Episode 48

“No Dave,i will give you up if you won’t give me up”.
“Cynthia please don’t do this to me, can’t you see that i have refused
her offer”.
“And that is why i am asking you to accept her offer”.
“No Cynthia i will not,even if i have to die rejecting her offer then let
death come,i will not marry Sonia no matter what”.
“Dave can’t you see that she is asking you to do it,please do this for
me please i am begging you”.
“No mother, Cynthia is the one i love and she is the one i will marry”.
“And i say that i will no longer marry you Dave”.
“And why are you so bent on breaking up with me because of this
“I just want you to do what your mother said”.
“But it doesn’t seem so,it appears to that you are breaking up with
me just to be with the guy your parents want you to be with”.
“How dare you say such a thing to Me Dave”.
“Why won’t i say such a thing to you,here i am arguing with my
mother and trying my best just to fight for Our love but all you wants
is to break up with me, how am i even sure that you haven’t fell for
that guy”.
“What,how can you even say such a thing to me”.
“Yes why won’t i say so,listen if you want to break up with me then
go ahead and do it,just go ahead and do it because i am tired of
pleading with you all the time,if you are tired of this relationship then
go ahead and end it and stop forcing yourself, God knows i have
tried my best,i am even arguing with my mother right now so we can
be together but it seems you don’t want that and i can’t keep on
forcing you to do what you don’t want”
Are you asking me to break up with you Dave ?
“I am not asking you to break up with me Cynthia but here am i
fighting for us to be together but all you could do is to make things
worst for me by trying to break up with me that’s why i am simply
telling you to follow your heart”.
“I love you Dave but i am really confused right now”.
“If you loved me then don’t be confused, we are going to work
things out and be together, i promised.
“Dave don’t tell me that you chooses Cynthia over me”.
“Mom i love Cynthia and she is the one i will marry”.
“No Dave i can’t take this anymore, “i replied and ran out of his
apartment but he ran after me and i heard him calling my name and
asking me to stop but before he could get to me i took a bike and



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