“Listen Cynthia did you know what you just did,you murdered a child
and not just any child,my child,our child Cynthia, do you know the
plans that I have made for us,I have even called my mom and told
her that you are carrying my child and she promised to talk to my
dad about it so we can go see your parents and now how can I
explain to her that you had an abortion”.
“Dave please I am sorry I am sure she will understand because she
is a woman like me”.
“Don’t you dare say that she is a woman like you, she is not a
woman like you because if she has aborted me then I will not be
alive today,Cynthia I had good plans for us but you just took
advantage of my situation, I know its hard for you to cope with
pregnancy as you are still in school but abortion isn’t the best
“I am sorry Dave but aminat and Ijeoma pushed me into this”.
“Who is aminat and Ijeoma in the first place”.
“Listen Dave if you calm down and promised not to leave me then I
will explain everything to you”.
“No Cynthia this is more than I can bear so I can’t promise you that”.
“So you are still going to break up with me then”.
“Listen Cynthia what you did is murder and even the worst of all
because you murdered an innocent child and I don’t think I can
forgive you for that please understand what I am going true because
what you did really hurt me and I need some time alone,I really don’t
know what is going to happen between the both of us from now on
but I wish you luck,he replied and was about leaving but I ran to stop
him because I couldn’t saw him leave”.
“No Dave please don’t leave,if you live me then my life will be
empty,please I an begging you Dave”.
“Cynthia please just let me go,I am not leaving you, I just need
sometime to be alone and I need you to understand”.
“No Dave if you leave now without forgiving me then I know that you
won’t come back to me anymore, please don’t leave me because of
one mistake I made”.
“You call what you did just one mistake, what you did is ten times a
mistake and I just can’t look at your eyes and pretend that
everything is alright and like I said I need sometime to decide what
is going to happen to our relationship so don’t turn this Into some
sort of tragedy”.
“Dave you know I can’t live without you”.
“Then you should have tought about that before making your own
decision on something that concern the both of us, I am sorry but I
have to leave,”he replied and walk away”.
I almost died after Dave left me,it is almost a week now and I
haven’t seen him and I have looked for him everywhere but still
couldn’t find him,it is just like my life is crashing before my very
eyes and I don’t know what to do, just as I was deep in tought I
heard somebody knocking on my apartment door,I tought it was
David so I ran to open the door but it was no other person than
Tracy my course mate, she was the one who has been there for me
since Sonia left but we became more closed when I told her about
the issue going on between David and i and she tried to help me
apologise to David but he was not at his apartment for six days now
and he is not taking my calls either so she has no option than to
give up and talk me out of him”.
“Cynthia what is wrong now,she said to me as soon as I opened the
“Everything is fine Tracy”.
“Don’t tell me that everything is fine Cynthia, you haven’t attended
lectures for days and you always stay indoors and you don’t take my
calls either, don’t tell me that you are still thinking about David”.
“Why did he have to break up with me and ran away from his
apartment all because of me,I tought he said he love me and we
promised to be together forever”.
“I have no doubt that Dave loves you but you have to understand
that he needs sometime to get over the pain you caused him”.
“But I have apologise to him,I have sent him series of text just to tell
him that I am sorry,what else can I do to make him forgive me”.
“Don’t worry Cynthia, he will forgive you and I am sure of that”.
“When will that be Tracy,when is he going to forgive me,he no
longer take my calls and I am losing my mind”.
“Is alright Cynthia,” she replied and hugged me. “Now my dear you
have to come with me to somewhere”.
“No I don’t feel like going out right now”.
“You see Cynthia this is exactly what I am talking about, you have to
be strong and keep leaving your life, you can’t spend the rest of your
life thinking about Dave,you have your life to live”.
“But i love him”.
I know that you love him but if you dies will that love still exist,that’s
why you have to be strong and face your problems OK.
“And how can I face my problems”
“by going out and doing things you like,meeting people and all that”.
“Alright I will go with you”.
“That’s my girl,so go take a shower and get ready and I will be right
here waiting for you and please be fast ok so we can get there on
“I stood up and I was about going into the bathroom a text message
came into my phone and i quickly rushed to read it because I tought
it was from David but I look at the sender and it is not from David
but from an unknown number, I quickly opened it and read the
content of the test but it almost gave me an heart attack.



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