Sex na food(pidgin comedy edition)story of A rugged guy

Episode…….. 1
All the way from warri to lagos
Fire!! Fire!!! Fire!!!!! oo egbami o!! egamiiii!!!!! aahhh!!!
Wo i go tear you dirty slap o!
open ya leg well nah,abi i no pay you?,naso so shout you just dey use scatter every wia since…
abeg comot hand make i enter deeper jare
Chai i don dey samah this ashawo girl since 3 o clock pm and time dey talk 5 pm now,i still never satisfy sef
the ashawo girl don faint three times now but i no even care,all my concern na to f–k till i satisfy
after i drink one herbal medicine like that wey my aboki friend wey travel go north come back give me,naso my pennies just stand kakgraka like electric pool sotey e come dey pain me like mad..
i don call my babe and reason make she run dey come my house sharp sharp but gawd come punish me join,my babe talk say she no dey town she don go her ma le side for lagos island,Chai i use vex smash my phone go jam wall
i don use my hand rob my hard d–k tire mtcheew! the thing sef dey add more wahala to the whole gbese!!
i just dey waka round the whole room sweating like Christmas goat..
Na gawd save me sey spata one of my friend come visit mah side,as the idiot waka enter house naso him wor wor eye jam my standing d–k,o boy the guy laugh and laugh sotey him lay down for ground, i no even mind em i just stand dey look….
spata finish with him stupid laugh come do like better human being as him quickly run go one hotel wey dey for my area wey dem dey call blue-carnival na there him go carry one lekpa ashawo girl come give me
as the ashawo shake yansh waka enter my house with chum gum in her mouth wey dey make one kind kpa!! kpa!! sound
Chai my brothers make una fear ashawo girls,them wicked like mad becos as she enter my house come notice say my d–k don stand long due to medicine wey i take naso she charge me like say na gold she carry
abeg i no get time to waste at all!! ,as i dey here so! plenty customer dey ground wey need my service so your money na 50k if you no fit pay just talk make i kukuma find my way…she said with that stupid chum gum still making kpa!! kpa!! sound
onto say my life dey ground i no bother to price am i just pursue spata go outside close the door then carry the ashawo girl enter my room as i open my drawer and count 40k give her as advance before i go padlock door a trowey key enter dustbin today na today
the girl climb bed as she comot all her clothes,i look the girl with her slim small stature like 17 years old pikin,hmm she never know watin dey ground
nah her v—-a i dey pity becos my hmmm let me not talk now
she seat down for bed dey look me as i comot my boxer,waaa!! my long and huge d–k sprang out shaking like a spring with pre-c-m dropping..
jesssssuuuuuu!!!!!!!! watin be that …she ask with her eyes and mouth wide open
na my spana nah,i reply with a wide grin
abegii abegiii take your money i no do again,how this thing go fit enter my sobinto????
watin????? ogbeni lay down back jareee!! ..see eh i don already lock door tight so just relax you’re going no wiaaa !!!!!
i draw near go meet am for bed but she run go meet wall..ok
i go meet her for wall naso she run go down…taaa!! no be me this one go take do hide and seekk
come hia i said as i pursue her, we begin run up and down. sotey the thing come dey vex me becos my hard d–k don dey increase in size
gawwm!!!! i dive and catch her she struggle to free her sef for wiaaa,i kukuma bend her yansh as i force my d–k enter her from behind
aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! egbammiiiiiiii ooooo!!! she scream,but that one na genesis
i try push in small again but e no gree enter reach half sef……
kpaaa kpaaa kpaaa kpaa !!!!!! naso i continue dey nack her,o boy the olosho sweet sha Chai!!! i just carry head up dey look ceiling as i enjoy the sweet sensation
i f–k her for good 3 hours without stop na position i just dey change…
the girl won scream down my house but i nor kiaa all i want na to satisfy my sef and again f–k out my 50k from her toto
she cry,faint,struggle for wiaaa i nor even move
till around 5:15pm i pull put to rest small before i continue
firee!!!!!! firee!!! the olosho girl scream as she jump outside through my window necked no clothe at all
chaiii this girl run,ha why i forget to luck my window naw,no she no fit escape i said as i run go outside necked too without any clothe
i reach my backyard with my long d–k dangling
fire!! fire! fire !!!!! naso the girl seat down for sokaway dey use packer dey fan breeze for her toto
i for won rush her oo but people begin dey run com out side becos na face me i face you compound
o boy i reverse sharpaly before dem go see me…
as i reach inside wear my boxer naso i look out side,one woman don run carry her rapper cover the ashawo girl becos some children don dey piss something for dia nicker due to the girl wide open p—y and b—-t
chiaa f–k up…. i still dey talk when person hit me
spana!!!!! wake up we don reach lagos ooo my friend spata wake me for bus
i look my trousers as i wake,my guys i no fit lie una my boxer don wet finish like say dem pour me pure water
ha! as i sit down inside the fine bus wey carry us from warri to lagos,i don look outside sotey my eyes com dey pain me like say dem pure pepper water enter my eyes
so i kukuma say make i sleep small na this one go make am third time wey i dey sleep inside this bus
i came down from the bus as i look around wowu lagos hiaa ah com una girls go hearram una go see wieeee!!!!!!





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