“Hello you must be Cynthia”,he said to me.
“Em y y yes i i am Cynthia”.
“And i must say that you are splendid,you are more beautiful than
what your family told me”.
“Thank you but who might you me”.
“I am Tony Oyibo,your husband to be”.
“Really, so you have already concluded that without asking if I want
to be your wife or not, isn’t it unusual for a man to marry a woman
without her consent”.
“My lady don’t say that, that’s why I am here to formally ask for your
hand in marriage”.
“That is good then,so that mean i can tell you what my answer is
“No my lady i can’t let you give me an answer just yet because that
answer won’t be from your heart so maybe after few more days then
you can give me your wonderful answer”.
“Hmmmm so you think some days can change a mind that is already
made up”.
“Of course my lady,just a minute can change somebody life forever
so why can’t it change what is in the heart”.
“Is something holding you there Cynthia”,mom called out from the
sitting room.
“Forgive my manners, i am suppose to let you in but I let you stand
“Oh is nothing,I am ready to do anything for my lady who is just
getting to know her man”.
“Please come in’,i replied and let him into the sitting room”.
“Oh Tony my child,you are already here”.
“Yes mama,i couldn’t wait for even one more second before seeing
my bride to be”.
“I Guess the both of you are getting to know each other already”.
“Yes mom,she is more than what I expected her to be and who is
this beautiful damsel standing by your side”? He asked mom
pointing to favour.
“Oh this is favour my younger sister and she is waiting to meet you,I
quickly replied”.
“Oh so you are favour,I must say you are as beautiful as your sister”.
“Thank you for the complement brother Tony” ,favour replied.
“You are welcome my dear,you have really grown so big and
beautiful especially you my lady,”he replied facing me.
“What do you mean by grown so big brother Tony, have we met
before? Favour ask him.
“Oh yes my dear but I guess you won’t remember, your sister here
must remember”.
“No I don’t think we have met before,I replied.
“Mom so the both of them don’t remember me anymore”.
“Girls Tony and his family was our next door neighbour at the time
we live at port Harcourt before relocating to delta here,at the time
favour was still very tender but Cynthia you are almost 11 then so
you should remember him”.
“Yes mom i think i remember him now,you are almost a teenager at
time, i guess you may be 13 or 14 year old at that time and your
father relocated to Delta here because of business and you
promised to always write me but you didn’t, you forgot about me”.
“No I sent you letters”.
“You sent me letters then but i didn’t receive any of them.
“Maybe I was mailing them to the wrong address but I am sure I
sent you letters”.
“Ok OK children enough of this getting together, let’s go have lunch
first and after that you can have all the time in the world to know
yourselves better but for now let’s eat before the food get
cold”,mom told us and we all went to the dinning and have a
delicious meal of bagan soup and starch,at most time I will caught
Tony staring at me and I will smile at him and he will smile back at
me all through the lunch time after lunch we all retire to the sitting
“Mom I haven’t seen Dad since I came here”.
“Oh he went to work but he promise to visit you after work”.
“Alright then I will be expecting him”.
“So how is everything abroad”.
“Everything is working fine for me there and I give thanks to God”.
“That’s good and you wants to settle down in Canada or Nigeria
“I will settle down there mom because that is where my work is so
that is why I can’t stay long in Nigeria, I only took some few months
“You mean you will soon be leaving? I asked.
“I think somebody is already afraid of losing somebody here”,mom
cuts in.
“Mom please i am only asking”
“Yes i don’t have much time here because I have a lot of work to do
in Canada”,he replied.
“But why didn’t you take a wife in Canada”.
“I have someone I love right here in Nigeria mom,I have always felt
something for Cynthia while we were young then but we are too
young for such things then so I didn’t tell her,last month I asked
Michael if she is married and he told me that she is not yet married
so I want to take that chance to show her how much I love her”.
“Do you hear that Cynthia,favour let’s leave both of them alone for
now so they can be free with each other,”mom said to favour.
“Alright mom,see you later big sist and please take care of her for
me brother Tony”.
“Of course I will and it is nice to see you again”.
“You too be good,mom replied and they left”.
“Is it true that you felt something for me then”.
“Yes Cynthia I have always hope we will see each other some day
but before your family relocated to Delta here i have travelled abroad
already, I don’t know how your elder brother got my number and we
started communicating some few months back”.
“But why didn’t you tell me then?”
“Cynthia you where just about ten to eleven years then”.
“At least you should have told me in a way that I will understand
because it is too late now,I already have somebody i love so much”.
“Please Cynthia i am not asking you to agree now but all i am asking
is that you give this a tought because I have not have any serious
relationship, I can’t deny the fact that i have dated girls in Canada
but nothing serious because my heart always long for you, please
just give me a place in your heart, please I am begging you just think
about this very well”.



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