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The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 4
**Clara’s POV**
My ears are going blocks!
Jesus Christ.. what the hell is wrong with that
What sort of crazy being is that?
I’ve heard enough!
I stormed out of my room with my phone and
out of my apartment to his. Looking over, I saw
Mrs Rogers staring at me from her door porch.
I sighed, turned to Drake’s door porch and
pressed the doorbell and waited with my hands
In a minute, the door was opened to reveal
the.. this crazy weirdo! giving me a lopsided
smile which seem a mocking smile to me.
“If you do not want me to call the cops on you,
go back in and turn down that crazy music!” I
His smile turned into a wide laugh, I watched
him with so much anger.
I felt like piercing a knife into his neck.
“Oh c’mon Clara sweets, don’t waste your time
on that, you should come in and let’s rock the
music.” he said with a wink and now with the
heat of anger boiling in me, I felt like cutting his
He stopped laughing and raised his brow with a
lick of his bottom lips.
“And damn, she still look so beautiful even
when her face is this way.” he said and did his
face in a funny way.
Wait… did that just made me chuckle?
Okay that was funny but this is not a joke. The
music is still on.
“Gosh.. she just smiled.” he said.
I rolled my eyes, “Who smiled?. You are so
crazy. Im giving you the last warning, if you
don’t turn off those music im calling the cops..”
I said.
He gave me a brief stare, then shrugged and
slammed the door shut.. to my face.
Okay, did that just happened?
Very good. Im calling the cops.
I took out my phone to make the call and just
as I was about dialling ‘9 – 1..’ the loud music
I breathed out..
Thought he’s not scared of the cops.
His door opened and he stood at the door,
smiling with his right holding on the doorknob.
I rolled my eyes.
“This is the way an apartmental house should
be.. Quiet. If you need to be crazy at all times,
get your house.” I seethe.
He chuckled and then licked his bottom lip
I turned to leave.
“one reason why I don’t like nurses.” he said
causing me to stop.
I so dearly wanted to know that reason but I
couldn’t bring myself to ask such stupid
question, I continued my walk to my apartment,
without looking back.
Good thing he stopped the music, I could now
take some nap.
I walked to my bedroom and fell on my bed,
clicking on my phone screen.
My picture with Noah appeared on my
I dialled Noah’s line to talk with him.. It rang but
he didn’t pick up.
I dialled his line once more and it still wasn’t
I dropped my phone, rubbed my palm on my
“Maybe he’s busy.” I muttered before closing
my eyes for a sleep.
*Drake’s POV*
Okay, I can’t think straight.
I just met this Clara today… why im I so
freaking thinking about her?
And the fact that she’s my next doo neighbour
makes me go nuts.
She’s so damn hot! with such a beautiful face
and skin.
I rested my back on the couch backrest as I
pushed my hair back.
This feeling is so crazy. The feeling to have her
on me.
The feeling to have s*x with her and dump her
What do she feel like anyways?
She should be tripping for me.
“Argh.. Im gonna get her.” I muttered.
I get whatever that I want.
But she’s so beautiful. shit! what a neighbour.
She’s pretty stubborn. Yeah,.
But im gonna get her.
Fuck her.
My phone rang.
I took it. Franco.
Shit!! Im supposed to meet with Franco this
Damn! I forgot.
I picked up the call, placing the phone to my
“Drake man, im at Creth already, you coming
“Yeah man, be there in thirty minutes.” I said.
“Woah! what ya been doing? fucking some
hoes right? I know that.” he said, followed by a
quick laughter.
“Come on, I’ll be there soon.” I said and
dropped the call, then rushed to my bedroom.
Pulling into a black jeans and white shirt, a red
sneakers and red face-cap.
Fixing my wrist-watch after, spreading some
cologne then picking my phone and my car
I rushed off, shutting the door and out to my
car, getting in and driving off, hoping that punk
Clara did see me leaving.
Maybe she’s peeping from her window.
She’s so beautiful.. She’s hot.
Soon she’s gonna be on my bed, screaming
my name as I spank her ass..
Im sure she’s tripping for me but just
Fuck her to think im not gonna see that body of
I took an elevator to the third floor and over to
room 302.
Gently knocking twice, the door opened and
Franco smiled, leaving the door for me to come
“Hey man.” I said.
Franco is a close colleague at work and we are
close. Just close not much.
He said he wanna tell me about something I
got no idea what that is but im gonna know
I sat down on the single sofa facing the bed
while he sat on the bed, and popping open a
I took one glass of wine and sipped. crossing
my leg over the other.
“You keep looking hot Drake.. I love that cap.”
he said and I gave him a wink.
He laughed, “Yeah, that one kills them girls..”
I breathed. “So why are we here?” I asked.
He smiled, “A business is around that we
gonna make millions…”
“Licit or illicit?” I asked.
He paused for awhile before breathing
I shook my head, “Ohhh I told you Franco that
I don’t do illicit businesses. Im okay with what
the company pays me.” I said.
“Come on Drake. You fit this job. It’s so easy.
Get the stuff, take it to the man and get your
dollars, it’s done.” he said.
“Im not in for this Franco. Im a bad boy, yea
but not on that aspect. Im gonna get going
now.” I said, dropped the call and stood up.
“A two hundred million dollars.” he said.
“I don’t need that Franco.”
“You do Drake. Come on.. You are the best
man for this business.” he said.
“See you at work Franco.” I said and I left,
closing the door.
This asshole won’t stop telling me shits! but
damn! Two hundred million dollars. That’s
I got into my car and drove off..
*Clara’s POV*
I decided to listen to ‘Adele, ‘Hello’ as I
watched my clothes rolling in the washing
For two hours that I woke up, I’ve not heard
loud music and that is so good.
I feel like a heroine for stopping that crazy
Wait. do he even work?
Probably bad business.
Why can’t the police arrest him?
I don’t see any thing scary about him!
He’s nothing but a punk little flirt.
The rolling stopped and I got the washing
machine open, getting the clothes out.
My phone which layed on the ironing table.
I went for it and it was Noah.
I smiled, picking it up.
“Hello baby, I’ve been calling you. What
happened?” I asked.
“Im so sorry baby, I was very busy on a on a
meeting with my dad.” he said and I breathed a
relief sigh.
“It’s okay baby. I was worried.” I said.
“Im so sorry baby, how are you doing?”
“Im fine now.. What about you?”
“Im fine baby, just missing you so much here.”
he said.
“Me too.” I said.
“Will talk with you later babe.” he said
I breathed out, “You good Noah?”
“Yeah I am. Love you babe.” he said.
“I love you too.” I said and the call dropped.
I breathed out, dropping the phone. back.
Just then, my doorbell rang.
I hope it’s not Drake.
I just don’t wanna see that guy again.
I went out for the door and opening it, it was
With his lopsided smile.
He look good tho in this wears.
Okay, what? I arched my brow at him.
“Wanna remind you about our dinner tonight.
Hope you are getting ready?”
I hissed and slammed the door to his face.


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