He was parked on the side of the road now, with C
Caution in place, trying to make calls, but no one
was picking up. He felt chilly, and he didn’t know if
it was the cool breeze from the Lekki lagoon that
was responsible for that or the fear of being
robbed. He always prided himself for being a
physically fit guy, but the packs on his chest won’t
mean anything if he was approached by guys with
guns. A few cars still passed every now and then,
but there was no one walking about. Even the
police men that were usually at the junction ahead
were not there today.
“Hello.” A female voice said
“Whoa! You scared me.” He said in a low voice as
he turned around to examine her. She was short
and curvy, and had on a black dress, which was
why he hadn’t seen her coming.
“This spot is really dangerous. You shouldn’t stay
here too long.”
“Thanks. I have a flat tire, my friends will soon
come pick me up.” He said.
“You don’t know how to change a tire?”
“I do, but the extra is also bad.”
“Oh! Okay.”
“I know a place you can stay till tomorrow morning.
It’s very cheap.”
“Thanks. But my friends are on their way.” He lied
to feel confident.
“Okay. Just don’t stay here too long.” She said
and started walking away. He dialed Molano’s
number again, and listened as it kept ringing. His
eyes were on the strange girl, and as she was
about to disappear into the night, he shouted out,
After booking a room, they decided to get some
drinks at the bar before retiring for the night. The
place was a small motel with 6 rooms lined up on
a straight line, with a gated car garage just outside
each room. Opposite the rooms was a line of palm
trees, and beyond that was the bar, which had five
straw roofed small tents scattered around, where
people could have some privacy. David was in one
of them with his new friend, Mary. He had learned
that she was a prostitute from the way she related
with the people at the bar, but they hadn’t reached
any agreement of sex for pay. All she wanted was
a place to sleep.
Bob Marley’s classic song, I Wanna Love You was
playing in the main bar and it was funny watching
her sing along with her thick Efik accent. She was
a very pretty light skinned girl with curves in all the
right places. The red lipstick on her supple lips
made her appear so enticing to David. He had
never been the type to do hookers, but the girl was
getting to him.
“Please can I use your phone?” she said in a sexy
voice. He hesitated as he usually didn’t like giving
out his phone, but reached into his pocket and
handed it to her anyway. He took down the last
content of his cup and poured himself a full glass
of Heineken. His hand went from the cup to his
chest to reassure himself his other phone was still
in place. For some reason, it felt like he was
carrying seven million Naira on him.
“Thanks.” She said and handed him back his
phone. “I’m ready to go in whenever you are.”
“Oh! Okay.” David responded and took down half
the content of his cup before getting off his seat.
“Okay. Let’s go in.”
A small bed, a bedside stool, and a TV were what
the room had to offer; standard for a cheap motel.
The air-conditioning was really working to the max
though, he would give them that. It was so cold he
zipped up his jacket instead of getting out of his
clothes. Laying face up on one side of the bed, he
felt awkward as she started to UnCloth. Sitting on
the other side of the bed with her eyes on the TV,
she bent down a little to take off her shoes, and
then she started to unzip her dress from the side.
He couldn’t help but notice her well curved shape,
and glowing yellow skin. Her hand stopped all of a
sudden halfway, and then she started zipping up
again. “I forgot something with the barman.” She
said and started wearing her shoes again. “I’ll be
right back.”
He watched her walk out of the room and pulled
out his phone after she shut the door. He tried to
reach Molano again. The phone was still to his ear
when the room door opened slowly, and Mary
walked in, fear in her eyes. Behind her was a
short muscular guy with a shiny bald head, holding
a pistol to the back of her head. He pushed her
forward, and then pointed the gun at David with the
index finger of his left hand up to his lips; signaling
to David to keep quiet or else he would get his
brains splattered on the room wall. Behind him
came a taller, more muscular guy in a black
unbuttoned short sleeve shirt, with a white t shirt
underneath. The guy moved over to the TV and
turned it up to the maximum.
David could remember seeing them at the bar
when he first walked into the motel compound with
Mary. He could have sworn she set him up, but
the fear in her eyes was genuine. His hands were
up as he sat in bed, with his back against the wall.
The tall guy walked over to him, and started going
through his pockets. He found his wallet and pulled
out all the cash in there, plus the ATMs, put it in
his pocket, and then grabbed David’s phone from
him. As the guy went through his phone, the one
with the gun kept it pointed at him, but his eyes
were on the prostitute. For a second, David felt he
could take them both, but he feared that Mary
might become a causality of war.
“What’s your First Bank five digit pin?” the guy with
his phone shouted out. David guessed he had
gotten through his email messages and seen the
seven million Naira alert. The one with the gun
walked forward and had the gun barrel on David’s
head, a move to get him scared. The line in his
Smartphone wasn’t connected to his account, so
they couldn’t access the account even if he gave
them his five digit pin, but then they would get the
message that that wasn’t the line connected to the
account, and search him for another phone. He
didn’t want that to happen, so he just went mute.
The guy with the phone moved closer and gave a
back hand slap. “I said, what is your five digit
code?” He said, slowly this time.
Gun to his face, his whole life flashed through his
mind. Are you willing to die for seven million Naira,
he thought to himself. If he gave up the phone and
his code, Molano and his goons will still kill him
anyway, so he just stood still with his hands up;
and then came the punch to his face. He had seen
people take punches in movies and shake it off
like it was nothing, but right now, he felt like he
was losing consciousness. He couldn’t even hear
what they were saying anymore; all he could hear
was a buzzing sound, and his vision had gone
blurry. He felt blood trickle down his nose. The two
guys were arguing now, and Mary was crying
looking at his bloodied up face.
After a few minutes, he regained full
consciousness, and the aggressive guy asked him
for his code again. When David remained mute, he
told his accomplice that they had to take him back
to their place. He disappeared into the bathroom,
and came back with small bowl with water in it. He
reached into his pocket for a handkerchief, handed
it over to Mary and ordered her to clean David up.
With tears in her eyes, and a shaky hand, she
succeeded in wiping all the blood off his face after
several minutes. The guy with the gun had tucked
it away now, and was pacing the length of the
room, restlessly. The other guy was going through
David’s phone.
“We have to go now.” The short guy said in a low
voice. The mean guy pulled Mary away from
David, examined him for a second, and then
motioned for him to get up. Although woozy in the
head, he managed to stand up on his own. The
guy with the gun pulled it out from his back, and
waved it at him. “Try any funny moves and I will
blow your brains out.” David nodded and the guy
put the gun back behind him, held in place by his
belt. The taller guy walked out the door first, then
the short guy, and then Mary and David.
Outside was quiet as a song had just ended and
another slow jam was coming on gradually. The
barman was dozing at his stool, and the security
man David had seen earlier was nowhere in sight.
The short guy got into the driver’s seat of a black
190 Benz, and the other guy held the back door
open for David to enter. He stopped Mary from
going in after David, and signaled for her to get
into the front seat. He looked around before getting
into the back seat with David. The heavy engine of
the Mercedes Benz came to life, and they drove
towards the gate. The security man appeared from
nowhere, and with no questions asked, pushed
open the gate for them to drive out.
They hadn’t driven far from the motel when the guy
started pressing David for his bank pin again. Like
earlier, David said nothing. He got vexed and hit
David on the mouth with the back of his gun.
“Patrick, you want to kill him? Wait till we get to the
house.” The guy driving shouted out.
“His silence is pissing me off.”
“Don’t worry, he will talk when we get home.”
“Can I drop off now? I don’t want any money
again.” Mary said with a shaky voice.
“Shut up bitch.” The guy said and slapped her
head from behind. “Why did you bring us this hard
“I did what you guys said, okay. Just let me drop.
And please don’t kill him.”
“Maybe we might just kill you both, bitch.”
When David heard that, his survival instincts kicked
in and he head butted the guy with the side of his
head. He tried to wrestle the gun out of the guy’s
hand, but his grip was still tight on it even as he
was in a dazed state. Mary started clawing at the
guy driving. Screams, grunts, tires screeching; it
was chaos as the car zigzagged along the road.
Three shots rang out in close successions, and the
back windshield got shattered. The tall guy was
obviously more powerful than David, and in the
struggle, he managed to point the gun at David’s
groin. Click! Click! He pulled the trigger, but he had
run out of bullets. With fear for his life, David had a
rush of adrenaline, and he head butted the guy
again; this time getting him smack in the face with
the back of his head. The gun fell to the floor of
the car, and the guy slumped back on the car
The car was moving at a slow speed



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