episode 5


” Funmi, Funmi ????? where is this girl?. Funmi , Mom is home now. Baby , baby am back now. ” the house was silent and no reply , this was unusual . Funmi would always come running out to embrace me when ever she heard my car park outside the front entrance door. Things were really getting spooky and I thought maybe my daughter had been kidnapped.

Reaching for the wooden bat that was near the door I made sure the slightest noise was not heard.
” Bisola , Bisola, where in the world is that good for nothing Nanny… ” Bisi was my daughter’ s nanny and she not being in the living room meant she was either in the kitchen or cleaning the bathroom. The thought pass through my mind that I was just being too sensitive and paranoid, at least Umaru was still on guard at the main-gate so there must be a conspiracy somewhere.

“Mummy!!!!! ” that was Funmi’s voice when she came rushing from the back door that lead to the garden behind the house . ” Mummy, welcome mummy ” Funmi was quick to embrace me. I put down the batton on the floor and sighed a huge relief
” Baby what did go outside to do? you nearly scared the life out of me ”

“sorry Mummy, Nanny took me out to water the flowers”
” and where is that your nanny” I enquired with a furious face expression.

“Im right here ma’am ” Bisi replied just when she closed the door behind her. ” I am sorry madam , but I told her to stay upstairs in her room but she insisted .” Continued Bisi

” Bisola , how many times have I told you not to allow my baby get her clothes dirty while playing? look at her now , she looks so messy” The anger in my voice was noticeable.
Bisola just keft silent and replied ” Madam it wont happen again”..

” and you left the front door unlocked, the passage , evrywhere looks so unkept . What am I paying you for eh? Bisi” that was when I noticed the toys that were littered across the hallway .

” Ma’am am sorry” Bisi repeated
” Mummy dont be mad at nanny, I was bored that thats why I asked her to play with me” . My daughter had the most lovely voice and her sweet voice was angelic that it was enough to calm the storm in my temper.
” but baby you shouldn’t play outside in the garden” I wanted to make my point clear.
” mummy , my birthday is coming up soon and I dont have any one to play with” Funmi said this in a very touching manner.
“Dont worry baby, mummy is here for you”

“mummy I want my daddy, doesnt he love me , will he come for my birthday?”

* Those words made me loose balance . I did not know how to lie to my only daughter . Being a single mother was not an easy task , and my boyfriend Richard left me when we were still in college . His mom was against our relationship, she even went as far as calling my mom a mistress, and that she wouldnt have anything to do with a daughter of the woman that tried to steal her husband.

*Richard left me for America, and he never knew we had a baby from just one night’s stand………

” baby dont worry, Daddy loves you and remember I told you that your dad works in a very far place .”
“yes I do mummy, but doesnt he want me in his life , I have not seen him before mummy. when is he coming back?” Funmi cut in.

I didnt know the best answer to give her but atleast I did not enjoy seeing my daughter suffer “Soon Baby. I promise your mummy will get daddy back” I said and hugged my 6 year old beautiful daughter…….
I wasnt sure what I was going to do, I only knew I had to do something and it had to be soon.

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