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Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 6
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She looked scared, that was the first thought
that went through my mind when I saw her.
She fit the description and the old photo Mother
gave me, although the picture didn’t tell much
Long black hair, wide hips, a tiny waist and
petite form.
OK, I added the last three myself,I have never
seen her, just guessed who she was by how
uncomfortable she looked standing on the
“Please, save me” That’s what she said when
she got in the car.
I would have found it weird when she said that
but the girl hasn’t been outside for 14 years,
I’m sure she will be scared. Anyone would be.
I look over at her as I am driving to see her
hand trembling, she must be really scared.
The sight of her like that makes me feel weird
in a way that I don’t like, I place my hand on
hers and she stills.
“Who are you?” she asks and I frown, that’s a
weird way to ask that question, didn’t she
come out to meet me?
I admit that I was a little skeptical if she would
respond to my text, I had told her to come so
we could get to know each other better since it
seems we would basically be spending the rest
of our lives together.
I had gone out on a limb, wanting to see the
depth of her pain and the strength of her will.
If she hadn’t come out I wouldn’t have judged,
I would have understood, when my sister died I
did worse.
I was older and still I could not handle the
I am relieved she made an attempt to move on
from the past.
Her fear of open places was the main reason I
asked her to come to a neutral ground.
“I’m glad you could make it” I say and she
nods, looking behind us, as if to see if we are
being followed.
The poor girl must not be used to riding in a
I drive us around for a while and when she still
doesn’t get comfortable I drive us down to my
house, it’s big enough and secluded enough
that you don’t see any person for miles.
Arriving at the gate finally got her attention
because she stops looking at the rear view
mirror but to look around.
“Is this…”
She asks in a tiny voice.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry, I will take
you back home today if you just tell me where
you live.
You seemed uncomfortable and I wanted to
make you comfortable, you don’t have to be
scared, I’m sure your parents know you are
with me.”
She doesn’t respond, just continue to look at
the house, I drive in then stop the car in front of
the house.
She takes a good long look, she looks so
innocent and calm that my heart goes out to
She finally turns to me then takes a deep
breath.” Could you.. . Could you please take
off your face cap? I want to see your face”
It’s then I remember that I have been wearing
my cap and sunglasses all this while.
I do as she says, not wanting to scare the poor
innocent girl.
She watches as I do this, I take them off and
“Holy sh-t!”
I blink.
The innocent girl has a dirty mouth?
My savior is Levi Carter?
Levi freaking Carter?
Levi ‘golden boy’ Carter?
Levi of all Carters?
He watches me like I am about to run for the
hills and I can do nothing but stare.
What is going on here?
“Can you get out of the car yourself or do you
need some help?” He asks kindly and I almost
I am in the same car with Levi Carter.
I am in the same car with Levi Carter!.
I begin to breath rapidly and his eyes widens.
“What is wrong? Do you need anything? Are
you claustrophobic?”
He reaches a hand to touch me but I pull
This is all too much, I open the door of the car
and get out, I can’t seem to get enough air.
Why can’t I get enough air?
I hear his side of the car open and him walking
towards me and I turn, I begin to walk back
He looks helpless

. This is not his fault, its me, not him, I
witnessed the death of a man and I met my all
time crush all in one day.
This is too much..
“What did you do to the poor girl?”
A voice asks and I look towards the owner.
Oh my God, it’s Aaron Steele, standing offence
for the nation’s team, he’s number 10 and Levi
is 9, that’s why they are good friends, best
friends even.
Have I died and gone to heaven? No. Wait,
there should be no death in heaven.
I step back, Levi throws Aaron a worried
look. Aaron turns to me.
“Calm down sweetie, you are safe, don’t mind
the man hulk over there, he’s just all bark and
no bite”
I nod, trying to calm down.
“I’m scared” I manage to get out as tears
threaten to spill.
“Is it because you are outside?” Levi asks, he
looks wounded to see tears in my eyes.
I nod.
“Calm down Adélie, its fine, I will take you
inside and we can get you home”
He is mistaking me for some one else. I close
my eyes and I feel myself being swung in the
I lean my head back against his chest and
think back to the gruesomeness of today.
I just want to forget, I force my eyes close as
images assault my brain.
Why can’t I ever get a break?
Many thanks to you all for reading.

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