Amanda was pleasantly surprised by Dave’s action. She looked intently at him and she could see the zeal in his eyes. It also looked like his eyes were pleading with her not to disappoint him. Disappoint him? Never! How would she ever disappoint him when this was what she had been craving to experience? ‘Wil you, please, marry me?’ he asked again. It was like a scene of a movie she had watched – an American movie. It was unAfrican for a man to propose this way, but things were changing fast. The influence of the West had alwayys been like a rampaging fire. ‘Yes,’ she said with mist in her eyes. ‘The answer is yes.’ He stood up with his hands throwm wide open, ready for a hug. She stood up too and there was a bear hug. After dinner, he took her to his his house. They did not waste time as they made the bedroom their ultimate destination. Almost in a frenzy, he undressed her and undressed himself. They went on a wild trip that sapped their pent-up passion and energy. Thereafter, they lay in each other’s arms. ‘We must not waste further time,’ Dave said. ‘It’s high time we started planning our wedding. Don’t you think so?’ Amanda nodded. ‘Of course no need to waste time.’ He drew his mouth to hers and planted a kiss. ‘Thank God I have you back in my life.’ Amanda nodded without a word. Just then, the bell to his apartment rang. He wanted to ignore it, but it kept ringing persistently. ‘Shouldn’t you go and see who’s at the door?’ Amanda suggested. He sighed, put on his boxer and threw his t-shirt on. When he opened the entrance door to the sitting-room, Dave was surprised to see Joy standing there. ‘Dave, what is all this?’ Joy hollered. ‘Why is it that since morning, I was calling your line and you did not pick it?’ ‘Hey, calmn down,’ he chided her. ‘You’re not going to announce your agitation to the whole world, are you?’ ‘Let the whole world hear, I don’t care!’ She stormed inside the sitting-room. ‘I demand an explanation,’ she said, brimming with anger. ‘And it must be a very good one.’ Just then, the curtain at the door leading the interior passageway was ruffled and Amanda emerged from the bedroom.


And what’s all this noise about, Dave darling?’ Amanda asked. Joy glared at her. She pointed at Amanda menacingly. ‘So, it’s because of this… this thing that you refused to pick my call.’ ‘Mind what you say, lady,’ Dave said belligerently. ‘And if I don’t, what will you do?’ Joy did not disguise her contempt and petulance. ‘What will you do?’ Amanda quickly intervened. ‘There is no need for saucy words.’ She turned to squarely look at Joy. Your have used up all the time that you should use with him. Please kindly go and don’t come back.’ Joy flared up. ‘And who the hell are you to tell me that? Anyway, I know this is all a joke.’ She faced Dave. ‘Tell me, this is all a joke, right? You are not dumping me for this, this one, are you?’ Dave smiled and moved to where Amanda was standing. ‘No one is joking here. Everything is for real.’ He wrapped his left hand round Amanda’s shoulders. ‘Just like my darling has said. Your time with me has elapsed. Please, don’t you ever come to this house again.



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