner night.” I said and
she chuckled.
“Drake why so over about this dinner?” she
“Nothing ofcourse, is it bad for me to wish to
wish you a great dinner huh?” I asked.
“Ofcourse not.” she said and got down, closing
the door.
I watched her walk up the steps to her door,
then went in, and closed it..
I breathed out and drove to my apartment,
pulling to a stop and I rested on the seat
Shit! why im I so upset about this dinner of a
What’s wrong with me anyways?
Why should I give a damn.
Not like I feel anything for her…I don’t fucking
Cos if I do, why won’t I know huh!
Bullshit! Ofcos Im not ever gonna feel anything.
It was a promise to myself…
I just wanna get her damn ass on my bed.
Damn.. but I can’t help this stupid annoyance
that im having right now.
She’s going on some celebration shit dinner
with some fucking doctor.
*I slapped my forehead.
Today had been such a wonderful day for me
at the office.
The Manager announced that the CEO had
taken care of the investigation that was
supposed to take place at the bank. So it was a
great happy moment to hear that the police
were not longer coming for any sort of
I’ve been so happy, but damn right now. damn
**Noah’s POV**
I walked in to dad making a call… I came
closer and stood watching him.
His face didn’t seem bright.
“Tell the crew not to leave the country. We
have three more client to deliver goods to. After
that is done, we are moving to west Africa.
They can’t get to us.” He said into the phone,
then the call ended and he looked up at me.
“Dad what’s the matter?” I asked impatiently.
“The USA police forces are desperate about
getting to us, no offer made was accepted by
any. Two of Blackz boys were arrested today.”
I gasped, “so what do we do dad? What do
you mean by we are leaving for west Africa? I
thought we are going back to America next
week.” I said nervously.
“That can’t be possible son unless you wanna
get arrested.” he said and I swallowed
“But dad I wanna be with my girlfriend, I wanna
be with Clara. What im I gonna explain.”
“You are not gonna explain anything. You’ll get
your SIMs out, she musn’t get to communicate
with you.”
I gasped, “No dad, no.”
“You have to do it son. The police are looking
for us and once they get our real identity, your
girlfriend will be arrested and questioned, she’ll
have no option than give them informations. We
musn’t let them get our real identity.” he said
and I watched him in utter shock and
No no no no this is not happening! How do I
explain to Clara!
**Clara’s POV**
I picked out a purple flair dress which stopped
just a bit above my knees with V curve neck
and slim-sleeved, then matching it with black
heels and a black little purse.
I quickly took a shower and stepped out in
towels, Walked over to the dressing table and
hurried up with my make up and all.
It was a little makeup tho and soon I was
dressed up and checking the time, it’s
He said 8:30pm.
I went for my phone and just then, a call came
It must be him calling.
I picked it up.
“Hello Miss Adams, am at your house now.” Dr
Campbell voice came in.
“I’ll be right outside now.” I said.
“Alright, im waiting.” he said and the call
I picked up my purse and hurried out.
He was leaning on his car. I locked the door
and walked down to him.
He smiled.
“You look so good Clara.” he said.
First time he called me by my first name.
I smiled, “Thanks. You too.”
He wore a tuxedo, perfect on him with an
eyeglass that fitted his face.
He look great.
“Can we go?” he said.
“Yeah ofcourse.” I said and soon we were on
our way to… okay to where?
We rode for twelve minutes and then he pulled
to a stop at a popular lovers eatery, ‘CUBBIC’
“Here we are.” he said.
We stepped down and walked into the large
He found a table and we sat down.
A waitress came and we made our orders.
“So, we celebrate on the successful surgery on
Mr Row Avantees.” he said as he raised up his
wine glass.
I raised mine, “We celebrate on the successful
surgery on Mr Row Avantees” I said.
“Cheers” we both said together and we
We drank, ate,… and talked.
We talked about our profession, work.
He told he had wanted to be a pilot but after his
mom died when he was ten because the
hospital his dad took her to couldn’t save her
from the sickness she had, he decided to be a
doctor. To save lives, to save his dad’s
whenever he fell sick.
And I told him my mom is a nurse and that was
how I choosed to be a nurse too like my mom,
but my dad, I didn’t know him.. Mom said he
left us, not dead tho, he ran away.
I told him I have a sister who is still in high
He told me he has two younger brothers and a
kid sister.
He asked if the guy he saw is my boyfriend,
and I answered ‘No’.
He smiled and told me he’s single and asked if
I have a boyfriend and I answered ‘Yes’ and
told him how much I love him and went to the
extent of telling him about how we met and what
I was facing when I and Noah met.
Then I noticed his mood changed.
“You know Clara, there would have been a
chance for this man here if there was no Noah.”
Dr Campbell said as he drove me back to my
I inhaled, “I don’t get doctor.”
He smiled, “What I mean Clara is that I love
you and I wanted to ask you out, but now
there’s no chance for me cos you have a
boyfriend.” he said.
I stared at him, not believing it.
“ lo.. love me?” I stammered.
He smiled, “Yeah,”
I swallowed, “Im sorry but I have a boyfriend
that I love so much and he loves me so much
too.” I said.
“I know now. He’s lucky to have a beautiful,
smart and professional nurse like you Clara.”
he said.
I inhaled, “Thanks.”
“So, Clara, the dinner was great with you,” he
said as he pulled to a stop at the front of my
I smiled,“Thanks, goodnight doctor.”
“Goodnight Clara, see you at the hospital
tomorrow.” he said.
I nodded and stepped out of the car and he
drove off.
I breathed out.
“Doctor Tony Campbell professed hid love for
me?” I muttered to myself. Then shook my
head, “Oh my…”
“Hello, Miss nurse goody two heels,..” I gasped
at the voice of Drake behind me.
I turned to see him standing in his pajamas with
his hands behind him.
“How was your dinner with your doctor?” he
asked with an arched brow.
I rolled my eyes, “It was great. Why are you
outside, where you-” he cut me short.
“I was waiting for you.” he said.
“For what? why!” I snapped.
“To carry you to bed like the miss nurse two
goody heels you are.” he said and I frowned.
“Drake just stay clear off me, I need rest. If you
don’t, I do..” I said, turned and walked up to
my door, went in and closed it back.

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