THE CHOSEN ONE {the beast of GEVAUDAN} * * * * * * *****Episode 25***** * * * * * * ******** I tried to wave it off, I don’t know what might happen if I shut down my eye. I held onto the floor with all my strength, as I made sure my eye was still opened ,the spinning reduced and I was getting myself bit by bit, I was surprised when I saw Victor approaching me, I thought he would have run away like last time but it looks like he has really changed. He move closer to where I was in somber mood, I watched as he placed his palm on my cheek, **” what can I do to help you friend? “** he asked with a tone of concern which brought smile to my lip even tho I was in pain, this is my real which I missed so much not the coward one that left me to my fate last three weeks, that was the tone that managed to escape my lips before I finally black out. *** I later woke up to to see my mom sleep sitting beside me,on one of the chair in the hospital with my left hand entwined in hers and placed her cheek on it, on the other side was Victor sleeping on the bare floor with his back resting on the wall. I tried to move my right hand but I discovered that a drip was being passed into my body through it. I was burning inside and felt very sick inwardly, I felt the urge to urinate but I don’t want to wake my mom, she is a light sleeper and any slight movement from me is going to wake her up. Suddenly, I saw everywhere burning and many people were there but they were not running, I stood up abruptly screaming that to everyone to run, I removed the small pipe passing fluid into my body ready to save everyone, I felt someone drag me back and I felt another person shielding me from going and with the combined effort of the two, I was restored back to the hospital bed. After some minutes, I was okay and saw that everywhere was still in place, there was no fire burning no multitudes were inside a fire. **” I think the poison is affecting me internally making the people around me to think I am healthy) **” I think he’s stressed out “** I heard my mom telling Victor he replied yes. After I’ve calmed down, they released me and I was able to tell them that I’ve been poisoned and I don’t think me being a beast can overcome it, I was surprised to how calm Victor was as if he has experienced such a scenario before which am sure he hasn’t. My mom started panicking blaming herself that I was in this position because of her which I rebuke her against at once. *** My mom asked me how I was feeling inside because in outward to them I’m like a normal healthy person. I knew if I voice out what am feeling within me to my mom, she won’t mind injuring herself just to get the antidote which I don’t know exist. **” I’m alright now mom “** I replied her trying to conceal my pain. If there is any solution to my present travail, I knew that the two places i can locate it is Chris fort or Mr Wisdom’s place who seems to know more about beast, but the only problem is how to get to their place without my mom knowing, and right now I can’t make it there alone because the poison has weakened me more than you can imagine. Then a brilliant idea popped into my head, if I can distract my mom, then I can ask Victor to take me to Chris place, I knew with my guidance, he can do it.. I held onto my stomach like someone who was extremely hungry, my mom to confirm her curiosity asked me if I was really hungry or she’s just getting ahead of herself, I answered yes and I could see that she was very happy as she asked me what I will like to eat which I replied that I will like my favorite. I knew that she will have to go home to prepare it because it isn’t a food that can be ordered from any food joint. It was a menu derived by my mom by mistake, She saw a food online with the ingredients and guidelines on how to prepare it, she fell in love with the sight of the food and decided to try it, but when she made it finish, the food she made and the picture of the one she saw online was like comparing a Burger to a pizza, She refused to eat it but I decided to give it a try and alas, it was the best food have ever tasted and it qualified to be my best and favorite food. Because of me she had to learned how to prepare the food which I name * erreur alimentaire * meaning *mistake food* or *mistakincious*. Without wasting time she dashed out of the ward not caring if it was already night,entrusting my care to Victor. *** After I heard the elevator bell ding, I explained to Victor how I was really feeling, and how I think I can be heal, I told him that we will have to nick one of the car parked and return it after we’ve made use of it, he asked me to promise him that I will fill him in everything that has happened and how I turned to what I transformed into earlier which I concurred. *** He was wearing a pullover on his cloth,he pulled it off and gave it to me to wear on the hospital cloth I was wearing in order for me to have easy access out of the hospital. Without being stopped by anyone. *** my step on the floor was like I was floating on water, I was not feeling my leg again as the two of them went numb. But with victor’s support, we got out of the hospital, and got into the car park, Victor looked for a fancy car which he opened easily, this was not his first time or mine to open car without a key or the car remote. We started the practice when we were 14 ,but then we only do it to nick some valuables inside the car ,but when we’re 15,we learn how to drive with my mom’s car and after that, we learned how to start car without key by joining some wire together near the wheel,and we always go on free ride with any car of our choice but we always return it. And some time we always involve in car race betting, so you can say we are really good behind the wheel. *** He placed me at the back seat and he started the car driving out of the car, when we got out of the car park, all the light in the hospital switched off followed by the roaring of the beast. I asked Victor to step on it because I knew the beast was there because of me and I don’t have any strength to face it, and in seconds we were on the road driving fast like we were involve in racing. I thought we’d lost track of the beast not until I saw him in the fore mirror coming in a speed of flash, it was like I was not the only person seeing it as Victor increased the speed of the car but it was too late as I saw a giant hand crash the car glass beside me from behind and nabbed me out. *** When I was dropped by the hand I find myself inside somewhere which looked like a tunnel. The light emanating out of the beast’s body was enough to light everywhere and let me see clearly as I pant weakly on the floor trying to gain my stand. **” looks like you got lucky the other time and I promise you nothing of such is going to happen now “** the beast said with a soft tone as he advanced towards me magnificently, Now I’m free, he shouted as he deep his claw into my chest, I closed my eye as I await my death, *”” Chris! “”* I screamed as I heard gunshots sound, Chris shot the beast 4 times this time at the back because the beast was facing me and the beast fell down only to surprised me by revealing Mr Wisdom with a rifle in his hand. **” hello son “** he winked at me smiling To be continue



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