The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 1
**Drake’s POV**
Dim lights blinking, music hitting, strippers
dancing, men’s smoking, hornies fucking.
The club is the best relaxion for me after work
Drinks on my table and two hot ladies beside
A waitress in tight black skirt and cow boots
walked over to my table with more drinks.
“You are hot.” I whispered to her as she
dropped the drinks gently.
She looked at me with a seductive smile.
“More than you can ever think.” she said,
winked and walked away.
“A moment sexy.” I said to the girls with me
with a kiss on each other’s cheek.
I got up and went after the waitress.
I found her walking into a room and I followed
her in, shutting the door.
She turned to me with a seductive bite of her
“What do you want Drake?” she said, coming
“You.” I said and grabbed her waist and pulled
her hard into me.
“I want money.” she said.
I shifted her red hair off her neck.
“Not a problem.” I whispered into her ears,
then gave few soft bites to her neck and
fuddles on her boobs before pulling off the
damn strapless top.
“All of me then.” she whispered.
“Ofcourss.” and I immediately spun her to face
the wall.
**Clara’s POV**
“Yeah, it’s pretty. I wish you were here to help
me out.” I said into the phone.
“My apologies baby. I promise to be back by
next week.. My dad really wanted me to be the
one to do that job and you know. Im so sorry
ok.” He pleaded.
I smiled, “It’s fine. Im not upset about it. I just
miss you and can’t wait to see you.” I said.
“And I miss you more than you do. You don’t
know how much I think about you here. Im
gonna take you to Baranella Dreams when I
come back.” he said and I laughed.
“Finally you’ve said you gonna take me there. I
love you.” I said and blew him a kiss.
“Sure baby, I love you so much. Get yourself a
bed.” He said.
“Ofcourse I did.” I laughed.
“Oh I mean, Go sleep a while. You must be so
stressed up.” he said.
I smiled, “Im done already. I’ll go do that .” I
“Great. Now bye, take care baby. I love you.”
he said.
“I love you too.” I said.
“Do you care or a kiss from me?” he said.
“Come on. I’ve missed that.” I said.
He laughed, “I miss more than that baby.” he
“uhmm… I know sweets.” I smiled.
“Muahhhh.” he blew a kiss.
I smiled, “Awwwnnn thanks.”
“Take care baby, wanna talk with my dad.” he
“Alright, take of yourself as well. Bye.” I said
and then the call dropped.
Uhhhmmm sweet boyfriend.
Noah is the sweetest and the most loving guy
i’ve ever known.
I love him so deeply.. now, woah! I can finally
After working tiredlessly for my new home to
look this good.
Even more prettier than my previous apartment.
For a GraAvantee’s promoted nurse, my home
should be exceptionally beautiful. All thanks to
the savings from Macgenius Hospital..
I bought new couches and expensive fur rugs,
beautiful paint arts and watermark tables and
dinning chairs.
A tall sunflower vase at the left side of the big
tv screen and a floor lamp at the right.
The windows are covered with creamy floor to
ceiling thick curtains and the Aircondition is
generating a really cool temperature.
I slide a disc into the cd player to listen to
Celine Dion’s.
The first track song ‘A New Day Has Come’
began playing and I grabbed the remote and
lowered the volume.
I have about five Neigbours I wouldn’t want to
disturb. Not on my first arrival.
Though i’ve seen the four but the fifth which is
even the next door door neigbour I haven’t
seen though the Roger’s family said it’s a
bachelor but very wayward.
“He goes to club every night from work. He
calls girls and disturb us with loud songs.” Mrs
Roger had said.
“He’s a friend to the police. Call police on him
and they end up shaking hands.” Mr Roger
“He’s the only crazy neigbour we have here.”
Mrs Roger said.
“You will see him by morning.” Mr Roger said.
“Alright, thank you.” I said and moved to the
last apartment which is the fifth.
I recalled once ringing the doorbell and the
door was opened to reveal two beautiful
teenage girls.
“Who are you please?” the one with a blonde
hair had asked.
“I am Clara Adams, a new neigbour.” I had
said and I saw their face change into a slight
The blonde hair glanced at the one at the back
with a black straight hair. She’s more prettier
than the blonde haired though they look quite
The black haired one came closer. She had the
harder frown and I wondered why.
Do they know me from somewhere?
“Do you know Drake? the occupant of
apartment 2?” the black haired asked me.
Drake? still the same guy the Rogers talked
What do he have to do with what I just said.
“No I don’t yet.” I said.
They glanced at each other and twisted their
I inhaled, “What do he have to do with what I
just said?” I asked, getting a bit vexed up.
“Everything.” The black haired said. She seem
to be the hot one now.
“How?” I asked.
She rolled her eyes and then they appeared
deadly at me, “You see, He is my boyfriend
and im sure you gonna go showing off yourself
once you meet him cos uhmm he’s such a
charmer. Don’t say im threatening you miss
Clara, but do not try any shit or else…” she
didn’t finish up her statement but looked at the
blonde haired with a lopsided smile. The other
gave her the same smile.
I was scampering for what to say but didn’t find
any words, I just stared at them.
The black haired one turned to me again,
“Anyways, im Kira and this is my twin sister
Gina.” she said.
“Alright.” I managed to say.
“You are welcomed to the apartment. Enjoy
your stay but stay clear off my boyfriend.” she
said and I raised my brow.
Christ! Is this girl okay at all?
What business do I have with her so called
“Excuse me, I have no busines with your
boyfriend.” I said.
“You might want to have. She’s only telling you
not to or you gonna regret it.” the blonde hair
one, Gina said.
Just then, A car drove into the building.
“Holy shit! Dad is back Kira, have you washed
the dishes!!” Gina shouted frightfully.
“No!!” Kira shouted.
“I’ve not made the mayonnaise!! dad is so
gonna be mad at us.” Gina said and shut the
door hard on my face.
Woah! I breathed out.
Crazy girls.
I turned and walked down the few doorsteps to
see a man come down from the black sedan.
He had his suit jacket and briefcase in his
hands, his bald head fitted his nice beard.
“Goodevening sir.” I greeted as he got to me.
“Ohh just call me Mark.” he said with a smile.
“Alright, im Clara Adams, the new neigbour.”
“Ohh welcome Clara. Good to have you.” he
“Thank you.” I said.
After brushing and taking a shower, I pulled
into a red pajamas.
I don’t have nighties just pajamas cos I really
A message beeped into my phone and I went
for it, picked it up from my bedside table and
clicked open the message box.
A message from GraAvantee Hospital.
Standard GraAvantee’s Hospital,
Box 2202R,
St.Austin Freeway,
Nurse Clara Adams,
We gladly welcome you to the standard
GraAvantee Hospital as a promoted nurse
practitioner to Dr.Tony Campbell.
You are to begin a surgery operation with Dr.
Tony Campbell tomorrow, 24th Febuary, 2018
at the fourth floor.
A meeting with Mr Avante by 8:30am will be
held before the surgery.
Dr. Lorraine Turner.
“Really? no breathing space for me huh!” I
hissed and threw the phone angrily to the bed
and walked out to make vanilla custard to take
with pizza.
Celine Dion’s tracks was still on play and this
time, it was on track 12, ‘Goodbye’
The song instantly reminded me of my family..
She’s a nurse too but curently working in
Florida. She comes home once in a while. My
dad was gone years ago and my sister,
Danelle, she’s in boarding High school and
whenever she comes home for holidays,


She’s such a crazy talkative and would love
you to take her to every place that she wants
before going back to school.
*Few minutes after, I was done making the
vanilla custard.
I served it out on my small dinning table, sat
down and ate it while I listened to my most
favourite from her, ‘My Heart Will Go On’
If not that I was eating, I would have sang
I’ve got quite a nice voice and I can tell you
that Celine Dion songs are the only songs that
I love listening to, maybe I can say Shania and
Adele are cool too. I just love Blues.
After I was done eating, I took the plates back
to the kitchen, washed them and kept them in
the drainboard. Then I switched off the kitchen
lights, Came out to the sitting-room, and put off
the music while it was playing ‘Where Is The
I switched off the dinning-room and sitting-
room lights, leaving just one florescent light.
I walked to my bedroom and over to my study
desk, I sat to go through my work study.
An hour later I was already feeling sleepy and
considering that im gonna be up early for work
tomorrow, I stood up, switched off the lights,
layed on my bed, turned on the bedside lamp,
pulled the duvet over my body and was about
drifting to sleep when some loud crazy music
from the next apartment came scattering my
ear drums.
Gosh! who in the world plays such crazy music
so loudly at this time of the night.
Could it be the Drake?
Is he so stupid?
Oh my God, I can’t sleep!!
What do I do?
I came down from the bed, and walked out.
I have to go tell him something.
What’s his problem?
I walked out of my apartment and the music
was much louder outside.
I got to his door and rang the doorbell… I kept
ringing the doorbell but there was no response.
I got tired and with anger, I walked back into
my house.
I checked my phone and there was a
notification from Noah.
﹌﹌Hey bae, you asleep?﹌﹌
﹌﹌Nop, some crazy stupid neigbour
disturbing the whole neigbour with loud music.
﹌﹌What the damn! Who’s that idiot? He
should be arreated!﹌﹌﹌
﹌﹌Seriously baby, my ears are going deaf﹌

We kept chatting, till the idiot finally stopped
the music and I finally was able to fall asleep.

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