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The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 3
Clara’s POV
When I woke up and checked the time, it was
I think I fell asleep around 1am cos of the
stupid lousy music..
Thank Goodness I ain’t going to work this
I remembered my morning prayer and did.
After which I got out of the bed and walked to
the bathroom to wash my face and brush.
Im definitely going to talk some sense into the
neigbour’s head.
He’s something else and I can’t ignore the
In few minutes I was done brushing my teeth.
I walked back to the bedroom, slide into my
pink slippers and walked out to the sitting-room
and out to the neighbour’s door.
Walking up the few steps to his door porch, I
pressed on the doorbell switch button.
Soon the door was opened, to reveal a…..okay
he’s handsome with cute eyes and lips… sweet
hairstyle but that’s not really why im here.
His lips went a bit agape once his eyes came
on me and I wonder why?
My mind raced to my pajamas.. I hope my
nipples ain’t visible in the light fabric.
Then his lips quickly curved in a smile.
“Woah.. you’re so beautiful. Come on! oh my.”
he said, smiling broadly now.
Hmmn.. sweet anyways.
“Im Clara, the new neigbour.” I said, ignoring
his compliment.
He gasped again, this time more visible.
“Woah! Clara. I noticed there’s a new neigbour
yesterday, never thought it could be such a
sweet lady like you. Welcome to the
neighbourhood Clara. Im Drake and you can
count on me here.” he said and gave a wink
that appeared so cute but what? what’s he
feeling like?
“Come on in Clara… Please.” He said, getting
off the way for me to get in.
I inhaled.
“That isn’t neccesary. I have a complaint to
make.” I said.
“Alright?” he said.
“For the two nights that i’ve been here, there’s
something I just don’t want every night or
anytime.” I paused and watched his expression
change a bit.
“And that is?” he asked.
“Loud music from your room. You stop that, im
a nurse and I’ve got to read and rest each
night that I get back from the hospital. If you
wanna play songs, then let it be low so you
alone can hear it. ” I said in the meekest way I
could. Well I thought I was gonna yell.
He’s face has been in a frown all the while I
was talking but after, his face became stoic.
He watched me for a long while, then scoffed.
“Well Clara, I play my music just the way I like
it, so you better get used to it.” he said and I
raised my brow.
“And you think you gonna get away if I call the
police on you huh?”
He smiled, “You shouldn’t stress yourself
Clara. You are so beautiful for such. The police
is not gonna do anything. I was only playing
music which everyone plays. Damn. No crime in
having fun.” he said.
“If you wanna have stupid fun then you have it
alone and don’t disturb everyone.” I half yelled
now. Vexed up.
“Drake..Where are you?” I heard a female
voice say from inside.
“Right, bye for now Clara. He said and
slammed the door on my face.” I breathed out.
When I turned to head back to my apartment, I
saw the black haired twin, Kira staring at me
from the outside of their door porch.
I felt like saying ‘Hi’ but on another thought, I
didn’t. I just head back to my apartment and
walking in, went straight to the kitchen to
prepare breakfast.
That bitch, Drake. What do he think he is?
Drake’s POV
Woah! she’s damn pretty.
And.. hot! I noticed those nipples hard through
the pajamas. Shit! and that ass.
God! Im gonna have this one.
What a hot neigbour..
Wait, did she say she’s a nurse?
Damn she’s so hot.
Alia came out from the bedroom in her skimpy
“Drake..” she said and came over, crossing her
hands around my neck.
“I was damn hot right?” she asked.
I faked a smile, “Yeah baby, so you get going
now. Come on.” I said.
“I’do come tomorrow huh?” she said.
“No Alia. Drake is done with you, come on
now.” I said, grabbed her hand and began
pulling her to the door.
“Come on Drake, don’t act like you don’t want
me to. Im gonna come tomorrow.” she said,
smiling as I pulled her out.
“You have your money bitch, now get lost.” I
said and slammed the door on her face.
‘phewww..’ I breathed out.
Now that girl, Clara.
She’s gonna be the next.
Gotta go now.
Clara’s POV
I ate, and set out to bathe…
Coming out from the bathroom and just after
pulling into a pink bra and singlet and flowery
trouser, my doorbell rang.
I really hope it’s not the twins or any of them.
Those girls will be nothing but trouble.
I walked out to see, passing the sitting room to
the door, I opened it to see not any of the twin
but a smiling Drake.
He doesn’t appear really bad.
But he is weird! he’s a weirdo for playing lousy
crazy music each night.
“Hey, quit looking at my handsomeness and let
me in Clara.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“What are you here for?” I threw the question.
“To know you more Clara. I see no crime in
knowing you more, right?”
“Im wondering what else you wanna know,” I
said and got out of the way so he could come
in. He did and I closed back the door.
He pushed his hair as his eyes roamed his
eyes round the sitting-room.
“Nice furnishing.” he said and then went for a
seat on the two-seater couch.
“Thanks. What would you love to have?” I said
and he smiled and grabbed the tv remote,
switching on the TV.
“Anything sweet.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Like…” he looked at me, smiled and said,
“Like Clara.”
“Crazy.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Yeahh. I don’t want anything sweetie, just
some moments with you.” he said.
Just then Celine Dion’s song began paying ‘A
new day’
“Boring songs.” he said.
I rolled my eyes. I’ve been rolling my eyes so
“For you, not for me.” I said.
“Come on Clara, ain’t you gonna sit and let’s
talk?” he said.
I rolled my eyes and did, sitting on the
opposite couch.
“Scared to sit beside me?” he asked.
“You were thinking junk then.” I said.
“Junk?” he raised his brow.
“Yeah.” I said.
He chuckled, then stood up and came in front
of me.
I gasped when I thought he was about falling
on me but his hands dropped on the couch
back as his face came close to mine.
I frowned and he let out a sweet smile..
His smile is really sweet, but what is this!!
“What’s this?” I asked, holding my breath.
What’s this guy tryna do.
“Just wanna look into your pretty brown eyes
and let you know you are so damn beautiful
Clara.” he said in a whisper.
I breathed out, “Thanks Drake, can you just get
away now.”
He pouted his lips, “I’d do anything to have a
beautiful nurse like you Clara.” he said.
I tried pushing him off but he was stronge.
He smiled, winked, then got away from me and
went for the seat opposite the Tv.
I breathed out and got up.
“You know your way out Drake, do that when
you’re done sitting there.” I said and was going
to my bedroom when I felt him behind me.
He smiled.
“Drake, really. What do you want?”
“Let’s hangout tonight.” he said.
“Nop.” I snapped.
he raised his brow, “Oh why? You’ve got a
boyfriend more hotter than me huh?”
“Yeah!” I said even though Noah is no way
hotter than the guy standing in front of me now.
He’s my boyfriend so I don’t care. He’s
handsome and modest. I love him.
“Ohh I don’t think. Well I don’t give a damn
about that. I just wanna hangout with a
beautiful lady.” he said.
“And that is not gonna work out Drake, get that.
Are you this weird?” I said.
“You can say that again, im stroke by your
beauty and trapped in your love.” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“And if your boyfriend is not hanging out with
you tonight, then he’s hanging out with another
girl.” he said and winked and I almost slapped
“Not Noah! he can never do that. He’s in Africa
right now, helping his father with his
business..” I yelled at his face.
“Oh and so what? there are beautiful ladies in
Africa. You can’t trust him. but you are more
beautiful Clara, I just wanna hangout with you,
nothing more.” he said.
“I trust my boyfriend. Oh just leave Drake.”
“I will, but im gonna be back to get you. ”
“For the hangout.. It’ll mean a lot to me. Gosh
you are so damn hot!” he said as he eyes fell
on my chest.
I rolled my eyes and walked into my room.
Few minutes, I heard the entrance door open
and close back.
What a crazy being.
Drake’s POV
Oh really? too stubborn but im gonna show her.
I get whatever I want.
I got into my sitting-room, grabbed a drink from
the drinks cabinet, poured into a glass cup and
sat at the bar stool.
I sipped a little and smiled.
Seriously im gonna f**k this bitch.
I get whatever I want.
I got down from the seat and went over to the
table, taking the remote, I played on the music
and this time, playeid it louder than I use to.
Im sure she’s gonna come.
I smiled, and sipped from the glass.

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