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Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 3
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“Who pissed in your cheerios?” Aaron asks
when I throw my jacket on the couch, he must
have heard me come in because he was
waiting at the foot it the stairs. I stalk to the
liquor cabinet.
“Well…?” he asks after i take a swig of my
“Had a run in with a clumsy waitress, she
dunked my precious cargo in ice water” I say
pointing below my waist. He winces for me and
I take another drink.
“Is that the main reason you look like that?”
“How do I look?”
“Like you want to rip somebody’s head off”
He says limping away from the stairs towards
“The doctor told you to stay off your foot for a
while” I say, my eyes on his bandaged leg.
“The doctor is a quack, he doesn’t know what
he is doing”
“The doctor is your uncle”
“That doesn’t answer my question”
He retorts and I sigh, Aaron can be a meddling
house wife when he wants to.
“Mother called me on my way home”
“Avery mavery?” He asks and I nod.
“What did she want?”
“She saw my interview earlier today and is
wondering why I told the anchor I’m single”
He nods, reaching for my glass but I push it
away from him.
He sends me a betrayed look, I just ignore
“But you are single” He says.
“Exactly my point, but she thinks it’s time I
announce my engagement”
I say and he freezes.
“Ohhhhhh” He says dragging out the word.
“I thought the idea was discarded when you
turned 25?” He says finally abandoning his
quest to get to my drink and settling himself on
the couch beside me.
“It was never discarded, I just stopped talking
about it” I say, leaning my head against the
head rest.
“What are you gonna do about it? You know
Avery Mavery, when she gets an idea….”
He’s right, my mom-Avery mavery -, she’s not
someone to mess with.
“This Girl, do you know anything about her?
Maybe she is as adverse to this idea just as
you are”
“And even if she is? What do we do about it?”
“It’s times like this you manifest your
stereotypical dumb jock vibe” he says and I
drop my hand on his injured thigh and he
squeals like girl.
He injured said thigh on the field,scared the
shit out of us, thinking it was something
serious, the doctor gave him 2 months to heal
and he’s staying with me for those two months.
It’s just being 2 weeks and it feels like a year
already, the guy is a f-cking slob.
“Dude, this is precious cargo, careful on me”
he says brushing my hands off.
“Do you have any ideas?”
I ask.
“Nope none, I’m sorry, personally I think it’s
time you get married, you are what, 29?”
“You want to die?” I ask menacingly and he
bursts out laughing, the f-cker.
“We will think of something, chill homie” He
says seriously and I don’t reply, just take a
drink and we stay like that.
“Addie! Quick! It’s a commercial, Levi is on!”
Pamela shouts from the sitting room and I
zoom out of the bathroom, wrapping my towel
around my torso.
I enter the sitting room to see my future hubby
on TV drinking juice from a juice box and
loving it.
“Remind me to buy that brand of juice when
next we go grocery shopping”
I say sitting on the couch.
“Before you buy the juice, buy milk, we are
She says.
“We are out of toilet paper too” I say watching
as the commercial comes to an end.
“Did you use all the toilet paper again?” She
“Did you drink all the milk again?” I ask back
and we chuckle together.
It’s a running joke between the two of us, while
we were together in the foster home our foster
mother always complained and blamed us
when something gets exhausted in the house.
“Did you record Levi’s interview?”
“Yeah, and I microwaved the left over chicken,
you can thank me by doing the laundry
“I have an early shift tomorrow” I say grateful
to escape the work.
“You can do it when you get back”
I pout, she just goes back to painting her toes.
“Guess who came into the restaurant today
after you left”
“Levi Carter” I say and she slowly lifts her
“Please tell me you didn’t jump on his body”
She says next and with trepidation.
“Eesh, No! What do you take me for?” I say
and she breaths a sigh of relief.
“Something worse happened”
“I knew it! Tell me”
I explain everything and how I ended up
grabbing the most famous, sought after, traded
four times footballer of all time’s penny weeny.
She looks at me for a second before she bursts
out laughing, falling off the couch and
smearing her nail polish on the carpet.
She laughed so hard, I just look at her not
“That’s enough, it isn’t that funny”
“Seriously? that shit is funny, extremely so,
after all the prep we had done for your big
day? That was how you behaved when you
finally saw him? I’m sure he would run the
other way when next he sees you”
I immediately perk up.
“Thats the thing, he didn’t see me, I had our
big ass cap covering my face”
She immediately stops smiling.
“Well that’s a plus”
“Yeah it is” I say and we stay like that for a
while before she bursts out laughing again.
I growl at her and stop up in a fit to go get
dressed and leave her to her laughter.
I get to my room down the hall and I could still
hear the laughter . I hope she falls and hit her
butt hard on the ground.
“Ouch!!” She screams from the sitting room
and I smile to myself.

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