The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 8
**Drake’s POV**
As I drove home from work, my mind pondered
about Franco’s arrest.. I was scared about the
cops coming for me cos somehow, someway, I
was at the club with Franco and we talk quite
lot at work.
The Manager had announced that the police
would be coming to the bank for investigation
anytime. We should be ready to defend
ourselves and the company.
“Damn!” I hit my fist on the steering.
No more clubbing for now.
I’ll have to fix myself.
I got home and pulled to my apartment, taking
my bag and car keys, I got down and closed
the door.
Im home so early today.
I met the Rogers outside their apartment and
Im sure they were staring at me wondering why
Im home so early.
Well they wouldn’t understand.
Clara isn’t home yet.
I walked into my living-room, switching on the
I looked aroud before heading to my bedroom
where I switched on the lights,.dropped my
bag, took off my shoes and the suit and walked
to the bathroom. Splashing water as I stared at
my self..
My face wet.
I tried hard to end my fear.
**Clara’s POV**
“Arghh arghh.. today had been a one hell of a
stressful dayy.” I muttered as I came down
from my car, and headed towards my door
What? Drake is home?
Really? seriously. I couln’t believe it.
First, last night, he played no music and today,
he was back early and no music playing as
Wow…He must recieve an applause for this.
I walked in and switching the lights on, went
straight to my bedroom.
Dropped my bag and the files I have to go
through this night on my bed and took off my
I checked the time, ‘8:30pm’
I walked to the bathroom and splashed water
on my face as I stared at my dull eyes.
Today was a stressful day.
After Dr Campbell and I were done reading Mr
Row Avantees health record. We found out he
has a lung cancer which is caused by his hard
drugging and smoking.
But no one knew except Dr Wendy and Dr
Carlos from Stelliford Hospital who treats him
secretly.. It was a secret between him and the
two doctors.
but seriously? why would such a bad health
condition be a secret between three people?
Now, Mr Row condition had gotten critical and
the Stelliford hospital wants to treat him but Dr
Edwardo Avanteee wants him to be treated in
his hospital putting every hope on Dr Campbell.
The Stellifords are stating that they are the only
doctors who can save Mr Row but Dr Edwardo
want’s to prove them all wrong. He’s trusting
that Dr Campbell would save his brother.
Dr Campbell and every other GraAvantees
doctor including I, our Job is at risk if we don’t
save Mr Row.
Doctor Campbell and I had to go to Stelliford to
request for the complete health record of Mr
Row to find out the outlune dates he was
treated. How many times and in what hour.
They hands us the records after we had to
spend hours talking to them to release the
Those are the records with me and Dr
Campbell goes with two and me with one.
I pulled off my dress to take a cold shower.
That would cool me off.
I have to stay awake for hours tonight, reading
and recording every single thing written down in
that files.
Soon I was done and I walked out and goes to
my Wardrobe for pajamas. I picked yellow and
pulled on, then ponytailed my hair, slipped my
feet into my flops then pick up my phone and
walked out over to the living room and played
shania twain track this time, ‘You’re still The
One’ came playing, and I walked to the kitchen
to make dinner.
As I made my eggs sauce and sandwich, I had
to wonder why Drake wasn’t playing music
tonight again just like yesterday.
Is he suddenly changing?
The Rogers said he had never came home
without playing loud music.
But anyways, im so grateful that he isn’t.
I could read the record tonight.
Noah.. im gonna call him after eating.
And minutes later after eating and cleaning the
dishes, I walked back to my bedroom, layed
down and made a call to Noah.
We could just talk for two minutes.
**Noah’s POV**
“…See Mr Fernado Jones, Are you just sitting
there smoking when the police have found out
about our operation and is searching the whole
world for us? huh!” I yelled, hitting my fist on
the table as my dad was relaxed on the seat,
smoking and drinking with two girls in short
black strapless dress and heels standing
beside him and are massaging his shoulders.
He smiled as he puffs out smoke from his
mouth and nose.
“Son, why are you frightened about this. Blacks
said it was two men from the lowest level, they
can’t reach to the top. Blacks and his crew are
gonna settle them,.. Money solves it all” he
said with a lopsisded smile
“You have predict the police of the America.
They could be serious this time.” I said.
“We are in Africa. Relax soon.” Then his phone
clicks and the lady by the left hands it to him.
He places it on his ear.
He smiles.
“Meet me at Derreign in two hours.” he said
and ends the call.
Then smiled at me, “export successful, cash
complete.” he announces and I smiled.
“Money money money..” I sang.
“Yes money.” he follows.
My phone rings.
“No noise.” I ordered and picks up.
“Baaby, how are you doing?” I spoke first,
sounding very soft.
“Im fine sweetie, thought about you, so I had to
call you.” she said.
I smiled, “That is so sweet of you baby.. I can’t
wait to see you and have you in my arms
again..” I said..
“Next week right? which day should I
anticipate. I’ve missed you.” she asked.
I glanced at my dad who puffed out smoke.
“I’ll let you know baby.” I said.
“Oh alright. I had a stressful day and im about
having three hours night reading, going through
a health record and some other files. It’s not
easy.” she said.
“Sorry baby, just be careful and take care of
your beautiful self okay?” I saod.
“I wil. I love you Noah..”
“I love you more baby, kisees, muah.”
She giggles, “C’mon give me my own kiss too.
Don’t be selfish baby.” I said and glanced at
my dad who smiled.
“Ahh.. ofcourse, I will give you your own kiss,
muah.. love you dearly.” she said.
“Love you more baby, bye.” I said.
The call ended.
“You know,..” my dad said as he takes the
glass of wine on the table, “.. I told you not to
fall inlove with any girl Noah cos this business
you are in do not deserve such but you
wouldn’t fucking listen to me, your father.”
I recalled him telling me severally about it but I
can’t leave Clara.
I love her very much.
“…don’t mess this operation that i’ve built for
years son. If you wanna date, date people that
is into this business, not some white shoes
nurse. ” he said.
“I love Clara dad… I’ve been handling it.” I
He sipped from the glass, “Be cautious son.”
I pushed my hair backward as thoughts of
Clara ran through my mind.
I’ve lied so many times to Clara.
Im still lying right now and im gonna still lie to
her in the future.
I wish we never met cos I fell inlove with her
immediately that she walked pass me and I
couldn’t help not making her my girlfriend even
though my dad disapproved that due to the
business and the rules.
But I could’nt stop my feelings.
I love Clara and im afraid to know that if the
police doesn’t stop their investigations and
arrest, then i’ll have to stay back here till the
investigation dies away and a lot more which I
don’t want at all.
I miss Clara so much.
Now you all have read Noah’s POV…
Who do you think is better now, Drake or

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