“Where are you coming from”,mom said to me as soon as i entered
the sitting room”.
“Mom please i am very tired and i need some rest”,i replied.
“Don’t you dare play dumb,i ask you a question and i won’t repeat
“Mom i tought i told you where i am heading to before going out”.
“So you are trying to tell me that you stayed with your friends till
“Yes mom,we had so much fun”.
“And you ignored the date you had with Tony because of that isn’t
“Oh i forgot about it mom,please don’t be angry”.
“Cynthia i am your mother and i have played such games before, you
and i know very well that you weren’t with your friends and i demand
an explanation right now”.
“Mom i told you that i was with my friends and i forgot the date with
“Alright then if you don’t want to tell me the truth then i won’t
bother you about it but let me warn you if this particular incident
ever repeat itself again then you shall hate me”.
“Don’t worry mom,it won’t happen again and about Tony i will call
him and find a way to make it up to him just trust me”.
“You better make it up to him because that young man has been
waiting for you for hours and the worst part Is that you refused to
take your calls”.
“Mom my phone was in my bag,i will call him as soon as i get to my
room,I will go ahead now mom. see you later”.
I got to my room, brought out my phone from my bag and i saw
fifteen missed calls from Tony, five from favour,three from mom and
seven from Dave,I ignored Dave and put a call to Tony.
“At last you agree to turn up”,he said as soon as he answered the
“Listen Tony i am really sorry about today, is just that i forgot about
our date”.
“Of course i can be forgotten very easily because i am not
“Please don’t talk like that, i am really sorry about everything, i will
make it up to you”.
“How can you make it up to me Cynthia, after all the preparations i
made for us today, you didn’t even take my calls or even call me at
least to tell me that you can’t make it”.
“Tony please believe me i didn’t mean to hurt you,please forgive
“Is OK,what can i say or do anyway so i forgive you”.
“Thank you so much Tony,I promised to make it up to you
“How can you make it up to me my lady”.
“Why don’t i make it up to you with a lunch date tomorrow”.
“Hmmmm ,are you sure about this because i don’t want a replica of
“Don’t worry Tony,i won’t fail this time,i promised”.
“Alright then i will come pick you up by 1pm if that’s OK by you”.
“Of course its OK by me,i will be expecting you and i apologise once
“And i forgive you once again my lady,take care of yourself and see
“You too dear,bye,I replied and hung up just in time to see Favour
staring at me”.
“When did you entered my room?” I said to her angrily.
“Calm down big sist, i just came in but you didn’t noticed me”.
“So what are you doing here”.
“Cant i visit my elder sister again”.
“Hope you didn’t come here to ask me why i didn’t go out with
“That was exactly what i came here to do but i changed my mind
due to what i just heard.
“And what did you heard now”.
“That you are telling some people that you want to make it up to
them with lunch”.
“So you were eavesdropping on me now right”.
“No i am not eavesdropping on anyone is just that i overhead that’s
all but seriously speaking i think you are falling for the guy already”.
“Listen i don’t have time for your teasing today,i need to sleep”.
“Yea that’s true,you need a lot of rest so you can prepare well for
your lunch date with your sweet Mr lover boy,good night big
sist”,she replied and left.
“The next day at 12pm i quickly put on a pink long gown and a white
shoe and white hand bag to go with it for my lunch date with Tony
because i want to get ready on time so as not to disappoint him like
yesterday,at one pm favour came into my room to tell me that Tony
is already waiting for me at the sitting room.
“Tell him that i will soon be with him,i told her and she left, i quickly
picked up my handbag and went to the sitting room”.
“Wow,you are definitely an Angel to behold”, he said to me as soon
as he saw me.
“I am flattered, i replied,kiss mom and favour goodbye and left with
He took me to a very wonderful restaurant with few people in it and
we took a seat.
“I hope you like this place”,he said to me as soon as we took our
“Yes this place is very wonderful but there aren’t much people in it”.
“Yes and that is because this restaurant is for rich people and not
much people can afford it”.
“Hmmmmm, thank you for bringing me here”.
“Anything for you my lady so what are you taking”.
“The truth is that i don’t want anything strong so Irish cream will
“Don’t you want to have any food”.
“No no no,i ate before coming”.
“Are you sure about that my lady”.
“Of course i am very sure”.
“Alright if you say so,” he replied and asked the waiter to bring Irish
cream for me and champagne for him and in no time the waiter
came with our order”.
“So what are you studying in school”,i asked as soon as we started
“I studied pharmacist and you”.
“I am studying marketing at the university of Benin”.
“Is marketing the course you have always dreamt of studying”.
“Yes i have always dreamt of studying marketing because i want to
be my own boss no matter how small my business is”.
“Hmmm,my marketer but seriously i am happy for you so when are
you graduating”.
“I am about writing my final exams and what about you, have you
“I graduated last year and i am now working so that’s why i don’t
have much time here because i only took three months leave,
Cynthia please i am begging you just give me a little place in your
heart,i want to travelled back with a fulfilled mind with you by my
Tbc 9:30pm
“Is OK Tony, I will think about your proposal, i promised you that”.
“Please do because i don’t think i can live without you anymore, i
love you so much”.
“Is OK i will give you a reply very soon so enough of this emotional
talk”,we talked for a while and he dropped me off at my
apartment,that same evening i got a call from a strange number, i
quickly answered the call to found out who the caller is”.
“Hello Cynthia please don’t hang up on me,this is David mother and
i need you to do something for me please don’t say no please
because it is very important”.
“So what do you want me to do for you ma’am”.
“I need you to go talk to David for me,he has been in a very bad
mood since yesterday and i think that he can harm himself and I am
not home please don’t say no”.
“Alright ma’am i will go there right away”,I replied.
“Oh thank you so much Cynthia, i really appreciate and please go
there right away”.
“Ok ma’am i am on my way already”,i quickly pick up my purse and
left for David apartment and i got there just in time to meet the
shock of my life.



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