“Dave what are you doing here”.
“Tracy told me that you fainted so I quickly rushed down to see how
you are doing”.
“Thank you so much for coming”
“You are welcome so what happened”.
“Is a long story Dave but I am OK now as you can see but how did
Tracy get to talk to you because as far as I know,you don’t take my
calls and you are not at your apartment”.
“When she called and I didn’t take her calls, she sent me a text
message telling me that you fainted and you ask to see me before
eating your food so I rushed down here”.
“Ha Tracy, she has really been a good friend to me since you left
“That’s good and I am really happy that you have someone like her”.
“Yea but I want to use this opportunity to apologise for what I did
that lead to our break up”.
“Cynthia please just forget about that for now,what matters most is
your health ok”.
“No Dave your understanding matters to me now more than
anything, your love,your care”.
“Cynthia please”
“No Dave,I will understand if you won’t be able to go on with our
relationship but what I want is your life and our friendship, go back
to your old life and come back to your apartment,we can still be
friends, I knew that I don’t deserve forgiveness because of what I
did but anyone could have made the same mistake and I don’t want
you to suffer for it so please don’t destroy your life for me”.
“Cynthia please you shouldn’t be saying all this for now,just get well
“How can I get well when you are like this Dave”.
“Listen Cynthia I told you that everything will be fine but I just need
sometime alone”.
“But its one week already Dave, isn’t that enough time,Dave please
stop keeping me in suspense, just tell me that its over so we can
both move on with our lives”.
“Don’t say that Cynthia, you know I can’t break up with you,I agreed I
was mad at you and I ask for sometime alone but that doesn’t mean
I want to end our relationship that took us time to built to this level,
alright I will come back to my apartment and start attending lectures
and we can start all over again”.
“No Dave I don’t want to force you to accept me back into your life,
I want you to accept me from your mind and not because it is what I
want OK”.
“Listen Cynthia I was mad at you and all that but I never for once
tought of leaving you,you know I love you so much and will never do
“If that is the case then let me ask you a question?”
“Yes ask me I am listening”.
“Would you have come to see me if Tracy didn’t sent you a text
informing you that I fainted and was rushed to the hospital”.
“I would have come see you and even if I didn’t come
today,tomorrow or all through the week,I would have still come see
you because I already forgave you and I knew that you didn’t do
what you did from your mind,some people who don’t want us
together pushed you to do it and I will be giving them what they
want by ending our relationship”.
“so you mean you still love me from your heart and you have forgiven
me for what I did to you”
“Oh my God i am so happy,Thank you so much for understanding
me Dave,I promised not to hurt you ever again”.
“And I also promised not to hurt you as well”.
“Oh I love you so much”.
“I love you too”.
Hmmmm,Tracy cleared her throat as she walked into the hospital
and saw us hugging,we quickly freed ourselves from each other as
soon as we saw her.
“I am so happy that you both are back together at last”,she said to
us happily.
“Me too I am so happy and all this won’t have happened if not for all
your effort”,David replied her”.
“The pleasure is mine Dave, all I want is my friend happiness and I
will do anything for it and believed me I have really talk some sense
into her and I believed she will not misbehave again”.
“So I am here and the both of you are conspiring against me”.
“We are not conspiring against you Cynthia, all I want is the best for
you and I am only thanking Dave for giving it to you”.
“I know that Tracy and I am very happy for having a friend like you
and just as David said,all this won’t have happened without your
support, thank you so much my friend, you are a true friend and I
thank God for giving you to me”.
“Is OK Cynthia, you know that your happiness is my happiness, and
Dave thank you so much once again for forgiving her,I will live you
two together now,and Cynthia the doctor said you can go home now
and I knew Dave can help you with that so I will come and see you at
home tomorrow”.
“Yes you have tried a lot and I will take her home,thank you once
again,Dave replied her.
“Alright bye and thank you so much once again,I will call you as
soon as I get home”.
“Ok take good care of yourself and take care of Dave,”she replied
and left.
“She is a very good friend and she love you so much”,Dave told me
as Tracy left.
“Yes she is Dave and I love her too”.
“So where am I taking you,my apartment or yours”.
“Anywhere of your choice as far as we are together”.
“Then my apartment will do because I have a cool bottle of wine for
for celebration of the both of us together”.
“Alright then let’s go, I replied and made to stand up but he stopped
me and carry me”.
“I need to carry you just to be sure you won’t faint again because I
don’t want to lose you ever again”,he told me on our way out.
“You are really funny Dave and I really missed you so much”,I
“you have no idea how much I missed you”.
he replied and kissed me and we took a cab and left for his



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