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I’m standing by the window watching the rain
beat at the glass.
Is it ever going to stop? It’s the end of the
second day and the rain shows no sign of
dwindling, the roads must be flooded by now.
Now that I have a moment to think I do so.
What will I do when the rain eventually stops
and I have to leave here?
Will James catch me and kill me? I have to
escape and hide. Yes, that’s what I have to
All my life savings should be enough for me to
do that, I will return when everything blows
over . I just have to lie low for a while.
My heart hurts at the people I will be leaving
behind, Pamela, the delivery guy that always
brought me front roll tickets to any concert I
wanted to get in.
I scoff, it’s pathetic that I only have 2 people in
this world who will notice that I am gone, one
of them might not even care.
I sigh, The one thing I will miss the most is my
budding relationship with Levi, it will hurt me to
leave him.
If it was another time and another situation I
would have told him that I wasn’t the one he
was looking for, that I am someone else, may
be he would have forgiven me, maybe he
would have want to explore where this will go
I sigh again. That’s a whole lot of maybes.
“That’s a whole lot of sighing you are doing
over there” I turn to the voice to see Aaron
standing there.
“What’s on your mind?” He asks and I Shake
my head.
“Nothing much” I reply.
“Yeah? Tell me about it”
I really don’t want to talk about it so I ask in a
bid to divert his attention.
“Whare is Levi?”
“He’s working out, he had too much of your
roasted chicken, he has to burn some
“Aren’t you going to work out?”
“I took a swim in the indoor pool, Levi is doing
same, it’s a great way of working out” He
I almost sigh out loud, it would be awesome to
see Levi shirtless and wet.
“Soo, tell me what’s on your mind” Aaron says
and this time I almost sigh in frustration, does
he not let anything go?
“What do you want to know?” I ask instead.
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. Tell me about your childhood”
He says, settling one hip on the window pane,
looking out the window to the gardens
They must have someone who grooms it for
them because it looked superb from up here.
“So.. I’m ready, tell me”
“Well, I don’t remember much from my
childhood, I just know that the most I can
remember starts from when I was 5”
“Why?did something happen?”
“Well the doctor called it, distorted cognitive
syndrome, it’s related to Ptsd, it’s a type of
mental illness that makes my brain block some
part of my memories that can cause harm to
my mental state”
“Yes, apparently I went through some serious
trauma when I was little and my little brain and
body couldn’t handle it so I blocked out some
part, They said when I woke up the only thing I
could remember was my name and my birthday
and how old I was”
He nods then asks.
“Didn’t you bother to find a way to unlock those
hidden memories? Therapy? Hypnosis?”
I nod. “Well obviously I did, I tried but I only
remembered my surname, Royal, that’s my
surname, even remembering that little set my
recovery back a lot, it took me 2 years to say a
I say and when I do he frowns.
“What?” I ask.
“Oh nothing, I’m just thinking how weird it is
that Levi’s mother didn’t bother to tell him all
this important facts”
“Yes, we are aware that you lost your sister but
no body said anything about how much you
suffered, I’m sorry you had to go through all
He says and I nod. I’m a little uncomfortable
taking his sympathy. I feel sorry for the poor
Adélie that lost her sister.
“Thanks for listening” I say and he laughs.
“It’s an honor that you told me all these things
about your self” He says and I nod.
“So, aren’t your parents going to wonder what
happened to you” He asks.
“Well, I spoke to them last night, I’m pretty
sure they have an idea where I am right now”
“That’s fine then, I was just wondering” He
says giving me an intense look that makes me
uncomfortable, I’ve been stringing too many
lies, I might get caught soon.
“You can call them up when the rain comes to
an end, we don’t get reception up here when it
rains this heavily”
I nod.
“I like it, away from everything and all the
worries of the world… It’s something of a
“That’s why your man likes it, figures the both
of you will have the same interest” I blush at
his comment before asking.
“Why do you call him my man?” His eyes flies
to mine and I feel like I’ve made a mistake.
“What do you mean?” He asks and I proceed
with caution.
“I mean, I Know we have great chemistry and
stuff but.. We aren’t together or anything”
Something gleams in his eyes and I almost
take a step back, the light vanishes.
“Well, since you both are promised to each
other it’s only fitting that he belongs to you”
To each other?
In this century?
I almost scoff but another thought enters my
Levi Carter is promised to a girl out there, soon
she will be his wife, soon he will no longer be
He smiles at me and I do too.
“You both have much in common, apart from
your obsession with chicken, football, and
water, you both share a tragedy in your past”
I tense, every one knows about what
happened to Levi 5 years ago, his sister died.
I am acutely aware.
Thanks for reading.
You are the very best.


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