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“What are you guys talking about?” Levi asks
from behind us and I turn.
He looked tired and wet but alert.
I don’t reply, just wait for Aaron to say
“I think the rain is stopping” Aaron says and
we look outside and really the sky is clearing.
I feel my heart clench, my fantasy is going to
end soon.
I turn my eyes to Levi, his face is blank, I want
him to say something, tell me to stay or
something but he just looks out the window
with us.
” I should probably ge…..” I begin to say but
get interrupted by Levi.
“I called coach” He says and Aaron looks at
me before his eyes goes back to Levi.
“Yeah?” He asks, folding his hands across his
chest, “What did he say?”
“Wants me in London next weekend, talks
about getting traded” He says and I take in a
sharp breath.
Levi is getting traded? Why? He was doing
well in the club he currently is at, I mean, he’s
the highest paid, what’s wrong?
Aaron nods, rubbing his left brow with his
index finger in a nervous gesture.
“Alright then, go and let us know how it
is”Aaron says and I don’t get to relish the fact
he said us, automatically making us a team
because Levi turns to me.
” Leave tomorrow, I know the rain has stopped
and you will want to leave but just… Stay
He says and I nod.
I wish he knew that I had no plans of leaving,
if only I could stay with him forever.
He leans against the wall and Aaron turns to
me, giving me a small smile before leaving.
I turn Levi.
“Are you going to be able to take visitors at
home?” He asks and I don’t respond, there is
no need to fill the silence with meaningless
“I will come see you” He says after a while.
My chest hurt, thinking that he would be real
surprised to see that I was a lie, everything
about our 3 days together was a hoax.
I nod and don’t respond, again, he glances at
me and mush have decided that I was feeling
as bad as he because he takes my hand and I
hold tight.
The next morning came too quickly,
He walks me down stairs and walks past me as
I stop to shake Aaron’s hand.
“Hope to see you soon Little girl, And in more
favorable conditions” He says and I nod.
I totally won’t be seeing him again in person
except on TV, I don’t tell him that, just turn and
walk out, he’s behind me, Aaron.
“You don’t have to take me, I can make my
way by myself” He doesn’t reply, just opens the
door and wait for me to get in.
I take a step towards it but Aaron holds me
back and turns me around.
“Levi, He likes easily, I feel like you are going
to be trouble, stay away if you are…
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. ” He says and I know that he is on to me.
Even if he doesn’t know all the details, I know
he knows that I am a fraud, at the very least
not who I claim to be.
“….. But if you are here to heal, you are
welcome “He ends and I nod, he kisses my
cheek before leading me to the car seat and
buckling me in.
“See you soon, Addie” Levi gets in from the
other side and starts the car.
Before he pulls away he turns to me.
“What did Aaron say?”
“He just wished me well” I lie and he nods.
He drives me out to town and I make him stop
me at a bus stop, he looks hurt that I don’t let
him drive me all the way, I just pretend not to
see it…
I step out and he doesn’t, I don’t say a word,
it’s better this way, clean cut.
He pulls away and speeds off and I take in a
deep breath to swallow the tears that is
threatening to come.
I know going straight home will be too risky,
James might have men posted around just
incase I make an appearance.
I enter a used cloth store around the block to
my house and I buy a face mask and a cap.
The mask covers my nose and mouth and and
the cap covers my face.
I find a payphone near a grocery store and I
make my to it, I dial in Pam’s number and she
picks on the 3rd ring.
I don’t say anything, just incase they are with
her or the phone is wired or something.
“Addie?” She asks after some seconds and I
breath fine.
“Yes Pam’s”
“Oh my God, you are fine” She says and I hear
the tears..
“I’m fine baby, how are you? Did James show
up again?”
“No no, I’m fine, I was so worried, how are
you? What happened? Where are you?”
“I’m around the block from our house, I want to
come home, I’m scared”
“Don’t come home, I noticed a guy hanging
around, wait I will come to you” She says.
I disconnect and I buy some instant coffee and
take a sip, I watch the window and a familiar
face walks past it to the door.
She looks around and sees me, she looks
around again before walking to me, we move to
a seat, her back to a door, mine to the door.
I’m soo not taking any chances.
“Where have you been? You look okay, what
I take a deep breath before telling her
She looks looks shell shocked and I don’t fault
her, it still seems like a dream to me.
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