“Well…there’s no going back, so why…Mmmm…why not just keep up with it?!” She told him. She ‘needed’ this to keep going…it was the most fantastic sex she had ever received.

“Mmm…Mmm…Okay…whatever you say sis! I totally want this to keep going…Ughhh…too!”

Good, because, at least I…Mmm…YES BABY!! I know now that you’ll…yes, YES COLIN, GIVE IT TO ME!! You’ll stop waking me up now right?!” She ended with another heavy moan.

Colin grunted as he kept up his pace. “YOU GOT IT!!”

“Well then…then You know I’m..Ohhh yeah…that’s it! You know now that I’m…FUCKKK MEEE…God, OHH SHIT…YES RIGHT THERE!! I’m always game!”

Colin smiled gleefully. “Well GOOD, because, Ughhh…Ughhh…this game is…Ahhh…almost…Ughh…game over!”

Emma moaned loudly as she knew what was just about to happen. “YES COLIN; GIVE IT TO ME! FILL ME UP!! I NEED TO FEEL IT; I NEED YOUR CUM INSIDE ME!!”

As she felt her brother shove himself all the way into her, Emma squeezed her pussy tight, not allowing her brother to escape. Not but 4 seconds later, Colin grunted as each spew of cum erupted from his cock. “UGHH…UGHHH…MMMM…OHHH…AHHH.” He let out, clutching his eyes shut.

Emma couldn’t believe how much cum her brother was releasing; it felt like it would never end…but five of six squirts later, it finally did. With all of the cum that Colin had just implanted into his sister, it caused Emma’s cunt to start leaking. His warm, slimy, white seed was drooling from her aching pussy.

As he slowly slipped out of her, Emma flipped her body back over and laid back on the soft carpeted floor. Colin clambered back, and looked at her steadily; he was almost out of breath as his dick limped back down to its normal state. Emma stared back; she grinned, then took two of her fingers and swiped up her brother’s cum from her pussy. Lustfully she slowly brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

“God you’re SO HOT!” Colin told her boldly. “I’m so glad you wanted this! I love you Emma!”

Emma smiled back at him; she then took her index finger, licked it once again, and pointed to her brother, coaxing him to come to her. Colin inched forward and met her face to face. Emma gripped the back of her brother’s head and pulled him in to lay another, longer lasting, blissful kiss on his lips. As their tongues connected, Colin could taste his own cum still lingering within Emma’s saliva.

A couple of minutes had gone by and the kiss finally ended. After it did, Emma quietly whispered into Colin’s right ear. “I love you too bro! Let me know whenever you want me again!”

His eyes widened. “Seriously? You weren’t lying…You mean it? You would fuck me again?!”

She laughed back, and nodded. “You wanted to…right? You wanted this to keep happening too…RIGhT?”

He nodded in agreement. “Mmm-Hmm. Definitely!”

“I mean after that amazing fucking you just gave me, you thought that this was only going to be a one time thing bro? I mean Seriously, after what just we just did, there’s no way of going back anyway. And there’s absolutely NO CHANCE that I’ll ever decline you! You are literally the BEST I have EVER had…plus…there’s so much more we didn’t even get to try…So again, Like I said, you can have me whenever you want Colin; I’m all yours now!!

“There’s only one thing I need you to do.”

She said.

“Whatever you want!” He replied.

“If you ‘really’ do want to fuck me, and you seriously want this to keep happening, there’s just one thing that you need to promise to me!” She told him.

“Anything!” He agreed.

She looked at him sternly. “Just promise me that you will…she paused for a second…STOP FUCKING WAKING ME UP OKAY!” She laughed.

Colin laughed alongside with her, and put his hand over his heart. “I PROMISE!!”


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