spana vs LANDLORD daughter
No!! we dont pour dirty water there my landlord pikin shout for my back as i trowey water wey i use wash clothe for backyard
i know say una go dey wonder watin come happen to me yesterday for that show
see my brothers and sisters na only one advise i get for una,make una dey fear nigerian soldiers o! hmmm the kind beating wey i receive that yesterday evening i swear nah only boxers i wear come house
them beat me sotey i come dey wish make e be those bouncers them send come beat me because those soldiers too wicked
after the beating them for won carry me dey go barrack but gawd save me say the girl mama waka come rescue me
na she later tell one of her driver say make him carry me go drop for house becos i no fit waka again,as i stand say make i go carry sentino suit for ground becos i no know how i go take explain to him say the new suit wey him borrow me lost for wia i go interview abi nobi watin i tell am say i won go
thank gawd say night don come when the driver come drop me for gate because nah this morning i notice the blood stain for my body and sentino suit nahim quickly go baff then come carry sentino suit wash for am na the water i just come trowey for backyard before this element wey dey my back come dey yan rubbish,make i answer am
why i no trowey am hia abi i for drink am…..i reply am
nop i never said that,but is just that we dont pour dirty water there you can always do that at the gutter outside…..she reply with sweet teenage grammatic voice. omo she be ajebuta
i look the girl as i scan her assert from head to toe,o boy she make sense tho still young but with well grown and matured body,na pink skirt and white top,very smooth chocolate skin,she no pass 18yrs but her two blessing and bottomsing don stand gidigba!!
Chai young girls na them dey package pass now
i swallow spit as i SPANA nod e don tey oo!!
i just dey reason as i go take decode her onto say some young girls fit koba you if you no play well so na to be careful in other to avoid being thrown away (read am well the English no correct;D)
ok no vex you know say i just pack in so i never sabi un do and dont….i reply am
thats true dont be angry the way i shouted just that my dad dont like people pouring water there….she talk feeling sorry
ok noted,so watin come be your name nah i no fit lie you omotala ugly for your side o! nobi joke ;D
oh! you’er flattering me already,am annabel…
wow that one na angelic name,e get one angel wey fly come for heaven i swear na our landlady belle e fly enter like say our landlord know him come still name the angel thesame annabel wey him dey bear for heaven,you see na angel from above you be…;D
wow!!! you are such a funny guy not just handsome and good looking but also funny…she reply as she begin smile
naso,so you still dey go school abi…
no oo! am not,am actually waiting for admission into covenant university….she reply
oh you be big girl so na that rich man university you won go hmm your pa’le na rich nah,so you just dey stay for house now
yes but i normally go to my mums supper market anytime i feel bored at home…
ehen you get luck sha,since wey i come lagos i never see better work naso i just dey sleep for house sometimes every go tire me sef..
like seriously so can i pay you a visit,at least we can keep each others company when my both parents leave for work…she ask
ahah sure na,your are free to come visit me anytime you feel like…..
na watin i tell am be that,she come happy as she just thank me and waka go inside house
i carry my bucket go front yard na there i just decide say make i sit down dey watch people as them comot dey go work e no tey when i sight that lady with heavy back side as she and her husband waka com outside,fear catch me when i notice say her husband na police man omo na fvck up,but that one no fit stop me na no i no fit live inside thesame compound with this kind bmdw abi bbw ebony lady for that matter and i no go dey service am no!! over my dead body
i greet the husband as they waka come outside
goodmorming sir!!
goodmorming brother how are you doing……police
fine sir…
good,i hear say you be new tenant ,welcome to our yard….police
thank you sir……i reply
ok na take care i don dey go work
the turn as him wife carry his bag escort him to the gate
Chai as the lady turn come see as her heavy back side just dey bounce e dey bounce and vibrate Chai the way SPANA take stretch kakaraka for my nicker eh!! hmm
the lady later waka come back as she come meet me wia i sit down dey beg SPANA to go down say na person wife olopa for that matter oo!
bro weldone ….she greet
goodmorming ….i reply her
emm!! bros abeg i just won tell you say i dey sell clothes oo,quality ones dem dey import am for me from Togo na clean wears infact e still plenty for house because i never call my salesgirls to come carry am go shop so anytime you get chance you fit come select from the new arrivals ….
ok na..but time nobi wahala the problem na money o
no no see you are not another peson na,you come and select then i will keep them for you once you have the money then you pay and carry your clothes …..
ok thank you ma..i will come and check it out when i ready….
naso the lady thank me and turn as she sway her backside ewoo !!!!
i still dey mumu my sef dey look the woman a-s when my landlord with him wife waka come out fully dressed for work
annabel carry their bag go put for back seat as she run go open gate for them
Mr SPANA how you doing….my landlord greet me
ah fine sir…
hope you’er enjoying your stay here
very well sir!
ok thats good becos nobody have ever live in my house and complain
he talk as him and his wife enter moto comot,i don dey plan say i go follow annabel talk wella when she close gate and come back but as she waka dey come my phone begin dey ring for inside house naso i jump up run enter house
Chai my happiness for that morning disappear as i see say na my ma’re dey call me
ooo!! e no pass
chinedu when i go come omugoh
chinedu when you go carry your wife come show use
chinedu when you go born my grand pikin
i no get that kind time but i have to pick the call if e too much i go just drop phone and leave her to talk tire
helloo ! mama….
hello chinedu,my pikin you nodey do well o so na because i dey tell you say make you go marry nahim make you no dey call me again e no good oo
see if you know watin good for you just enter moto dey come warri tomorrow because your papa no well at all him dey hospital bed since yesterday
eh!! mama watin happen him dey sick
hello hello!!! mama!!!
Chai this woman don come again i sure my papa well but as guy woman wey my ma’le be na like this she dey take draw any of us come home if she won see us face to face,so nobi new thing no need to worry myself i go travel tomorrow
but she no even gree make i ask her any question before she cut and put phone for flight mod bad woooman!!!! Chai
my door nob turn as annabel walk in majestically wow come see beauty
e remain small make my phone fall comot for my hand as i just open mouth dey look her,she wear whit short gown wey tight her for body everything just pop out….
are you surprised to see me….she ask
no oo! shebi we discuss am say you go come my side na..
so why that look and close you mouth before fly patches in…
o boy that one enter as i quickly close mouth,she waka go relax for one couch as she begin check my films but na only one blue film dey dia
she carry the bf insert am for dvd gem gem! e begin play..
so you sef dey watch blue film …i ask
yes nah is plenty in my phone sef…she reply
omo nahim be say this girl na bad rugged one i reason for my mind as i nod head today na today
so watin i go offer you ….i ask
nothing o i just finished taking my breakfast before coming …
ok na,i drop phone go sit down near her because i no won dull my sef
we sit down dey watch our blue film;D the tension was getting high nahim nepa take light Chai
i grab her laps as i begin massage it,e be like say she dey wait make i take the first move becos she grab my face as she size my lips instantly
i don notice am say na my lips be the first thing any girl wey i dey romance dey always attack
she continued kissing me while i grab her two tender melons
after some minutes i release myself from her grip as i stand up go lock door well well
then i carry her up go my room na dia the real show start
i carry her drop for bed as i pull of my clothes then help her comot her gown becos e too tight for her body na only bra and p*nt remain
she lay down with her back on my bed as i bend down begin work
gently i comot her bra come see as her br**st take stand gidigba e be like say them never press am at all
after i don free her two melon i use my two hand grab one for each o boy e toooo soft Chai this girl go be virgin o!
poii poii poiii na watin my mouth dey sound for her br**st the girl just dey turn from side to side,e dey sweet her too
the way the thing take soft and strong again the sweetness no gree me leave am so i take my time well well for that side till she no fit control herself again
i free her melon and move down to her sobinto;D
i comot her panty i swear na for fan the thing go hang the way i take fling am away
every wia just close tight but i manage use my tongue do sanitation for her veegee omo e sweet the girl sotey she come dey release holy water,she grab me tight till she release finish
then i stand up na my turn now,i comot my boxer
piaa SPANA jump outside shaking head like lizard
una need to see how she take open eye and mouth wide when she sight SPANA
fear catch her onto say SPANA too long and big but i know better so i kukuma calm her say na that seize every woman (abi Ann fit witness dat one for me nah;D) dey find e no dey pain at all!
so i lai down for bed while she use her two hand grab SPANA
ooouuuuuhhhh!!!!! this girl too ssaaabbbbiiiii
i been dey think say this girl ho be virgin o but the way she take dey suck me no o! she don pafuka tey tey!
Chai i close eyes dey speak Latin as the girl perform her womanly duty on SPANA upon say half no gree enter her mouth but she still use her two hands join e come dey enter meeeeee !! ewo!
pifff!!!! i release my holy water for her face after 30mins the thing scatter all over her face
after i don recover i stand up as she position her a-s in doggy style omo i grab SPANA head near am small small i drive in as her leg vibrate
aaaooohhhhh!!!!! she scream upon say nah just the tip fit enter,i begin dey enter in out small small till i loose control
nahim my monster mode activate
my eye turn blur as i push her go bed pull out and then pat her two legs then drive inside deeep with force omo she open mouth but she shout becos i don use one hand cover her mouth well
i use my second hand jack her up she heavy shaa
the i enter action as i stand carry her na speed i use dey bang her with force nobi small
she close eyes tight as she both pain and pleasure
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa papapapapapapapapa!!!!!!
naso her a-s dey jam my laps come dey make noise for about 46mins when i com notice say my water don boil finish na to pour she don already release tire come see all my laps shiny shiny
i quickly drop her for bed as i pull my long thing out
,she manage stand up come dey rub SPANA till the water pour out finish then my eye com normal as my body came
beast mode deactivated
i come normall,i for won continue but as the girl stand go carry tissue i notice say her waka step don get style so i just pity am
she later comot go her house after we don gist wella
na better sleep i won enter before spata carry two babe enter house omo journey cotinues



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