David and I became more fond of each other after getting back
together and it is just as if that issue was a way to bring us more
close to each other,I showed him the text message and he told me
to stop investigating who did it because the truth will eventually
comes out on its own,we stay together until my finals in the
university but still a year to Davids final because he is studying
engineering and has to stay for five years instead of four years like
me. After our 400level first semester the three of us including Tracy
travelled home to prepared for our second semester and also to see
our family,Tracy travelled home a day before David and I left and
David and I travelled home together alone and it was so much fun
travelling together in a bus with someone you love,half way trough
the journey there was an heavy rainfall and I rest my head on David
shoulder and that made the journey more interesting, we finally got
to our destination and we departed to our various homes after David
promised to called me that weekend so we can go out.
I got home and my family were so happy to see me ,I forget to tell
you something that happened in my third year,Micheal my elder
brother got married to Jane and they now base in port Harcourt
including my younger sister favour who is living with them because
she is studying mass communication at the university of port
“Oh my daughter is back oh”,mom replied as soon as she saw me.
“Yes mom I am back”,I replied and hugged her.
“How was the journey my daughter”.
“Thank God mom,is very great”.
“Dad is still at work right”.
“Yes my child you know your dad is a very hard working man”.
“Yes mom I know that”.
“I don’t know why you insist on travelling with public bus, you know
your father can come pick you up from school instead”.
“Yes mom I know but you know dad is a very busy person and I
don’t want to stressed him with that”.
“Then I can come if you like”.
“Ha mom you don’t have to worry,I am OK with the public
“Ok my child if you say so,I know you must be tired now after the
“Yes mom I am tired and need a lot of rest and food as well”.
“Ok just go to your room to freshen up while I fix you something to
“Alright mom but why is favour not yet back”.
“Don’t mine your sister, you know that Jane is pregnant and need
somebody to help her so she don’t want to allow your sister to
come home but I have called her and she told me she will come
home tomorrow”.
“Ok mom I will be expecting her then because I have really miss her
and Micheal but what about Micheal, Isn’t he going to come with
Jane since favour is coming and there is nobody to help her do
some work she can come over here for some time”.
“Yes I told your brother but he hasn’t said anything about it yet”.
“Okay mom let me freshen up and get ready for your food because i
missed that a lot”.
“Ok my daughter we will talk more when your dad comes back from
Later in the evening dad sent for me after dinner and I went to the
sitting to answer his call,I met mom and dad sitting and I know dad
sent for me for something serious.
“You sent for me dad”,I said
“Yes my daughter, i sent for you because your mother and I have
something important to discuss with you so please sit down”.
“Ok dad “,I replied and sat down but still confused about why they
sent for me”.
“You are welcome once again my daughter”, dad said to me as soon
as I sat down.
“Thank you dad and I am also happy to see you and mom after a
long time”.
Welcome, I know you are wondering why we sent for you”.
“Yes dad I am wondering about it and I hope there isn’t any
“You don’t have to worry my child, we called you here because we
have goodnews”.
“Really then tell me because I can’t wait”.
“The son of Mr Oyibo is coming back from America tomorrow and
he promised to come see you as soon as he comes back”.
“Mom,dad,who is Mr oyibo and who is his son”.
My daughter, Mr oyibo is a business partner of your father, he gives
contracts Worth’s of millions to your father and his son that
travelled abroad 8years ago is coming back tomorrow and the best
part is that he is coming back to get married, he has ask his father
to find a wife for him ,so your father and his father has agreed that
the two of you will get married to secure your fathers business
because Mr oyibo might stop giving your father contract one day but
if the both of you get married then our mind will be at rest and you
two will run his father’s company and your father’s company



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