Na today i know say spana fit flatten sotey e go
come small like biro cover,as oga FRANK and
him people enter the room unexpectedly naso
him wife jump comot for my body”
“fear grip me die!”to the extent that spana wey
big like hose come shrink,e come small like
biro cover”nahim be say nobi only me the fear
catch e catch spana too”
“oga FRANK just bend down reach wia the
condom wey we don use scatter for ground”he
count them as him carry face up look me”Chai
come see watin dem dey call red eyes”i no
sure say him eye go still white again becos the
redness fit boil water”
“so this is the real u!!”this is how u have finally
decided to pay me back for all my good deeds
to u,i brought u out of that misery u called
home,wia yo papa dey f**k u,your
neighbor,everybody they all turned u into their
sex dull”but i stoop so low i over looked all my
high qualities as a d.p.o and marry u in other
to give u better life,just for u to live like every
other women,i left my home at lekki,my children
and family and came down hia just to start a
family with u but see how u are paying me back
Angela!!!!!!….oga FRANK barked
“am sure its not this young man’s fault na u
Bola”nah your toto wey no dey see p***s and
leave am make e pass”…..said oga FRANK
“ah oga FRANK thank gawd u know”…..i tried
to prove innocent
“omo the slap land from sky becos i nor see the
peson wey waya me the thunder becos this one
pass ordinary slap” every wia come dark for my
eyes i nor dey see anything again apart from
the zuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!! sound wey the slap left
for my ear”
“nah when i hear oga FRANK say”well done
musa, i come know say na one of the police
slap me”
“see my boy if u get anything for house wey
sweat”u better enter house go chop all of them
now becos na hell fire direct o!,see u just win
yourself free passport to hell fire”oo! gawd how
i go take explain am to u”nah death infact as i
dey look u so nah only your skeleton i dey
see,u don reach station before” …….oga
FRANK asked me
“watin be station?..i ask back
“taawaaahhhh!!!!!” another slap from sky”
ah!!! oga France i be station no sorry i sabi
barrack” i no fit understand watin i dey talk
sef,becos i don forget the question”
“nah gawd go punish musa”nah gawd go slap
deaf and dump put for him,note” na for mind i
dey yan all this one
“na who be France”…..oga FRANK ask
“na oga FRANK i talk”…i answered
“no leave am just reserve the remaing slap till
we reach station”…..oga FRANK told musa who
have already lift up him hand”
“no oga make we show him small pepper hia
before we go carry am go station”….the police
with the heavy hammer said..
“comot all him clothes and bring that razor wey
dey there”we go skin him small p***s before we
toll him to station wia him life go finally
end”….musa said
“ah oga FRANK abeg no do me like this abeg
na abeg i dey beg”i take gawd and the whole
angel wey full heaven name beg u oga”…..fear
catch me as i sight musa opening the razor,so
nobi play sef”na which kind darwf this musa
be”short people dey wicked o!
“uuugruuuhhh!!!!,police wife cover her mouth
run enter toilet as she go vomit”
“so u don get belle Angela!!!!,who give u
belle!!!!,….oga FRANK barked
“Chai thank gawd o! at least as she run go
vomit they all draw their attention comot for my
side even musa wey don open razor finish”
“tohhh taaahh!! paa!! na who give u belle?? ok
u never won talk abi? tawwa!!!….Ehen!! ok u
dey prove strong head abi..ok musa!!!…oga
frank called
zziirrr!!!!….musa answered
“come tear am slap”….said oga FRANK
“sure zziirrr!! musa answered as him match
near police wife”
“u no won tokw abi??”..musa asked police wife
“u dear not touch me”….bola answered
“taaaawwaaaaaa!!!!!!…omo come see
“ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! aye mi o!,na oga landlord o !
na oga landlord!!”…bola confessed
“what!!!!!!! u mean Mr ajayi had s-x with u”he
impregnated u?…no this can’t be no no
no!!!!….oga FRANK dash outside immediately
” oya move out!!”….one of the police shout for
my head as them drag me go outside”
“as we step outside nahim spata open gate
bounce enter compound”
to be continued…..


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