The thunder rumbles for the thousandth time
and I look out the window, I glance at the wall
clock in the room and I see it’s past 2 In the
“You can’t sleep can you?”
Aaron asks and I don’t respond., he’s sitting
beside me replying some fan mail, I just rest
my head on arm.
“Did you call coach?” He asks and I make a
noncommittal noise.
“You should really call him, it might be urgent”
he drops his phone and picks a book from the
night stand, removing the bookmark and
“I will call him, today kind of got away from me
in a way”
He nods, “I can imagine” He says, turning a
page in the book.
We stay quiet for a while, the thunder rattling
the windows.
“Do you think she is alright?”
“I don’t know, she says she hates
thunderstorms, them she must not be alright”
He says and I sigh, beating my pillow.
“Do you want to go to her?” He asks the
question that I am too scared to voice on my
“You know that if you do you will be giving a
piece of yourself to her”
“I know”
“Don’t you think this is too soon”
“Don’t you think I have thought of this?”
“You can’t like her because you pity her” He
says, who made him the voice of reason?
“Jesus, I know”
“Are you sure?” He asks and there in lies the
problem, I don’t know what I am feeling, I just
met the girl not even 24 hours ago.
How can I feel so much is such a small time?
Thunder rumbles again and I spring off the
bed. F-ck reason
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. I’m outta here.
“Finally, I needed the bed to myself” The
asshole on the bed says and I give him the
middle finger.
I walk down the hall to the masters bedroom, I
take a deep breath before I knock.
There is no response, I knock again and when
I don’t get a response I gently test the door to
see if open.
It is.
I enter into darkness, I hit the light switch to
get the interior lights on.
She is curled in a ball in the corner, her back to
the wall looking terrified.
Her eyes are on me as I step forward. I sit
beside her and she just holds her self still.
“Are you alright?” She shakes her head no and
I pull closer to her.
“Want me to make you feel better?” She nods
affirmative and I rest my head back on the
“It’s alright to be scared, sometimes I get
scared too, scared of living” I pause and she
“Why?” she asks in a broken whisper and I
turn to look at her.
“Because I’m only human” I say, I look into her
eyes and she nods, pulling close to me to rest
her head on my shoulder.
I stay still not touching her and we stay like
While I begin to drift I imagine that I hear her
“Thank you Levi”
The shakes were the first thing that woke me
up, I open my eyes to see my self on the floor,
Addie a little ways away from me, her hand on
my chest.
I hear wind howling outside and the heavy
patter of rain on the roof. I turn to her.
She is shaking so much that I felt it in my
I immediately sit up, I shake her shoulders a
“Addie? Wake up”
She groans before shaking her head no.
“Addie, something’s wrong, you have to tell me
so I can fix it.”
She doesn’t respond, I curse as I stand up to
exit the room.
“Wake up” I growl at Aaron’s sleeping form
and he immediately responds.
“You better have a darned good reason for
waking me up” He says sitting up.
“Something is wrong with Addie, she’s shaking
a lot and won’t tell me what’s happening”
He stands and I lead him back to my room.
“You left her on the floor?”
“I didn’t want to move her incase it was
something serious” I say.
He bends and touches her head.
“She doesn’t have a fever, her temperature is
pretty normal, she shouldn’t be shaking at all”
Thunder rumbles outside and she gives a
whimper, curling deeper into a ball.
I and Aaron give each other a look and, I think
what’s ever is happening has something to do
with the rain.
I pick her up from the ground and set her on
the bed before turning to Aaron.
“Stay with her, I’m going to call Mrs Carter to
see if she can reach her parents and of they
have a solution for this”
He nods and I jog downstairs to the study.
I dial my mom’s number but there is no
reception, shit, it gets like this around these
parts when rain falls.
I try again but still nothing, I use my cell phone
but it immediately goes to voice mail, no
I jog back upstairs.
“Any help?” Aaron asks and I shake my head,
he groans.
Wind beats at the window and Addie clenches
the sheets beneath her finger.
“She is going to hurt her self” Aaron
I feel so helpless.
I sit besides her on the bed and gently pry the
sheets from under her fingers. She whimpers
and grabs on.
I gently stoke her thumb and she loosens her
“You should get on the bed with her” Aaron
says, I throw him a look.
“Don’t bite me with your eyes Lev, she seems
to respond to your touch, maybe skinship will
I begin to pull off my flip flops as I prepare to
get on the bed with her, no questions asked.
“You should take off your shirt, Babies respond
better to direct skin contact”
“She is not a baby” I say.
“Well I’m not a doctor” He retorts and I just
shake my head and pull off my sweater..
I lie back down and pull her to me, we stay like
that for a while and gradually she begins to
stop shaking.
“You should probably stay so that she won’t be
startled to find me in bed with her when she
wakes” I say to Aaron when he prepares to
“I was just going to sit down on the couch” He
says and I nod.
I turn back to the sleeping Addie and I take in
her face.
This close I can see the little sprinkle of
freckles on her nose, she has a scar on her
brow, a little one, probably from falling as a
Her lips are blood red and her cheek bones
high on her face.
She would make a very good face model if
she decides to go into that field of work.
I feel myself begin to drift and I pull her closer,
the scent of her hair in my nose.
Vaguely before I finally succumb to sleep, I
think how weird it is that I hate cuddling,
always, even after having sex with a girl I do
not cuddle, it’s super weird that I want to sink
into this girl and never come out.


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