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The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 7

**Drake’s POV**
“Bingggggggg…” My alarm sent loud annoying
sounds into my ears, waking me up from my
I slapped it off and it fell off the bedside table to
the floor.
I tossed to the other end of the bed and rubbed
the side of my head. “Arghh..” I groaned,
feeling the head-ache.
Tossing to the centre, events of last night came
flashing back.
Damn! they were cops!
They caught Franco. Damn.
I rolled off the duvet on my body and sat up
from the bed, dropping my feet on the floor as I
picked up my phone from the bedside table and
the time is, “7:40am.”
I dropped back my phone, then remembering
something, I took it and blocked Franco’s
Why im I scared? Not like I’ve got anything
with the business but Franco’s arrest could
cause lots of things.
I got up and walked out to the kitchen to make
breakfast. My mind not going away from last
~I was coming back from talking with Bill, one
of the steady comers in NIGHTSHADE when I
sighted the three men.
They weren’t uniformed. No one could suspect
they were the police.
I stood where I was and kept my eyes on them
as they stylishy searched about and my instinct
told me they were searching for someone.
Soon, they begaj coming towards where
Franco and the girls sat.
I moved back a bit and wondered why they are
heading thereand also if I was the only one
seeing this.
They had glass of wine each and then they
stopped in front of Franco and the taller man
moved forward to Franco with a friendly smile.
He began talking with Franco and the two
others smiled along .. then in seconds his glass
of wine wasn’t in his hand any longer and he
brought out an ID from his shirt pocket and
displayed it on Franco’s face with a changed
And wicked.
The cops! the cops!
I hurried away, passing crowd of dancers.
I guessed when I was already in my car and
revising to speed off, others had noticed and
was rushing out, escaping arrest.
I speed off.~
I breathed out as I took the coffee and toasted
bread to the breakfsst bar and settled down to
I told Franco to keep away from this bad ass
It only get you down when you least expect.
My mind wasn’t very at rest. I felt they are
coming for me even though I ain’t involved in
the business.
I ate slowly, not minding the time.
Just as I was washing the dishes my door bell
rang and I went for it after dropping the dishes
in the drainboard.
Opening the door, it was Gina.
She put on a sweet smile.
“Hey Drake.” she called, smiling.
“Gina. How’re you doing?”
“Im good. I was kinda curious about last night.
I heard no music.” she said, staring at me.
I inhaled, “Didn’t felt like playing that last
night.” I said.
She shrugged, “Alright, how was your night?”
she asked.
“It was fine, and yours?”
“Twas fine too. I’ve gotta go prepare for
school.” she said.
“Alright.” I said, moving in but she came
forward and placed her lips on mine.
Pulling back, she smiled and walked off.
I brieftly stared at her before shutting my door.
**Clara’s POV**
My Pizza was delivered in ten minutes and I
handed the delivery-lady her money and took
the pizza pack.
“Thanks.” I said.
“Thanks ma’am.” she said and walked off.
For the third time, I glanced at Drake’s
apartment and saw his car parked in there.
That was the first thing I did when I woke up
this morning, going out to see if he’s home. I
found his car and I couldn’t believe how
relieved I felt at that moment. It suprised me.
Everything did. My actions last night and this
Then after going back in and ordering Pizza,
then coming out to collect my delivery, I had to
glance again and now again.
I breathed out before going in and closing the
Serving the breakfast at the dinning, I settled
down to eat.
Soon I was done eating and I moved to the
kitchen to wash the dishes and move to the
bedroom ensuite to bathe.
My phone began ringing in the bedroom but I
was still bathing.
Soon, I stepped out in towels.
I picked up my phone which lay on the bed and
it was an unsaved phone number.
I moved to the dressing-table and sat down on
the chair, dropping my phone on the table and
taking my boy-creams.
Soon, the phone began ringing again.
The same number.
I picked it up, placing it on my left ear.
A female voice came on.
“Hello Clara.”
I tried thinking out the person. The voice sound
familiar, a lot.
Wait, this can’t be Louisa right?
“Hello Clara, I know you don’t remember me
anymore. It’s Louisa.” she said and I gasped.
“Oh my God! Louisa! How on earth did you get
my number? oh my world! it’s been ages.” I
said, feeling so excited.
“I met your mom.. I was so happy to meet her,
and she gave me your phone number.” she
said with so much excitement in her voice.
“Oh wait Louisa, are you in Florida right now?” I
“Yes I am.”
“Oh wow! how’s your husband and your kids?”
I asked.
“Oh Clara, it’s a long story. Mark and I are
divorced two years now and im married to a
better man.” she said.
I raised my brows in bewilderement, “Wow I
can’t believe it, but anyways, how’s your new
home?” I asked, not wanting to jump into the
question of what happened between her and
“We are doing awesomely great Clara and I
have another child, a boy now, for him. ” she
“Oh great. Im preparing for work right now. I
was promoted to a higher hospital here in
Texas.” I said.
“Wow, congratulations and one of these days,
I’ll come to see you Clara. I’ve missed our
school days.” she said.
“Me too Louisa.” I smiled.
“Alright bye for now Clara. Im gonna call you
some other time.” she said.
“Im definitely gonna call you this night Louisa.”
I said and we laughed together.
“Bye Louisa.”
“Bye Clara.”
The call ended and I saved her number.
“Oh my God, Louisa.” After high school, she
left with her parents and we just lost contacts.
She was one my three bestfriends in high
I wonder if she achieved her dream of
becoming a nurse just like I did.
“I’ll ask her all this tonight. For now, I have to
hurry up and leave for GraAvantees.” I said
and hurried up with my dressing.
My heels clap-clipped loudly as I hurried to the
door. I have just few minutes to be at work.
I opened the door only to see Drake, dressed
in black work suits which suprised me.
His right hand hung in the air towads the
doorbell button like he was about pressing the
it when I opened the door.
He smiled more bringing down his hand and
sliding the both into his pockets.
“So I thought you’do leave for work before
now.” he said and I just came out with him
shifting away for me to lock tje door and I did.
I then turned to him.
“Then I didn’t today, so?” I threw arrogantly.
He shrugged, “Nothing”
I took a step to walk down the few steps but
then stopped on a thought and turned to him.
“Im a nurse, what are you?” I asked.
He smiled and getting out his occupation ID
from his trouser pocket ad waved it at my face.
“A banker.” he said.
I stared in astonishment.
“Banker?” I asked, not believing it.
“Yeah, read that on the ID duh.” he said.
Well, he’s right.
“You don’t seem like one. You don’t adapt to
the ways of a banker.” I said and he shrugged
with his annoying lopsided smile.
“If you say so, nurse are doubters.” he said.
I rolled my eyes, “Did I doubt your occupation?
stop talking what you don’t know.” I said and
finallly walked down the steps to my car.
“Okay bye Clara.” he said.
I entered my car and drove off.
I can’t believe it tho. Drake a banker?
But well, it is. He’s a banker.
So not fitting for an asshole like him.
How did he even manage to become that?
I pulled to the parking-lot and got down,
shutting the door.
Getting into the hospital, I was first greeted by
Matron Gracia.
“Hello Matron, goodmorning.” I greeted.
“Goodmorning nurse Clara. Hurry up, Dr
Campbell want to see you in his office, he’s
been waiting. You came quite late.” she said.
“Oh im sorry Matron.” I said and hurried to the
elevator to the third floor.
Opening the office door, Dr Campbell was
sitting on his desk, flipping through files I
noticed to be health records.
“Im.. im sorry doctor, for arriving late.”
He looked up and his eyes fell on mine.
He looked back on to the records.
“Alright Nurse Adams,” he called getting up.
“Hurry up, we have an emergency. Mr Row
Avantees was brought here this morning. He
needs to undergo a heart sugery in 48 hours.
We musn’t do mistakes. Come over and read
this health records with me.” he said.
I drew close to the books.
“Who is Row Avantees.” for if Im sure the
owner of this hospital doesn’t bear Row but
Edwardo but the surname are the same.
“Dr. Edwardo’s brother. The hospital would be
in a big mess if we don’t save Mr Row. My
profession will be at great risk and yours too.”
he said.
I swallowed.

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