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Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 2
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Sixteen Years Later..
he walks in, takes a look at me and he knew
he had to have me.
‘what are you doing?’ he asks and I blush.
‘I was waiting for you’
I reply innocently, he looks around the room
and pulls me to him, my chest smashing with
his, it’s thrilling, I like it..
He strokes my hair off my face bending his
head for a kiss.
I prepare my self, it’s everything I’ve always
wanted, everything, to kiss this man.
Our lips brush and he comes in for another kiss
and I……
The voice jerks my head up and I blush quickly
slamming my book close.
I slide a killing look to Pamela as she grins at
“Oh shush, stop writing er*ticas on Levi Carter
and go serve some customers” She says and I
poke my tongue out at her.
“You made me stop at the best part, now I’ve
lost inspiration, besides I’m on break”
I say, giving my book a wistful look.
“Your break ended like 10 minutes ago, write
on your own time” my eyes go to clock on the
wall in our break room and I almost wince.
Whenever I write time flies but when I write
about Levi ‘golden boy’ Carter? Time Zooms
so fast I dont know where it goes to.
“Hold up, who made you the boss of me?”
I ask Pams and she shrugs.
“I’m just trying to make sure you don’t get
fired” she says as I tie my apron.
“You know James is an A-hole” She says and
I cringe, our boss James is the world greatest
asshole, he’s a pervert and a sex offender but
since I greatly need this job I have to make do.
“Thanks Pams, that’s why you are my bestie”
she fakes barfs and I laugh, I begin to walk out
but she stops me with a tut.
“Nuh uh, don’t forget your cap” she says
handing the piece of offending fabric to me.
I don’t know why James makes us wear it, it’s
big and covers my face. I smile gratefully at
her as I accept.
“I’m clocking out now, see you at home” she
“Okay, microwave that fried chicken for me
yeah? And don’t forget to record Levi’s
interview for me okay?” she nods and I exit
adjusting my cap.
I walk to my section of the restaurant and I see
table No

. 5 filled with men.
Ugh, I hate it when a group of men come in at
once, they go out of their way to comment
I cover my head more as I approach the table.
“You should have see how star-strucked she
looked then, she would have kissed your feet”
one of them is saying and I immediately dislike
this guy.
I know I don’t know him and stuff but he
sounds like an all time player.
I count 5 of them as I approach.
“Good evening gentlemen, I will be your
waitress for today, may I take your orders
Their head turns to me and my eyes scan
Typical suits, I’m sure they are all news
reporters or something, most likely
shareholders in a company.
Based on the way they are dressed like
My eyes peruse them from first to last and I
stop when I see a pair of blue eyes looking at
It’s… It’s…
Working here in James resort I see a lot of
celebrities, it’s a perk of the job, I get paid well
and sometimes I get free food.
Trust me, these are all things I need. Never in
my years of working here have I ever seem
Levi Carter! Levi freaking Carter!
I almost jump out of my skin when I feel his
gaze on me.
He’s trying to see underneath my cap but it’s
covering face.
And it’s a good thing too, I take stock of how I
looked when I last looked in a mirror and I
surmise that I look like yesterday’s roadkill.
My long black hair has grease in it from me
staying in the kitchen for long.
My mascara is smeared, my eyeliner
Smuged and my lipstick have been licked off.
My life.
This is not how I planned on meeting Levi
Carter for the first time.
I wish I looked as good as one of the
Kardashians right now so that I could ask for
his number.
And when I do he would see me and instantly
fall in love with me.
“Did you get all that?”
Suit one asks and I blink my eyes realizing
that I’ve been staring at Levi. He has looked
away and I’ve been drooling like a fool.
“I’m sorry can I get that again?” I ask and they
rattle out their orders again but not before suit
one calls me a dunce.
I forget to be angry, why? Because I just met
Levi freaking Carter!!
I walk away when he gives me his order, he
just wants a glass of water with a lemon slice.
Even his voice sounds like I imagined, cool
and deep.
Oh sweet Mary and Joseph.
I get their order and I set everything on the
cart and I wheel it out, still on cloud nine.
I walk to table No. 5 and I begin  to set their
orders in front of them, my eyes going to my
Future husband once in a while.
When I get to the suit before him I almost trip
and fall.
I almost die of embarrassment when he
steadies me but I don’t because his hand is
curled around my wrist.
Sweet Bliss.
His touch does things to me down below,
I begin to set his glass of water on the table
when temptation sets in, this close I can
probably see his eyes.
I should take a peek, just a little peek.
I raise my head and his eyes are right there to
greet me, he’s looking at me too, I’m sure he
can’t see my face underneath the cap but he’s
trying to.
I miss the table while setting the glass and it
ends up on his.. Crotch?
Oh hell.
I grab some paper napkin when he inhales a
little from the bite of the cold water.
This gets the attention of the other suits and I
almost die of mortification.
Thank God he can’t see my face, this was the
thought on my mind as I dab on his wet jeans.
He’s the only one wearing jeans in the group.
I freeze when his hand curls around my wrist to
stop me.
“Please just let me help….”
I say with a whisper.
“It’s fine lady” He says but I continue.
He looks uncomfortable, who wouldn’t be? A
strange waitress has poured ice cold water on
his body.
“Will you just stop?” suit one says. “Can’t you
see where your hands are touching?”
I don’t get his meaning, I look up at Levi and
down to my hands.
My hands were grabbing his Junk!!!!!

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