“Do you expect me to break up with the guy i am dating now”.
“No I didn’t say that,all I am saying is that you should get to know
“Get to know you and then what,what is the point of getting to know
you when i already have someone else and what if after getting to
know you i still stand by my word,wouldn’t that hurt you the more or
what if i choose you after spending time to know you then what will
happen to the one i love,getting to know you will just be a way to
hurt you people,just accept the truth and go look for somebody
“Cynthia please don’t deny it,i know you feel something for me or
can you deny the fact that you don’t like me or have a little crush on
“Stop it Tony, stop making me feel that i am not loyal to the one i
“I am not the one making you feel that you are not loyal to him,you
know it yourself that you are not loyal to him,you don’t love him
Cynthia i can see it in your eyes”.
“I can see that this discussion is getting us nowhere, maybe we can
talk better after cooling our head for a while,please excuse me”,I
replied and made to leave but he grabbed my hand and stop me.
“Please think carefully about what i told you, you know i don’t have
much time here and it will be a lot of pain to me if i go back without
you because I don’t think i can love anyone the same way i love you
and i may not get married again, say goodbye to everyone for me,I
will come and see you tomorrow,he replied and left.
Oh my God what am i going to do now,should i agree and get
married to him,no I can’t do that to Dave who has always shown me
love,but he just told me that he may not get married to any other
Lady if i should reject him,but i can’t leave Dave after all we have
been through together, how is he going to feel,speaking of Dave he
hasn’t called me today, let me call him to know how he is fairing”.
“Hello my love how are you doing”,he said to me after answering.
“I am fine Dave,how is Rose doing?”
“She is fine and dying to meet you”.
“Hmmmm tell her she will meet me soon”.
“Is everything okay with you my love?”
“Of course everything is fine, why do you ask?”
“Your voice,the way you talk i think you have something you are
hiding from me”.
“No Dave,how can i, i just miss you and that’s it”.
“I am planning of asking you out today, will you be available”.
“Yes i am very excited, i really missed you a lot”.
“Ok i will come pick you up at your junction by five, please don’t be
“I won’t my love,please don’t fail,i love you so much”.
“I love you more,take good care of yourself for me OK,see you later”.
“Sist where is Brother Tony, has he left already without saying
goodbye,”Favour said to me as she walk into the sitting room.
“He got an urgent call from somebody and he has to run”.
“Oh so tell me,don’t you find him attractive”.
“Favour you have started again”.
“This is not the matter of starting again big sist,I saw the glance the
both of you were giving to each other during lunch and I know that
you already like the guy but you are trying to deny it,the guy is super
cute anyway so any girl could easily fall for him”.
“So why don’t you fall for him then”.
“Sist you know i am still too young for marriage”.
“So you mean that i am overdue for marriage”.
“Ha big sist stop acting like you don’t know what i meant”.
“Alright alright enough of Tony,i have a date with Dave and i need
you to choose what will fit”.
“Big sist don’t tell me that you are dating Dave”.
“Favour stop asking too much questions please”.
“Ok OK let me not say anything again for now,”she replied and
followed me to my room”.
We got to my room and we end up choosing a dark blue three
quarter gown and a black gown and black shoes,after few minutes
Dave called me and inform me that he is already at the junction, i
quickly took my bag and ran to the junction.
“Wow you are looking splendid”.
“And you are looking handsome as always”.
“Wow you brought a car”.
“Yes i ask my dad to lend me his car because today is a special
“Hmmm i don’t know you love me this much”.
“Of course i do,please hop in so we don’t miss our reservation, he
reply opening the door.
I hop in an he took me to a very fancy restaurant.
“Woah this place is very nice”,I said immediately we entered the
“Yes this is the best place here,”he replied.
“I told dad that i want to take somebody special out and i need a
very beautiful place so he made reservation here for us”.
“Thank God i dressed very well or else i would have regret it because
everybody here is all dressed up,i replied.
“You are beautiful just the way God created you and you know it,”he
“Hmmmm all this your lovely complement is making me love you
more by the day”.
“So tell me what would you like to have”.
“Anything you can order for me”.
“Waiter please come take our order”,he said to the waiter and he
walked up to us.
“Good evening madam”,please what would you like to have.
“Anything you can recommend”
“What about you sir”,he replied turning to David.
“Just give us two plate of fried rice and salad and a bottle of red
“The waiter left and returned with two plate of food and a bottle of
wine,he carefully place it on our table and Dave ask me to open the
one closer to me,i quickly opened it and behold a very beautiful ring
was lying on my plate, i was surprised and i turned to face him,he
quickly opened his plate and a microphone was on it, he picked it up
and turn around”.
“Hello everybody i want you all to witness a very special day of my
life,the step i am taking today is not an easy step to take but i have
tought about it and i have decided to take it with someone very
special to me and i need your support “,he said to all the people
present at the restaurant and all their attention came to us, Today i
will be proposing to the love of my life and i want you all to witness
it”.everybody started clapping immediately he said that and that
drew their attention more to us, some of them quickly brought out
their camera and camera phone and started videoing us. I was so
shocked by what he said,i didn’t believe Dave will proposed to me
so soon at least not now, He turned to me, picked up the ring and
knelt down close to me and asked me a very important question that
every woman including ladies hope, pray and long to hear some day
from the opposite s-x.
“Cynthia David will you be the mother of my children, will you marry



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