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Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 4
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I walk down the stairs to get my car keys,
heaven knows I couldn’t sleep a bit last night.
“Good morning sunshine, where are we off
to?”I turn slowly to see Aaron sitting at the
kitchen table, his hair is wet and I presume he
has been swimming.
“Sometimes I think you only decided to stay
with me for my pool”
“You know coach told me to swim at least
twice a week, helps with the therapy”
He says and I nod.
“So where are you going?”
“I’m going to see Ma”
“Ohhh, Avery Mavery? I wanna come too” He
says attempting to stand and I press my palm
into his shoulder keeping him still.
“Stay..” I say.
“I’m not your dog, I’m going” He says pouting.
“Well you aren’t so just stay, I’m going on
official business”
“You are going to get your wife?”
“Are you sure you aren’t secretly a woman
from how nosy you can be?”
I ask.
“You want me to show you my d**k? I’m sure
it’s bigger tham yours” he says and I shake my
“We are not doing this this morning, I’m going
alone and it’s final”
“Yeah yeah what ever, just get some popcorn
on the way, I have a craving.”
“You busted a knee fucker, you aren’t
“I might as well be….. Ohhh” I turn to him.
“What?” I ask in concern,” Did you pull your
muscle? ”
” No..

. No.. I think.. I think the baby just… just
“F-ck you” He bursts out laughing and I shake
my head.
“Remind me again why you are my best
“Because you love my winning personality?”
“Yes, that and also because you make good
“Aww, my teeth hurts from how sweet you
sounded” He says dryly.
“Whatever, but seriously man, don’t swim
alone, call me whenever you want to, don’t
want you to hurt yourself”
“Yes, thanks for the concern mom” I pat his
head like a good kid and he beats my hand
I get my jacket from the table and he stands to
follow me.
“Lest I forget, coach wants you to call him”
“Why?” I ask turning to him, it’s off season,
apart from the routine drug check and training I
should have no business with him.
“Who knows? The man is as secretive as
Medusa’s snakes, Maybe you are getting
traded” He says seriously and I can tell he
hates that idea, I do too.
The hell?
“What do you know?”
“Nothing, just whispers, it might be nothing
serious, go see Avery Mavery”
He says and I nod.
“Come back quickly honey!” He screams after
me as I get in my car. I just give him my middle
“Mrs Carter, please just listen…”
“No, you listen to me Levi, I got married to your
father when I was Nineteen and him twenty
one, we did it for our companies but we later
fell in love, it’s high time you think about
settling down”
I press my thumb to my brows as she rants.
“Yes, I will settle down, it’s my life, don’t you
think I should be the one deciding these things
myself?” She growls and turns to my father.
“Peter say something” The old man just lifts his
hand bowing out of the situation. Wise man.
“No comment my love, you’ve got this” She
nods and turns to me, i send him a betrayed
look,he just smirks at me.
“Mom, I’m at the peak of my career, I can’t
have a wife now, I will always be traveling, I
don’t want to saddle any poor woman with
I say and a light shines in her eyes, f-ck, I
think I just made a big mistake.
“So what you are saying is that you aren’t
bothered about marrying someone you don’t
know but someone you are afraid you will
Oh sh-t.
“Mrs Carter..”
“That can be settled then, just get her pregnant
and she can stay with us whenever you are
away, or better still go with you on such trips,
I’m not that old, I can look after a baby”
I look at her open mouthed.
“Mr Carter….!”
“Now Now son, you know your mother knows
“You betrayer!” He just smirks again.
“She’s alone, lonely after her twin died” Mom
says quietly and I tense.
“What?” I ask, I don’t want to be interested,
God knows she will take my interest for
acquiescence but I had to ask, I know how it
feels loosing a sibling you are close to.
“Her sister died 16 years ago and since then
she has been a recluse, hasn’t stepped out of
their mansion for 14 of those years, that was
the time the news broke that her sister had
died, this girl is pretty but innocent, very
innocent, like, does not know what a kiss
mean innocent “I look to my father before
turning to my mother.
” And you want me to marry her why? ”
” I and her mother were best friends, we drifted
apart after the incident, but we had already
promised each other we would become family”
“They are major shareholders in our
companies, her father was a great politician
but he retired early because of his heart and
pain, Please son, do this for me? Help me help
a friend take away the pain from their hearts”
“You of all people should know how it feels
when you loose someone you are close to”
And that is how Mrs Carter won this round.
“Fine, I’m not making any promises, I’m just
gonna see where this will go.”
She beams, knowing she has me where she
wants me and I feel myself slip a little.
I’m a momma’s boy.

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