konji Nah Bastard
sobinto em! em! ya father!
ha!,i comot breath as i stop wia agness lay
down for chair dey sleep,i bend down as i begin
use eyes scan all her exposed body,Chai!
jejely i move her gown go up wella as her two
water inside melon push head comot stand
kakakraka dey point my face like security
man,iskaba!!,i lick mouth,spit begin drop comot
for my mouth as electrical shock run enter my
konjical cavity”aka”spana!,
i look her face as i begin see omotala instead
of agness,ahhh!! konji na Bastard!,i tear eye
go down her v junction as i sight her pant like
my great grandpa catapult,osha prapra!! e just
dey shark me like leaner abi nah trap?
gowwm!! i swallow another load of spit,as i
carry head like tv antenna focus eye for her
gallant br**t wey just dey toment my hand
since,ahhh!! Satan nah shoe maker jare!,see
him plan for my Destiny
as i focus eye for her br**t the only thing wey
my mind dey shout nah,go spana! go spana!!
go spana!!,prreeesssss aammm!!!!
i loose control as i stretch hand i don almost
grab am o!,but as i take stop for road nah watin
i no fit imagine till now ,but Satan nah shoe
maker o!,if not,oya help me reason this
matter,if to say Satan dey use my mind teach
me watin i go write wen i dey write waec i swear
i for nor get 7F9 and 2E wich is the best result
out of the 8 times wey i rewrite waec
i don write waec sotey i turn waec customer,all
my script both question paper and answer
sheet dey carry my name come,i go dey exam
hell nobi hall dey chop biro cover kpikim my
mind nor go talk but see as the idiot just dey
help me dig my grave by telling me how i go
take grab and press agness br**t Chai Satan
nah shoe maker!
gowwm! i swallow another bucket of saliva as
agness release one kind long snoring sound
and turn her yansh as she face the
couch,aaahh nbanu i can’t take this threaten
again nau!,if nah today gawd talk say i go die
make i die!,after all him go understand,yes him
go know say i try at least the kin bucket of spit
wey i been swallow since just looking at her, e
reach to supply enough stable tap water for
i vex as i lift her jejely,small small i carry her go
my room,yes mission accomplish,omo e nor
easy for me o!,but as konji don over come all
my body i fit turn impossible possible just to
chuck something,i waka go luck door tight as i
comot my boxers tho spana dey outside since
dey nod like lizard,
thank gawd she nor hold any knife,i pack
clothes take tie for her mouth becos i know say
she go shout once i drive spana enter,so
prevention is better Dan cue,…coded
that one too successful as i begin wonder if she
be dead body abi naso she take dey sleep,ah
ah! how come she just dey snore like goat wey
get catarhrr since
i comot her gown and pant but nah scissors i
use chop everything off onto say pulling dem
go must wake her,
ahh!! i made the worst mistake of my entire
life!, i nor even know watin carry my nose go
dia!,i mumu go bend down shuk tongue out as i
won lick her sobinto small chaiiiii the odour
strong bajee!!!!,even gawd sef go say gawd
e turn my head like kai kai,nah that day i take
experience how anointing take dey trowey
peson,omo i cough enter toilet as i go sneeze
trowey spit tire
i use vex enter room back as i grab spana
piaam!! i grab her laps as i pat am,no more
gently man,nba! nah strong man i dey now
ewwwwooooooo!!!!!!,agness shout! as she try
push me away i push spana enter her sobinto,
after all spana nor get nose nah,
aaaaahhh!!! noooo!! comot for my body u this
devil,aaaaahhh chimooo!!!,leavu mee comot!!
comot!! for my body!!!
for wia she struggle tire!,as i make sure say i
sound proof her mouth wella,then seize her
tight ontop my bed,omo e just dey sweet me go
like say i be virgin
she struggle till all her strength wash
comot,omo she just weak nahim she come
surrender her body like rag,o boy see free visa
into her Singapore o!
i free her hands and waist since she nor dey
struggle again,omo nah that time i begin press
like fire fire!,i press like say i won burst am
e just dey rhyme pka!,i manage look time
2:45am ,o boy nah by 5 i go live warri o!
i begin go in welll well as the sweetness begin
spark ginger enter all my body,Chai first time
wey the sweetness no gree me pull out,eee
sweet me die sotey i begin prophesy love to
agness Chai i begin talk rubbish wey i nor sure
of,but as i take see agness face Chai na living
dead i bee!
i later turn her around as i chuck spana enter
from backside omo nah beginning of another
ahhhhhhh!!!!! ewooo!!,ah! chinedu shebi nah
becos say i be woman eh!,see u go see
somethin wey pass u for this life,ah something
go jam u but u nor go know watin hit u
so she still get strength sef,ahhh!!! too sweet
jare,e be like say nah the smell make am sweet
like this,abi naso i tot
e last long nobi small, as i stop around 4:00
omo i jump down from agness body carry my
bag and clothes wey i go take travel,viaaaam
to bobo house! straight
see i nor need una advise becos i kukuma
know watin go happen if agness and my
parents wake up,Chai na straight to vip section
in hell
so i tear race that night with only my
boxers,bobo house no far as e dey for the
junction wey tear part enter my street
omo nah that night i know say usanebolt nah
leaner for running,as i chuck head comot for
my gate nahim one stupid dog halla me one
better woooo!!! sound omo my boxers tear race
comot for my waste
i look the direction as i sight some vigilante
men with diar dogs rushing me like say i be
piaam i grab my boxers wey fall for ground no
time to wear am as i tear race run pass bobo
house,nah wen i bounce enter gutter nahim i
look up and see say i dey 6 house pass bobo
house,omo as nah death race e bee i nor
bother to look my injury as i tear race enter
bobo house
nah gawd save me say bobo sabi my voice as
him rush open door with better gun wey dey
him hand for sef defence,i bounce inside as my
eye jam one girl wey her aunty dey sell food
stuff,her name nah chichi
guy why u dey look my babe like dat
nah,watttiinnn!!!..bobo shout
watin?…..i ask
why u Unclad omo see electric pool
oh!!!!…bobo yab me as him use bedshit cover
him girlfriend eye
ah! nah true,Chai i don forget sef,i yan as i
kukuma wear my boxers
chichi come dey go house now,before ya aunty
go wake up,she must not know say u sneak
out,……bobo yan to the girl wey dey lay down
for bed as she stand,omo she yellow nobi
small come see full package,Chai bobo get eye
jare,she wear her clothes as bobo escort her
go diar own flat inside the compound
guy watin dey sup nah…bobo yan as him waka
come back
omo guy nah kpekus wey red o!….i yan
piom piomm !,shebi u sample the reded part
nah…..bobo yan
o jigbi jigbi!!! e sweet pass ya mama breast
milk o!,but nah by force i take drive the
anointing o!,infact nahim make me surface like
this o!…..i yan
abro! u rugged die,ur pa’le preek no ge k leg
jare,….bobo yan
ah! nah 4:54 dey nack so?,i yan as i sight the
wall clock..
yes nah,oh shebi nah today u dey
travel…bobo ask
yes nah,i yan as i pick my boxers change am
and dress full,
u still get fuel for ya bike abi…i ask bobo
sure nah,make we dey go outside lemme bring
am out…bobo yan onto say him go use the bike
carry me go park
as bobo too dey like speed and the road come
free like agness toto e no take time before we
moto park
thank gawd say passengers don full nah only
one space remain for back seat of the mini
bus,omo i quickly tear race as i wave bobo
better good bye piaam i jump enter moto!
our journey to lagos begin as one woman begin
make noise say she won preach
our moto don enter road dey tear head comot
for different apiaa way
i been won sleep but i nor just dey comfortable,i
begin shift for my chair,i won scratch my preek
but as e come be fin fin girls sit down around
me,omo i just dey use scope dey twist waste,
ah!!,…i shout as the ladies begin look me like
say i be mad peson
o boy! i still dey try to figure things out,watin fit
dey hurt my kpekus like this,but i wash my
boxers well nah
uumm!!! Chai small small all my yansh and
preek begin catch fire as sweat just dey flow
down my head like water
ahh bros i guess the heat is too much,maybe
we should whine down the glass….one fine
aunty wey sit down near me ask
omo i no fit open mouth becos na better
scream e go be,i just nod head for am
iyeee ! auum !! Jesus Jesus! Jesus!!
i just dey whisper as i continue dey hold myself
Chai Chai i no fit hold am again !!! omo i fly up
inside the bus as i begin shout firee !!! aahh!!
nah fire oo!!
like play like play i begin tear all my clothes off
inside the bus as people begin shout ara ara
ara !! nah him village people Chai and the boy
too fine for this kind madness people are just
too wicked !
aaaahhhhhh my pkekuss ooo!!! i scream as
spana sprang out inside the bus
what!!!!!!!!!! everybody scream!



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