The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 5
**Drake’s POV**
She shut the damn door
Great..still proving stubborn.
*I turned and headed to my apartment.
Okay, there standing at my door was Kira,
hands crossed with a smile.
I walked up to the door porch and she stood at
my front.
“Can’t you just stop frolicking with every lady
you come accross. Drake!” she said.
Oh woah! really?
I arched my brow, “So?”
“I am your girlfriend Drake and I deserve some
act of respect from you, you should know that.”
she said.
I chuckled.
“C’mon Kira, you know you are nothing to me
at all.. Just a neighbour. Next door neighbour.”
I said with a lopsided smile.
She gasped, then chuckled.
“You are one kind of unserious guy Drake and
you know that.” she said.
“Okay, out of the way.” I said.
“Oh not yet, you gonna tell me why you had
sex with my sister.” she said.
I stared briefly at her lips then shrugged with a
“We can’t talk about that here, come in okay?”
I said.
She chuckled, “And you thought I wasn’t
gonna find out huh? you thought so.”
“Oh whatever.” I rolled my eyes.
“Arghh..Im going in to sleep Kira.” I said and
shifted her outta the way.
“Drake, You’re not sleeping till you explain to
me why you had sex with Gina. You’re such a
flirt Drake, gosh..” she talked on, following
behind me.
“…Drake im talking to you and you’re walking
away. I want some explanation.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, breathed out and stopped and
turned to her.
She was fuming.
“Drake, why can’t I be the only girl you have.
You so annoying! It was my sister, now it’s the
new neighbour. You such a pervert.” she said.
I smiled, coming closer to her.
She crossed her arms.
I bit my lips, and looked into her eyes, “Babe,
it’s you I love so much. C’mon.” I said.
“..but you are–” I cut her short with a kiss.
Okay, actually, Kira is my girlfriend. nop, not
I wanted to get her and she was proving kinda
She said only if she would be my girlfriend and
well, I asked her to be my girlfriend and yeap.
She let me kiss her and I moved my hands for
her top and she moved hers to mine.
Now, I think this is what she want and im gonna
give it to her.
A moan from her as my hands traced to her
boobs… then the doorbell ring.
Who the fuck is that?
I moved back from Kira and went for the door
as she headed to my bedroom.
I opened the door and it’s Gina.
She had a smile.. or maybe an angry one.
“Hey Drake.” she said.
“Gina,” I said, checking out her cleavage in
that singlet she wore.
What are you looking at?” she asked, bitting
her bottom lip.
I smiled, “C’mon. You know what im looking at”
She smiled.
“Alright, I know my sister is in there. Just let her
know that dad is home. This is 6:30pm.” she
“uhmm, right.” I said.
She smiled, came closer and kissed me before
going off.
Oh..what if Kira saw that.
“Drake.” Kira called from inside.
I shut the door and went in.
She had wore back her top.
“I know that was my sister.” she said.
“Yeah,.” I said.
“Oh she came to.”
“She said your dad is home.” I said and she
“Ohh that’s true. See you later boyfrienddd”
she said and kissed me, then ran off, slamming
the door.
“Ouhhhh!” I sat down and got my phone.
A text message.
From Franco.
I rolled my eyes.
Tis dude won’t get it. what the fuck!!
+++ Drake,
This business is worth so much millons, think
about it., You can’t miss it.
Give me feedback in two days.+++
Oh.. damn. What the hell is wrong with this
Im so gonna pull his head off if he talk about
this business again to me.
I checked the time..
Yeah. I have to be at the club.
Oh that’s right.
The dinner..
Soon, I was dressed and headed to Clara’a
Ringing the doorbell twice, the door was
opened to reveal Clara in her pajamas.
“Oh great, I know the stubborn Nurse won’t
accept to go on a dinner with such a handsome
guy like me. Too stubborn.” I said with a
lopsided smile.
She rolled her eyes, “Thank God that you know
that, cos your handsomeness doesn’t move me
in just this few days i’ve been here.. So please
if you could excuse me, I was watching an
interesting movie.” she said.
I smiled, “No movie is more interesting than I..
you should know that.”
She rolled her eyes and shut the door to my
For the second time.
Alright, I’ll just go to the club then.
I turned and headed to my car, playing ‘Drake,-
I drove off.
*Clara’s POV*
Arghh! this guy’s such a punk!
Where did he came from anyways?
No movie is more interesting than him.
Arghhh… such an asshole.
My phone began ringing.
I smiled as I saw the caller’s name.
“Hello bae.” he said immediately I picked the
I smiled, “Hey sweetie,”
“How’re you doing baby?”
“Im doing great. And you?”
“Im fine, but you know how much Im missing
you honey.”
“I miss you too Noah. I can’t wait to see you.” I
“Me too sweetie. I miss you so damn much.” he
“When you are coming back Noah?”
“In a week time. I promise.”
I sighed, “I hope so Noah. I miss you.”
“I miss you more baby.”


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