“Mom, dad,how can you even think of something like this,you want
to marry me out to someone I don’t have canal knowledge of and
you think I will consent to that”.
“My dear we are your parents and we want the best for you,we know
that Tony is the right guy for you and that is why we are telling you
“No dad I disagree with you and i will not marry Tony”.
“You are only saying this because you haven’t seen him,I bet you will
love him when you meet him so just relax and prepare for his visit”.
“No mom I will not marry him and that is final, I replied and went to
my room”.
How can they even think of getting me married just like that to
someone I don’t know and they don’t even care to know if I loved
him or not,no I will not marry Tony or whatever his name is, I said to
myself as soon as I got to my room.
I woke up the next day very late because I slept late,I went to the
kitchen to prepare something to eat and I met mom preparing a lot
of food.
“Good morning mom”.
“Good morning my daughter, how was your night”.
“It was OK Mom”.
“I don’t want to wake you because I knew you must be tired from
your journey yesterday”.
“Yes I am very tired but why are you preparing so much food or has
Micheal and Jane agreed to accompany favour here and spend
some time with us”.
“No my daughter, it is true that your sister is in her way but your
brother is not with her,he said that he is busy at work and that he
will fix out time to visit us soon,”.
“So why is there so much food”.
“You seems to forgot so soon about what we told you last night”.
“What is that about”.
“Tony the son of your dad business partner is visiting today to see
“Mom I tought I told you and dad that I will not marry Tony”.
“I know you said that but we know you can’t agree just like that,you
have to see him first and get to know him and then you can make a
“Mom I don’t know why you and dad are trying to force me to marry
someone I don’t love but I am assuring you that it is not going to
work,tell dad to secure his contract with someone else and not me
please,for Christ sake I don’t know why dad always wants to decide
everything for us and now he has take it on him to choose who I will
“Your father gave birth to you and he wants the best for you”.
“I know that but he is taking it too far”.
“Ok let’s make a deal,just try to act nice with Tony and be free with
him for just two weeks and after that two weeks you can decide if
you wants to marry him or not and if you don’t want to marry him
then I will talk to your father and he will let you be”.
“Mom I can’t do that because I have someone I love”.
” I am not asking you to break up with who you say you love,I am
only asking you to spend some time with Tony and get to know him
and that is why I am giving you two weeks and after two weeks you
can decide who you really want”.
“But what if I fell in love with Tony after that two weeks”.
“Then it means you don’t really love the guy you are talking about”.
“Alright mom but if I told you I don’t want Tony after two weeks will
you accept the guy I love?”
“Of course so do we have a deal”.
“Yes mom we have a deal and I am only doing this because of you
and I also want to prove to you that I am deeply in love with the guy I
am telling you about”.
“Ok my dear let’s wait until the end of two Weeks”.
“Mom”,favour called from the sitting room and we both ran to
welcome her”.
“Oh my beautiful sister,you are here already, I replied and hugged
“You are welcome my child,mom said to her and hugged her as well.
“So you have been here big sist and you didn’t even bother to tell
“I am sorry kid sister, mom told me you will be coming today and I
want to surprise you”.
“So how was your journey?”mom asked her.
“It was a bit stressful but is OK because I took the first bus”.
“You are welcome my daughter and how is your brother and his
“They are fine mom and aunty Jane ask me to greet all of you
especially you Cynthia, she told me she look forward to see you
“Hmmm I will call her today to tell her to hasten her visit because I
missed her”,I replied.
“Hmmm mom look at everywhere, I guess you are making one of my
favourite meal?
“Yes I am preparing banga soup and starch to welcome your sisters
suitor”,mom said.
“Hmmm so you already have a suitor and you didn’t tell me about it
big sist? she asked.
“Don’t mine mom,she is only trying to pull yours legs,come with me
let’s go to my room and talk more because mom is busy in the
kitchen”,I replied and we went to my room”.
“You girls shouldn’t stay long there, you know I need help in the
kitchen”,mom said to us.
“So tell me about the suitor mom is talking about?”she asked after
dropping her bags.
“I know you will ask”.
“Of course,who wouldn’t ask about her sisters suitor”.
“Anyway Tony is not my suitor, he is the son of dad business partner
and dad want me to marry him to secure his contract or something,
he came back from American today”.
“Do you just say Tony”.
“Yes his name is Tony Oyibo and he is coming here today”.
“Woah you are so Lucky big sist”.
“How do you mean by I am so lucky”.
“Tony is a friend of brother Micheal and he told me a lot about
him,he travelled to American 8 years ago to further his education
and he is studying pharmacist,brother Micheal told me that he is
coming back to look for a wife,he even told brother Micheal to look
for a decent girl for him because he won’t be staying long in
Nigeria,I think brother Micheal told dad about the both of you or
maybe his father did”.
“So is that why you say I am Lucky”.
“Sist you are Lucky, I have seen his picture, he is very handsome and
brother Micheal told me that he is every woman’s dream,you will like
him when you see him”.
“Is something holding you girls there,”mom said from the kitchen
and we ran to help her”.
After we finish setting the table,we heard the door bell ring.
“Go and answer the door Cynthia,that must be him”,mom said to me
and I quickly went to answer it,I opened it and behold I saw the
most handsome looking guy I have ever seen standing by the door,
he is so handsome and his skin colour is the colour that will be
referred to as the colour of an half-caste, his hair is curly and I fell in
love with his smile,I just stood there staring at him because I am
amazed at his sight”.



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