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My Indoor Holiday
Written by Rejoice
Chapter 9 (Finale)
Isa’s POV
She got to me and slapped me hard accross
the face.
I winced in pain.
She tore the colar of my dress and smiled at
something on my neck.
What’s that?
The necklace dad told me never to wear off?
Does it have anything to do with the crystal?
“There you are, little crystal. You are mine
now!” she said but as she tried to grab it, blue
sparkling light shone from the necklace and
ascended on her face.
She screamed out, staggered back and fell
I gasped.
The light faded back, just then the magic
locked handcuffs which held my hands
loosened and I fell down, breathing hard.
The glass cage holding Henry broke down and
melted away.
He fell down.
“Henry!” I called and was struggling to my feet
when the long door flung open and aunt Kiki,
with the police men and Elizabeth in handcuff
came in.
“Isa.” aunt Kiki called and rushed to me,
hugging me.
“Henry.” I said weakly.
“Yes yes.” she said and helped me to my feet.
“Where is he?” she asked.
“Over there.” I said, and pointed at him.
I rushed with my last strength to Henry.
The police stared at me with confused eyes.
I know they don’t see him nor do aunt Kiki.
“Henry” I called but he wasn’t responding.
“Take off the smoke and the fire.” Elizabeth
aunt Kiki rushed forward to do that but
Elizabeth halted her.
“Don’t! she’s the only one that could touch
that.” she said.
I rushed to the pot and put off the fire and the
smoke stopped then I dragged the pot far
“His spirit will wake up now.” Elizabeth said
and just then, Henry opened his eyes.
“Henry!” I called and rushed to him, hugging
He’s so cold but I didn’t mind.
I didn’t mind the stares from the police men.
“Isabel.” he called.
“Henryyy” I called excitedly.
“Thank you.” he said.
“Not yet till you are back to your body.” I said.
He smiled.
I looked at Elizabeth, “Take us to his body, to
my cousin and every single soul you are
holding captive.”
“My sister is dead.” she said.
“She’s the only one who can unbid the cast she
placed on them.”
I glanced at her sister who layed dead on the
floor, then back at Elizabeth
“I have the crystal!” I said.
“It won’t unbid the spell.” Elizabeth said.
“It will!” I said.
Henry grabbed my hand “Are you sure you
“You wanted me to. I can’t give up when we
have won already.” I said and made to carry
“No, im fine. Though im gonna be light in your
hands but you are weak.” he said.
“What of your ghost powers?” I asked.
“I don’t think I can have them again but im sure
I can disappear.” he said.
I nodded and stood up.
He did too.
“Take us.” I said to Elizabeth.
She walked ahead with two police men by her
“Go through the walls.” she said and
immediately went through it.
The police men backed away.
“Go!” I said and one shrugged and did. He
went through.
The second did, followed by I, Henry, aunt Kiki
and the three other police men.
We found ourselves in a large room like
With lined up glass cage and in these cages
were bodies, each body in one.
“My mom. My dad.” Henry said immediately.
“Regina!” aunt Kiki shouted.
I scanned but there was no Henry’s body
among.. others, we do not know.
“Where is my body, I can feel it.” Henry said.
“Where is Henry’s body!” I asked Elizabeth.
“This way” she said and began walking pass
the glass cages.
We followed her along and soon she got to a
larger glass cage, tall up to the roof.
And in there was his body.
“My sister is the only one who can unbid the
spell, break the cage for his spirit to get back in
but she is dead now..” Elizabeth said.
“There must be a way to do this.” I said.
“No other way.” she said.
I walked towards the cage and pulled off the
I then strectched the locket towards the cage
hoping some magic will happen but nothing
I repeated it but it wasn’t doing anything.
“It’s not working.” I said sadly.
“I told you.” Elizabeth said.
I tried it again but it still didn’t perform any
I sighed with tear drops from my eyes.
I need to do this.
There must be away out of this.
This crystal should work.
“I feel something bad coming Isa!” Henry said.
I glanced at him and he appeared scared.
“Do this Isa! do it again. Focus is the key I
think. Do it Isa! I think Juliet is coming! she’s
alive.” he said and my heart jumped.
I glanced at Elizabeth and I could see a wicked
smile appearing on her face.
“She’s lying. I think this crystal can do this!
stay focused. Do it Isabel. I feel juliet close
now!” Henry said.
I breathed in and closed my eyes and turned to
the cage.
”Stay focused.
stay focused Isabel.
What I wish is for this cages to open!
What I wish is to end the evils of the
What I wish is to make magic from this crystal.
Stay focused Isabel… focus.”
The voice within me continued till it faded and I
found myself in a large dark tunnel, fighting
with fire. Im the water and ice.
The fighting continued and soon we began
strong enchantments..
“A la a se ti enn ve.. fi ma le ku az! Dra ye re
The gravity of strength within me was too
strong and soon Fire was becoming weak.
But she wasn’t quiting!!
My strength began fading but I kept fighting,
blocking every ball of fire that is thrown to me
with ice and water!
With my last strength I kept fighting.
Soon, she became too weak.. Her flames
becoming smaller and delaying.
I molded the last block of ice and with the last
strong spell and my last strength I threw it hard
to her and she screamed and fell down.
Her face appeared.
Juliet Holloways… she melted away with the
I lost my strength finally and with a fulfilled
smile, I fell down and passed out.
A hard slap on my leg sent me waking from my
I rubbed my eyes with bewilderment, staring
from Katy to Ariana.
Then at the room.
It’s mine. My bedroom in my dad’s house.
Wait a second, Im in Chicago and not New
No.. where is aunt Kiki? Henry?
“Why staring at us this way Isa? aren’t you
going for the Sunmay beach holiday anymore!!”
Katy yelled.
I blinked.
“But.. I was in aunt Kiki’s house. My dad forced
me to go there.” I said, not understanding the
whole thing.
Arianna laughed.
“Oh silly! you must have been dreaming all
through the night. Come on get up! Your dad is
taking us in his limousin. We must not be late!”
Arianna said.
I raised my brows, “my dad?”
They nodded “Oh yes”
I sighed.
Was I dreaming all this while?
What’s really happening!
The holiday haven’t even started and dad is the
one taking us to sunmay when he forced me to
go to New york.
What about Henry? what happened!
Im so confused.
“Come on Isa, get up.” Katy said and dragged
me up from the bed.
just then Jo, my maid rushed in, grinning.
“What the heck! don’t you have manners!” Katy
yelled at her.
“Im sorry.” she said then turned to me with
smiles, “Isa, the News just announced that
your since lost cousin had been found!” she
said and I gasped.
“Regina! She’s been found!” she said.
“Oh my!” I gasped.
“Woah!” Katy said.
“Your dad is dancing downstairs.” she said.
“Oh em geee! I need to see.” Katy laughed
and rushed out followed by Arianna.
I looked at Jo and her smile faded at seeing the
way I stared confusely at her.
“I think it was all a dream Jo.” I said.
“What dream?” she asked.
I sighed, stood up and walked out

Coming downstairs, I saw dad and the girls
That made me laugh.
He smiled at seeing me.
“Oh Isa, you can’t believe your cousin sister
had been found!” he said.
“I do.” I said.
Just then the doorbell rang.
Jo went for it and opening the door, a guy in
tuxedo suit appeared.
“Ohh Sir, the son of Sir Fred Leone is here.
Come in sir.” Jo said.
He walked in and I gasped when I saw him.
“Henry!!” I screamed and rushed to him,
hugging him.
“Excuse me?” he said and I raised my brows.
“You know me?” he asked.
I moved back.
No no no.. this is not happening.
“Isa, do you know him?” Dad asked.
I swallowed, “he was part of my dream.” I said.
“Part of your dream?” they all chorused.
“Yes part of my dream.” I said.
“Regina was part of my dream too.”
“Then tell us this dream.” Dad said.
“I will.” I said.
All right reserved© 2019
Written and published by Author Rejoice

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