Welcome to Lagos
Welcome to my home
The agent man wey help me find house wen I still dey for warri nahim use moto come carry use from park go our new house…
As we enter road I begin dey reason how life go take be now as I don leave my home for warri come Lagos to fin greener pasture..abi nobi so oyinbo dey talk am
Onto say I no dey like share house with peson especially mumu peson like spata chai the guy behavior no deferent from goat own……na me talk am
The drive from park no far as we enter one fine street like that see as every wia fine like say na estate chai nahim make me like Lagos,no go reason am say na my first time for Lagos be this,lai lai I be Lagos guy o!
I get one broda like that wey we two resemble our sef well well like say we be twice….I tell una say I no finsh school
Na for him place I dey come stay dey hustle some times before him come get one kind wahala like that with some cult guys,chai they almost butcher am oo! Na gawd save am as him escape come fly aweh(Malaysia) na there him base now
The agent man stop him moto for one big gate like that nahim he come reason me say make I come down say na my own area be that
Chai I fly com down as I carry beta smile plaster for face omo I rush go boot na there I hijack my loads
then together with spata and the agent man we waka enter the compound
Na two building dey inside the compound one na storey building one na bungalow as I sight the fin mansion omo my julliness increase but dem come fall my hand as e come be inside the bungalow my apartment dey,e fin too sha
Spata and the agent later comot go spata own apartment as me I begin work,no be small thing o!
I work sotey my body come be like robot
Later that day I comot go buy plasma TV,fridge,chairs and bed
At the end of the day all my body just weak like rag join the hunger wey dey waya me ,na so I come dey remember my ma’le fufu and egusi soup chai! See as spit don dey drop comot for my mouth already….
I stand up comot my clothes as I rush enter bathing room use shower baff before I waka come out and carry phone call spata
Omo my guy don already dey road dey come my side
I drop phone wear my boxer as I wear penciled Jean and body hug polo
I look my sef for mirrow as I carry pink lipstick shine my already pink lips dat one na to just make am more gbeducious
For those of una wey dey try reason my age and how I take be..ok
I dey light in complesor,tall with well built body heavy chezt and six packs na watin excersis carry dash me
Since my mama born me na girls dey always toast me,if i.comot clothes eh no girl wey see my body stucture wey no dey fall,fine face with killer lips …..oyaaa!!!
I carry comb,comb my afro hair style,carry my wallet naso I look mysef well again chai!! Freshy!! Dats how we roll
I carry padlock password my door wella becos I still like my TV and fridge
I enter compound as everbody just dey look me like say I be buhari,na dia I sight one woman abi lady I no nor but the size of her yansh no dey hia ooo,if una join all the woman wey dey una village yansh together e no go reach quarter
the woman just bend down for one tap dey wash cloth chai my spana shout,I just ignor am dey pass onto say I still be new comer bUT not a leaner…….well coded
As I step outside naso okada carry spata drop for my front…
Spata the great okpata….chop an clean mouth one!!!
You still get strength to dey shout abi ……spata yan onto say hunger dey waya am
Oya no need to come down shift make I join you nah
I seat down for spata back
Spata ask the okada man to carry us go any beta bar nahim the okada man reason am say na one big hotel like that but their things too dey cost ,,him name na blue-carnival..
As I hear the name blue-carnival naso I remember my dream,,yes na thesame name abi I don dey see things for my dream ooo ….na to open church and start business be dat oo!!
The okada man later stop us for one big hotel like that we come down and pay him…..viaa he zoom off….
We reach the gate naso one big giant guy abi bouncer waka comot
Spata run go stand for my back
Spata watin happen na???
Comot for my back
Weldon how can I help una??….giant
Weldon bros na to drink and relax we come do na
Ehen but donlope slippers is not allowed for hia
Watin???? I vex for am ….as I look my leg to comfirm but na fin can I wear nah!!
Nobi you na your friend wey dey back
I look spata leg chaii na bathing room slippers the idiot wear come hia
Oooo!!! Spata watin dey worry you na wich kin thing be this ???
Gbammmmmm!!!!!!! The bouncer slam him gate for our face…….
Abeg no dey shout for my head jare abi peson no dey make mistake again,abeg fold ya mouth put for pocket jare…………spata
I still dey think watin I go do wen
I sight spata crossing the road with one fine Pam wey him just thief
The idiot com dey shin teeth as him drop am for ground and wear am
Chai spata na proffessional criminal the guy dey hold high degree in the field of thiefology
Gbomm! Gbomm!! Gbomm!! Spata jam nok for the hotel gate
The bouncer bounce com out as him look spata leg na dat time I no say the idiotic bouncer get teeth sef becos him jus dey smile as him open gate wide for us to waka inside
We enter their bar as we find better place seat down omo runs girl full ground dem plenty like fly,different types shapes and sizes chai life come dey sweet me as spana begin nod inside my boxers
We chop finish as we begin drink chai we no even ask price as we just dey order wine beer we drink sotey bottles full table and ground
I don drunk oo but I begin notice some group of huge guys dem dey point my side dey look me like say dem won recognize me…
Watiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Watttttt!!!! Spata scream!!! As him look the bill wey one waiter come give am
150,000 uaira na watin him screamm as I open mouth,gbese le oo!!!!!!!!!
To be Continued



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