The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 10
**Clara’s POV**
The cab stopped at the front of my No.5
MayMack apartmental and I stepped down, and
handed the cab driver his money then turned
and headed towards my apartment, dragging
my dull self along.
Just then, car lights flashed behind and I
looked behind to see it’s Drake’s car.
I walked up the steps, and searched for the
keys to my door.
Drake’s car had pulled to his apartment and the
lights went off.
I slide the keys into the lock hole, waited for
seconds before turning the key and the door
opened,… I glanced at Drake’s car.
He isn’t out of his car.
Seriously, what’s my business.
I have something very important to worry
Mr Row Avantees surgery which was
successful but he’s still yet to wake up.
I walked in and shut my door.
**Drake’s POV**
I got down and shut the door and walked up to
my door, opened it and shut it close.
Today again, the cops didn’t come for the
The whole bank was expecting them, ready to
speak for themselves but they didn’t come.
I turned towards my bedroom, switching on the
lights, I walked to the bed, sat down, dropped
my briefcase and pulled off my shoes and
layed on my bed.
“Arhh..” I muttered, feeling a pain on my head.
And yeah, I didn’t speak to Clara.. shit. Was
I sat up and undid my ties, then stood up and
walked over to the bathroom where I washed
my face.
Then walked out and headed to the kitchen to
make dinner.
**Clara’s POV**
As I drank the hot coffee while ‘Shania Twain-
From This Moment’ played, many thoughts
raced through my mind.
First was Mr Row’s surgery.. It went
successfully but he haven’t woken up though
Dr Campbell said he should wake up in twelve
or thirteen hours time.
The surgery was completed by 2pm… which
means he would be awake 3 or 4am.
I really pray that he do.
Then my mind raced to Noah.. I love him and I
miss him so much. I can’t wait to see him
again.. be close to him. His father’s business
has really keep us afar for weeks. I can’t wait
for next week to come by.
Then to Drake,.. I thought he’s gonna step out
of his car and come blab his usual talks but he
didn’t. And he didn’t place music today, he
came back early too.
This is serious, what if I just question him about
his change?
Oh whatever!
Oh my God! Louisa, I haven’t spoken to her
since last night that I said I’d call her. So unfair
of me.
My job has taken so much of my time and
strength this two days.
I picked up my phone and dialled her line.
She picked up in two rings.
I smiled, “Oh Louisa dear, im so sorry for not
have called, i’ve been so busy.” I said.
“It’s okay Clara. How are you?” her voice came
in calmly.
“Im fine, what about you and your family?”
“We’re doing fine.. We’ll be leaving back to
France tomorrow. Oh I wish we are in Texas,
would have come visiting, im sorry.” she said.
“Oh wow, your husband is a french?”
“Yeah, he is.”
“Wow.. that is lovely.. I hope to see you soon
Louisa. I’ve missed you.” I said.
“Me too.. what about David. You guys still
together?” she asked.
I smiled as lost mememories flashed back.
“No Louisa. He got married. He got married
before I even got to know. Those months I was
emotinally broken but im happy I got over it with
the help of someone.” I said.
“Wow. who?”
“His name is Noah and we are still together.” I
“Wow.. marriage?” she asked.
I smiled, “Not yet but we would soon get
married.” I said.
“Oh that’s great. I can’t wait to be at your
wedding.” She said and I smiled.
“It would be great Louisa, to see you again
after five good years.” I said.
“Me too. We would surely throw a party.” she
said and I burst into laughter.
“Alright Clara. I was actually packing our
luggages cos our flight was scheduled early by
8am.” she said and I smiled.
“Alright Louisa..take care of yourself and your
beautiful kids, I’ll give you a call tomorrow
night. bye dear.”
“Take care too dearie. Love you, bye Clata.”
“Bye Louisa.”
The call ended and instantly my mind flashed
back to David.
We met at the Adert Medical university where I
He was a nurse student too and we fell inlove
or rather, I fell inlove with him cos he was so
handsome and brilliant.. loving and perfect with
I just fell inlove with him and I thought maybe
he felt same way too when he asked me to give
him a chance and I wasted no time in doing
But after two months of graduation, I found out
he’s three weeks married. He didn’t even tell
me and when he eventually came to tell me, I
slapped him hard on his face before shutting
the door to his face.
Yeahh.. I was still going through my heartbreak
when I met Noah, I met him at the airport.
He helped me out of my heartbreak..
We became so close to each other.
We becam friends, close friends..
He helped stitch back my broken heart. We fell
inlove at the process and he has been the most
loving boyfriend.
I love Noah so much.
My phone began ringing, I checked it and it’s
him. Noah.
I smiled and picked it up, placing it on my ear.
I don’t mind speaking with him for hours.
My alarm awoke me as usual and I yawned,
stretched myself on the bed before rolling out
of bed.
I remembered prayers, and I did a short prayer
before heading out to the bathroom to brush
and bathe, then going to the kitchen to make
breakfast.After which I ate and then went back
to my bedroom to dress up.
My car. I have no other choice, I have to keep
going by cab untill sunday, when I’do have
chance to call up a car mechanic.
Or maybe I just try and see if it’s gonna start.
I slide my feet into my black heels, spread
perfume and carried my bag, picked my phone
and dropped it into my bag, then my car keys.
I switched off the lights and walked out to the
sitting-room, then switched the sitting-room
lights too before walking outdoor to see Drake
standing at the doorstep, dressed up for work.
He did his lopsided smile and I didn’t know why
I chuckled.
“Hello Miss nurse goody two heels.” he said
and I narrowed my eyes with a slight frown.
“What does that mean?”
He shrugged, “What don’t you understand
there? is it the miss nurse? or the goody two
heels?” he asked and I almost punched him.
He smiled seeing that it annoyed me.
“Excuse me Drake, if you ain’t serious with
your work then im serious with mine.” I said.
He shrugged, “Yeah that’s right cos If I am
serious with mine, I wouldn’t be standing here,
right?” he asked.
“Yes!” I snapped.
“Yeah.. that’s because im more serious about
you.” he said and I stared confusely at him.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that you are very important to me
Clara, can’t you see? nop, why? cos you’re so
stubborn to see.” he said.
“Drake, you are delaying me.” I said.
“Oh, lock your day. I have a suprise for you.”
he said and I rolled my eyes.
I locked my door and turned to him,“Now?”
“To my car, lemme give you a ride to your work
place, I know your car got broken down.” he
said and I got quite suprised.
That’s like being a helper.
What do I say? Should I give in?
This guy can be so unpredictable.
I gazed at him and he arched his brow, then
chuckled, “Quit standing and come on, time is
going Clara. Im a banker, bankers go early to
work to count money. ” he said with a smirk.
“Im a nurse, we endeavour to be early at the
hospital to help save lives.” I said.
“Oh, you know you can’t save the lives without
you guys being paid a huge amount of money.
Don’t talk like you are saving the lives for free.”
he said and I almost felt to hit him and walk
away from his damn car.
“My job is better than yours no matter what you
say, Bankers use money to steal money but we
get money to save lives.” I said as I entered
into his car.
He did too, turning on the car engine, “We
don’t steal miss nurse goody two heels. We
give money to get money, we save people’s
money, then they hand you guys the money for
you to save their life.. if we don’t save their
money, how would you get the money to save
their life?” he said as he drove off.
“You are talking trash Drake. If those lives ain’t
saved, how would you get the money to save in
your so called bank.” I said.
“You ain’t the one who gave life, have you
forgotten? Well I ain’t suprised because you
guys seem not to believe in God.” he said with
a smirk smile.
“Oh Drake, forming the christain guy,You might
believe in God but you ain’t close to him” I
threw back.
“Oh wow, at least I believe in God.” he said,
clapping his hands.
I widened my eyes, “Drake a car’s coming. Are
you serious!!” I yelled.
His hands went back to the starring as he
drove pass the car, speeding off and bursted
into laughter.
“If you are gonna drive this way then drop me
off here Drake, now!” I barked and he laughed
and slowed down
“Those who save lives ain’t supposed to be
scared of death.” he said and I almost punched
“You are crazy Drake!” I seethe.
“I know Clara. That’s because you are here
with me, in my car.” he said.
“It’s just cos of one thing.”
“Your car’s faulty.”
“I know but it’s so lovely to have you here in my
“That’s the hospital there. GraAvantees.” I
“Ofcourse I knew GraAvantees before you did.”
“Who told you?”
“Myself, so here we are.” he said and pulled to
the gates of GraAvantees Hospital.
My hand went for the door.
“No thank you?” he asked.
I smiled. “Thanks Drake, I appreciate the awful
ride but thank God, I got to Gravantees, bye.” I
said, and opened the door to get down but then
I felt his hand on my arm, I looked at him and
his brown lovely eyes stared into mine..
I inhaled, “What’s that Drake?”
“You can’t say my ride was awful.” he said.
“It was ofcourse.” I said.
He chuckled then let go of my hand.
“Have a nice day Miss nurse good two heels.”
he said and I got down, and shut the door.
He drove away.
I breathed out.
I turned and headed into the hospital premises
then to the inside building were I was met with
smiling faces of every doctor and nurse
including Matron Gracia and nurse Johanna
though doctor Campbell wasn’t among.
I stared at them.
“Well Nurse Clara Adams, you did a very great
job with Dr Campbell..” Nurse Matron began.
My thought instantly went to Mr Row
Avantees’s surgery.
My heart began beating fast.
“…The surgery wasn’t only successful but Mr
Row Avantees is awake.” she announced and I
smiled widely with every relief that came with it.
Applauses began, including few patients who
were there, when it died down…
She stepped closer to me with a warm smile,
“You’ve saved us all. We are grateful. Dr
Campbell confessed that you were his courage
before the surgery and all through the surgery
even after it was completed.” she said.
I smiled, feeling so honored.
“Thanks Matron Gracia and thanks everyone.
Im happy that Mr Row is awake now, we should
thank God mostly.” I said and they all nodded
in smiles.
“Sir Edwardo and Dr. Campbell would wants to
see you now. Go on. They are at Mr Row’s
room.” she said and with smiles, I walked
towards the elevator.
I got to floor 3 and headed to room 203, and
opening the door, The two turned to me.
Sir Edwardo and Dr Campbell.
“Please step close Nurse Adams.” Sir Edwardo
said and I did.
My eyes fell on Mr Row, he was awake and a
small smile appeared on his lips.
“You and Dr Campbell did a very great work
here. Im speechless.” he said and stretched
out his hand for a handshake and I stretched
out mine too and we shook hands.
“Thanks Sir. Im greatly honored.” I said with a
We withdrew hands and I turned to Campbell
with a smile.
He smiled too.
It was a job well done.
# Hours later:
(In Dr Campbell’s office)
We stood staring at each other.
I wonder why he refused sitting when he
walked into his office, rather he turned and
faced me, his hands in his labcoat pockets.
“So this calls for a celebration right?”he asked
with a smile.
I smiled, “Yes it do.”
“Are you free tonight?” he asked.
“Uhmm yeah.” I said.
“Great. We should go somewhere and
celebrate this. Like a dinner.” he said with a
I inhaled, “Where actually?”
“Any cool place, maybe an eatery or bar.” he
I smiled, “Alright.”
“Can we make it by 8:30pm?”
“Where should I come pick you? your house
“No 5 MayMack Apartmental.”
He smiled, “Alright. We gotta celebrate this.”
I smiled, “Yes doctor.”
Awwwn.. I love this chapter.
Drake gave Clara a ride to work and they had a
little playful tiff on the way.
Now Dr Campbell and Clara are going for a
dinner to celebrate their surgery success.
Im wondering what’s gonna happen on the
next chapt.

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