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I’m pacing, at this length I won’t be surprised
to see skid marks on the ground.
Is she okay?
Did she slip on the tiles and fall?
Is she right now bleeding to her death?
I remember the look she gave me, it was one
of awe, I liked it, her skin so soft, her hair
smelled the best, her eyes the brightest gold,
her laugh..
I will die first before anything happens to her in
my house. Thunder rumbles around the
mansion and I almost jump up from my sit to
run upstairs.
I know it, she must be dead already.
“Dude, calm down, I’m sure she can take a
bath all on her own, I promise she won’t die.”
I turn sharply to Aaron.
“Don’t even joke about that” I say and he
raises his hand in surrender . His eyes go to a
place behind my shoulders and his face
changes to one of surprise.
“Day… Um dude, you are one lucky man”
“What…?” I follow his gaze to see Addie
standing at the foot of the stairs looking
I blink.
She looks so innocent and ethereal standing
there in my old jersey her wet hair piled on top
her head., the jersey covers the whole of her
hand and hits just on top her knee.
I look back at Aaron to see him watching her
and I stand to block his view, he grumbles.
“Is that the only thing you could find in there to
wear?” I ask with more than a little gruffness in
my voice, she looks hurt, Aaron kicks my leg.
“I’m sorry if it offends you, i will go put on my
own clothes” She says in a small voice and I
feel like scum.
“No… No..
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. Please, it’s fine” I say stopping her from
going upstairs.
“It’s just… You look too pretty and I don’t like
sharing this vision with someone else”
I say and in the darkness of the sitting room I
see her blush.
“Real cool, lover boy, feed the girl, she looks
like a breeze will blow her away” Aaron says
and Addie’s eyes go to him.
“I’m stronger than I look” She says with a sniff
and I smile.
“Well I wouldn’t know that, seeing as you fell at
my feet the first time we met” She blushes and
I slap Aaron behind his head.
“Come, I made sandwich, I have coke and
sandwiches and sandwiches and coke, which
one do you care for?”
“Coke and sandwiches” She says getting my
joke and I smile, she does too, I lead her to
the kitchen pulling a chair out for her.
“Wow, it’s big” she says referring to the
sandwich, she doesn’t seem intimidated.
“That’s how we like it, us footballers, I’m sure
you’ve heard of that ass… Sorry, that guy over
there, he’s the famous Levi Carter”
Aaron says and I turn to her, she seems
uncomfortable so I just nod.
“It’s okay, not all women are interested in
football anyway” I say and she smiles widely.
“What?” I ask, referring to her smile.
“You…. You called me a woman, other people
just call me girl” she says and I feel like patting
myself on the back.
Good job Levi.
She digs into the food and I watch her eat, she
must have really been starving.
I pour some water for her and she smiles
gratefully before going back to her meal.
When she is done she drinks the last of her
coke before turning to me, she opens her
mouth, maybe to thank me but a large belch
comes out.
She slaps her hand to her mouth and blushes,
i and Aaron chuckle.
“She’s a healthy one” Aaron remarks and she
blushes more.
Thunder rumbles loudly and she looses the
blush on her face, infact the blood drains from
her face.
“What?…. What’s wrong?”
She shakes her head, her hand clenching her
“Tell me Addie”
“I’m.. I’m scared of.. Of thunderstorms” She
says looking close to tears.
“It’s fine, I’m sure it’s nothing, the weather
Channel did not forecast a thunderstorm.”
Aaron says and I nod, she does too.
“Do you want to call your parents now? I’m
sure they are worried”
I say and she nods.
I lead her to the study and she smiles
gratefully at me before picking up the phone.
I stand close incase she needs anything.
“Could you please give me some privacy? I will
be fine”
She says and I nod.
I walk to the door when I hear her speak into
the phone.
“Hey Pam’s….”
I exit.
“Girl.. You got me worried sick, your number
was disconnected and you weren’t showing up
at home.
James and Jerry came around, said you didn’t
show up at work and they came to check up on
you because they were worried, I found that
Where the hell are you? Are you coming home
today?, tell me. ”
” Pamela, listen to me, you can’t tell James or
Jerry that I contacted you, you can’t,
Something happened, something bad, I’m safe
right now, I promise to keep in touch ”
” What is going on Adeline? ”
” Pamela please, I will explain when I see you,
just… Just don’t tell them you’ve made any
contact with me ”
” Addie… “She says, sounding scared now.
” If this is a joke it’s not funny, please come
back home ”
” Promise me pams, promise me you won’t tell
them, you have to be safe”
“Promise me”
“I promise” She says after a short silence.
“Good, I love you and I will call you okay?”
I disconnect.
Good, this is all for the best.


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