man gat to hustle

previous night was something else,i been dey think say no girl abi woman fit withstand spana but queen the olosho wey spata carry give me yesterday,the girl na something else,tho she later surrender after 12 rounds

abeg na Watin you “drink boss” ah! ah! see as you dey nack like say you be “robot”
that was her comment when she no fit go again naso she close up say no show again onto say her sobinto no fit carry spana into another journey….

nah early mo mo the two ashawo girls take waka,but not after spata don settle dem wella,even queen come dey insist say we top money for am onto say na she suffer pass,but spata no even waste time as him drive two of them outside lock door

we were still sleeping in the parlour when person nock for door,i stand up make i go open door but spata thinking that it was queen who came back signal me say make i relax him go’go open am

he near door as he prepare himself to shout on queen say make she no com this compound again,but to our uttermost suprise it wasnt queen neither its her friend but a very macho guy,omo the way spata take swallow watin him won talk made me laugh

the huge guy face look some how familiar,yes e be like say i don see am before but na the exact place i come dey reason

good day bro”came his macho voice

omo spata shift comot from door instantly
nahim i stand up waka go meet am for door

well done bros “i greet am as i near door,but the guy no dey smile at all naso him just bone face with a black glasses

i guess you are youngzubi,he asked removing his eye glass

gbaaaamm!!!!!,i jam door immediately he comot the eye glass becos na that time i recognise am to be one of the girl papa body guard”the show girl”

open up man,am not here to hurt you bro,my mistress just wanna talk with you man,if my intention was to hurt i wouldn’t have been this cool so get ya f—–g a-s out here before i loose my patient”it doesn’t last for long bro so get out naw!!

i gather mind waka make i open am nahim spata come dey give me voice say make i no try am

open this door!!!!!!,the macho guy outside shout

as spata hear him voice naso the idiot run comot for my front go hide for back of chair

then i walk to the door and open it

hey! man why behaving so childish see am not here to do some hide and seek but for a serious business,so go dress up my madam wanna see you she gat stuff in stock for ya,yea bro fear not we are one bro ,just go wear something nice then lets go see big mama she wanna discuss something with you

omo the guy just dey rap for my ear,na manage i manage arrange everything like puzzle then come understand am

his madam the same woman that saved me from those soldiers,the girls mother

so what could she need me for,i began to wonder then and now,but there is only one way i go fit take find out nah

so make i kukuma wear clothe…

i waka go back change clothe then i follow the guy enter moto wey him carry come …..we zoom off

we drive comot for my street as the guy reverse moto enter express,the guy just dey ask me some stupid question but onto say na stranger him be,so i no fit open mouth dey answer am nahim i just ignore m till we reach one big hotel like that very beautiful na that day be my first time to enter that kind big luxurious hotel
na 5 star hotel them write as the name,come see security e tight gan!

them no even search or delay us as the security man just direct our motor go parking space na dia we park

come down now or do you wonna sleep inside the car?…the macho guy asked as i no come down when him off the car ignition

watin dey worry you sef? how i won take come down alone for this kind big hotel,if any of this bouncer catch me nko…i ask am

am a bouncer too,see you are going to the vip section so relax you will meet more huge and tight guys so get down lets go man!…

Vip watin be Vip again????

very insane person thats Wat it means and thats what your are move lets go…

ah ah watin dey worry this agbobi boy sef,(abeg readers make una help me find the meaning of Vip before i reach dia biko, make i no go enter kirkiri prison unknowingly)

we finally enter inside Vip;D
Chai i nor even no say Vip dey be like janglova infact e resemble wardrobe but as we enter the Vip the thing come carry us dey go up till e reach one number like that naso e come stop

Chai money good ooo!!!
come see how every wia take fine,the guy carry me enter one place like that na dia i meet madam the woman fresh nobi small she just sit down dey sip wine,immediately she sight us she come dey smile

i have brought him ma….the guy talk as soon as we got where she sat

thank you striker,you can go now

thank you ma he said as he bowed his head and left,he hit my shoulder as he waka pass

have your seat young man…her better voice resound for my ear

thank you ma i said as i sit down opposite her

yea! she said as she drop her win glass and faced me,first of all i would like to apologise on behalf of my daughter it wasnt really your fault tho it was if we look at it the other way round,but that is not my main reason for inviting you

what is your name,,,she ask looking serious

onto say i never know how far so i still need to hide some things from them i decide to tell her spana after all. her body guard dey bear striker that one na name?

am spana ma


i said my name na span

spana? oh never mind spana, so tell me can’t you speak good English ??

i fit ma but the place wey i grow up for warri na pidgin dem take dey teach us for school sef,so pidgin don enter my blood

oh i see ok na… since e be say u prefer pidgin ko si wahala,so na which work you dey do for a living …she ask me in pidgin

omo e sweet me no bi small,the woman na sure person jare

ah ma i never get any work o!

you mean that? why?..wait o a whole instrumentalist she scoffed as she said that

eh!! ma that one na just scope wey i use emm no vex ma is just that your daughter too fine

fin pass me?

no ma ..not at all na you dash am fine from your own na…i played along back to business,see spata i won help you,i won change your life but na only if you cooperate well

eh madam you mean say you go help me get money like your husband..i asked out of curiosity

pass my husband sef only if you get mind..i mean the type wey dem take dey chase money…she said

ah ah if na mind forget that one,i be monster

good good! i like the way this our discussion is going,i knew it when i set my eye on you,you looked very handsome and rugged nahim make me won introduce you to business wey go give you level

ah thank you ma,i begin thank her as she motioned her guards to excues us,they all left

now here it comes,you will be my sugar boy that one is the only thing wey i won to dey benefit from the help wey i go offer you,hope say you sabi nack woman well for bed

that one no suppose be question,but i dey fear o! what if your husband find out as him get connection with the governor and other rich men,na to skin me alive be that oo!!

relax you sef go get bigger connection by the time you start this business wey i go introduce you

Ehen okay,,,

so you will be meeting with some senators and rich women

the women you will service them wella and get paid big money but i go dey carry 20% of the money
then the senators you go dey help them provide their ritual material like human head and other body parts

Jesus!!!!!…..i shout

shiiiiiiii ..she said placing a finger on my lips

ah madam that second one pass me ooo!

relax shebi na me dey teach you business abi you like poverty ????

no ma no i no like am but ‘but emm ha see madam i no fit o abeg i no fit

hmmm you better not reject my offer if you dont want what happened to your br**** oh never mind just relax dear,i will give you time to think about it
but for now you gat to show me what you’re made of

she said as she stand up drag me as we enter one big and luxurious room

she sat on the massive bed and motioned me to Undress,Chai i for one say no o! but spana don rise already so i kukuma relax and tear my okirika comot for body

her eyes just dey wide small small as i pull my boxer till spana sprang out viaaa!!

what????,did u enlarge it?

for wia me i nor dey hear anything again as na to chuck spana enter hole be the only thing wey dey my mind

so i rush her for bed dey tear her clothes off

easy honey boy….she talk

i comot all her clothes leave only bra omo the woman thick o every wia just rugged

no invitation needed as i draw her big pant comot den pat her two heavy legs, in went spana into her sobinto

ahhssssshhhh! uh ah oooohh !! my gawwwd you are good babyyy easy boy am all yours oh my gawd you are good

naso she just close eyes dey lick her tongue as i dey hama her

i just dey wonder how the woman take tight,fine ,rugged like this after all this her grown up children tho nothing wey money no fit do jare

i carry one of her leg up as i continue to dey waya her

aaaggvhhhh!!!!! am cumin gooo iiiinnn deeeeeeepp

eh!!! omo i straighten spana and drive in wellll inside inside

she just open mouth wide as tears drop comot for her eye

jeeeeessssss !!!! she shout as she grab me squeeze me for her body tight. for about 6mins before she release me

wow i have never experienced this kind love making in my whole life right from my teenage age till now as a married woman but you are young and energetic

see am gonna change your life just go home think about everything all over again then get back to me

ok ma i said as i dress up,omo the woman tooo sweet oh Chai i go dey samah her no bi small

but na only one thing dey fear me

wait o! she won talk something about my brother

those it mean she know me before
could it be that she offered my brother this same job maybe he refused and she came after him,he now told us that it was cult boys who wanted to kill him,am i even sure if he is still alive Chai na to be careful oo
i need to be smart

what are you thinking lover boyyy she asked me robbing her clite

emm nothing ma just imaging how my lifewould turn around once i agree to do this business of yours

thats my boy,go home and think about it then give me feed back

we exchanged contacts and she told me that her name na Mrs jolade but i should call her big mama

that was it..striker later came and we went back to my house

he dropped me at the gate and reversed,i open the gate and walk in but on getting to my door i heard some female moaning sound coming out from my parlour Chai spata is on it ooo! i quickly rush door as i open am my eye no gree see well because the person wey spata dey samah na person wey i no expect at all

Chai guess who?



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