Agnness dey vex
Spana in trouble
Agnness continued her waka from bar to bar
with the knife still on her hand,she no even
mind,as people dey look her,
chichi dey her aunty shop,her aunty carry her
come warri early last year when all the okada
boys wey dey dem village almost turn her toto
into public toilet,na when she do her 4th
abortion her aunty wey dey live for warri tear
race go carry her come warri,since then chichi
and her aunty dey live together for warri as
they normally stay together dey sell food items
for her aunty shop
chichi dey her aunty shop dey grind egusi for
her customer that evening as she sight peson
wey carry knife waka pass
ah” nobi Agnness be this,ha how come she
dey waka like this,no Agnness suppose dey
village nah,ewo! she even hold knife,no e fit be
peson wey resemble am…chichi reason to her
abeg grind this thing fast nah,night down come
o! and my pikin never chop even my husband
go soon come back from work…..the customer
wey chichi dey help grind egusi lament onto
say chichi just dey look the girl wey just waka
em! ma abeg no vex,make i quickly run go
confirm something,i nor go waste time at all
chichi yan as she run follow Agnness for back
as she begin shout her name
“as she waka with the knife still on her
hand,she for give up but anytime she
remember how he take push her away like
magot her temper go hot,no! i no fit chop that
kind insult just like that,nbanu he must pay
back nu!,Agnness thought as better idea run
enter her head,since she no fit find
chinedu,nah to go stand for gate wait for
am,yes nah better idea be that at least e go
save her the stress,instead to dey waka up
and down,she go just hide somewhere near the
and once he surface nah to use the knife stab
him be that”yes!” good Agnness conclude as
she won turn she hear as peson scream her
name from back
she been won run go hide becos she think say
nah chinedu(spana)mama still dey follow
her,the woman just dey beg her since say make
she no go kill her pikin,say she go make things
up to her but Agnness know better,dem go just
carry her back to the village,she hear as the
voice shout her name again”Agnness!!”
wait o! e resemble chichi voice,Agnness
thought as she turn to look the peson
ah!! so na u,agnness watin u dey do hia,watin
carry u come warri…..chichi ask agness as she
hug her best friend,chichi and agness nah
pady dem close die,e no just easy for the two
friends to separate wen chichi won travel go
warri,agness still remember well well as she
take cry the day chichi aunty come carry her
from the village
agness talk nah,watin happen how come u dey
warri instead of village becos i nor hear
anything about ya arrival……chichi ask agness
as two of them still hold dem sef,
hmm! nah long story,chichi nah long matter
infact as e be now nah to just kill him,nah to
stab him make him die!!…..agness para
ah!! kill kwa agness,watin happen to u,u well
so,watin bring u come warri,gawd forbid my
friend no go kill peson biko,,,,,,chich yan as
she draw close begin clean the tears wey dey
her friend eye
so tell me agness watin happen,asin watin
bring u come warri…chich ask agness
ah! nah chinedu dem parent o!,nah early
yesterday dem come village come visit my
pa’le and ma’le,say chinedu diar pikin won
marry me,say dem come village so as to find
better wife wey go sabi keep family,woman wey
go put eye down like better wife and unite dem
family with happiness even born fin fin pikin
wey go give dem joy and make dem proud
grand parents dem”so nahim my pa’le come
reason am as better idea,without much talk,my
parents accept,naso i see am my
sister………agness explain
ah! ah! nah naw i get everything,Chai i
understand,but wait o!,how u come dey patrol
with knife?,watin com happen…..chichi ask
nahim! nahim o!!!…….agness yan
who!….chichi ask
nah chinedu o!…if u see watin him do me eh! if
u take ya eyes see as him take push me
hayiiii!!….agness para
wait o! u mean say spana that is em!
chinedu,he push u??…..chich ask
yes nahim……..agness yan
ah! ah! how come,no nah lie becos chinedu
(spana) and that him mumu friend obinna
(spata) yes i still remember,two of dem don
travel go lagos nah,i dey shop the day dem
travel sef,i still remember as him frends
bobo,stevo and symple dem gather follow dem
go motor park,so how come he take push u go
wall all the way from lagos….chich ask
him just come back today,nah night moto him
take land as him chuck head enter cabal this
early mo mo,Chai chichi u need to see how him
take push me go jam for wall,that fine for
nothing mumu boy……agness para
u mean chinedu push u him no dey fear,e be
like say better nut don loose comot for him
brain ba!,aaahh!! wait o! asin him look u finish
agne baby nahim he carry the same hand wey
him dey take chop yam and beans take touch u
ah! nne! rapu oku we go show him say nah we
dey rape boys for we village…….chichi para
see chichi u suppose see how i take bring
myself down come loyal,asin a whole me
agness kneel down dey greet that beautiful
monkey boy,he no even look me twice as him
push me like say i dey smell,like say i be magot
ahh !!!…..agness para
i no blame him nobi him fault assuming say him
dey come village him for no try am becos him
for don know about us wella,nah just say him
grow up for warri hia,no worry we go show him
say nah nkanu we from come,me enugu girl
nahim that warri brought up dey tear red eye for
ahh!!! nkanu my village go hear about this
one,…oya nne give me the knife no worry just
leave the matter for me,see killing him nah
putting ya sef into more wahala,e get watin u
go do am i swear nah dat one go get him
pass,just follow me make we dey go my aunty
shop customers dey wait for me dia,i dey help
one customers grind sef but as i sight peson
wey waka pass with knife e come look some
how familiar so nahim make me abandon
everything pursue u…oya make we dey go
naso agness follow chichi waka go back to her
aunty shop
the two friends still dey yan themselves better
amebo tori when spana and him guys begin
waka pass,as dem dey discuss dey shout to
show say dem don over drunk asin nah drink
dey talk inside dem as some dey whisper some
dey laugh while some dey shout ontop diar
ahh! spana once u reach lag ehh just halla
me.i go sell my pa pa house piaamm to
lagos….stevo yan ontop of him voice as dem
no worry ariwaa see e get one new keke wey
dey fly Ehe! nahim i go take travel tomorrow mo
mo…..spana yan
no no spana dat one go too cost see
transportation don get black market for
warri,see for warri nobi only young boys dey
hustle o! grand ma ma dem nah dem dey
hustle pass now,see e get one mama wey dey
my street her name nah em! ehen!! mama
akunna see she go just give u one fish like that
all u go do nah to chop once u chop am u go
sleep hia for warri and wake up for lagos
straight my brother u go fly!!!!
symple yan as everybody burst into better
chichi e be like say nah tomorrow chinedu go
travel go back to lagos o!….agness yan as she
tap chichi wey sit down near her in chichi aunty
yes nah true i hear as him talk am,wait make
dem pass go far before u go dey go
house…chichi yan to agness
so watin be ya plan nah,as him go dey travel
tomorrow morning…agness ask
na true,ok see watin u go do,make sure u sabi
the boxers or trousers wey him go wear travel
tomorrow…..chichi yan
ok i dey listen oya continue e don almost reach
12:00…..agness yan
take this pepper,nah black pepper we dey call
am,i don already grind am well well like
powder,so carry am go home,make sure
nobody sight u as u go enter him room,carry
the boxers and rub this pepper well well on
it,focus on the front side wia him preek go dey
and back wia him shiit hole go dey then rub am
well well,rub am!!!! use vex rub am!!,then keep
am well for him,that is all,him go hear am
chinedu go hear wieee!!….chich explain to
agness as the two frends laugh tire each time
dey imagine the kind dance wey spana go dey
dance wen the pepper go start work
omo i don drink tire infact as i reach house
come notice say nobody dey awake,nah only
the ahh papa chinedu take am easy nah,see
as u just dey chuck dis ya long tin enter my
pkekus like say u won dig pit ahhhh!! papa
chinedu u nor dey hia!!! take am easy
nah!! my mama dey moan so o!
o boy! so this people never too old,ah ah see
as dem just dey nack apka ko!..hmm i stager
as i begin see double,no light nah only candle
wey dey parlour so every wia dark but i manage
find road enter my room as i do my normal thing
wey be arranging the cloth wey i go wear travel
tomorrow,shud incase una nor know me well i
dey always like to arrange my bags and bring
out the cloth wey i go wear travel night before
the day wey i go travel dat one nah how my
ma’le take teach us from pikin
i bring out one tightpenciled trousers and one
polo then one boxers naso i arrange them keep
ontop my travelling bag…omo i land straight for
bed as i doze off
tho better sleep still dey my body and soul but
as the drink and igboo wey i smoke no gree me
rest well,i just dey toose from one area to
another estate on my bed
onto say i dey always like to waya woman well
well anytime i over drink becos nahim be the
only thing wey dey cool my body and soul if i
over drink and smoke like this,but i nor get
chance to sample dat olosho babe well for
360bar infact i dey sleep now nah true but konji
hold me wella nah truest
agness waka enter compound onto say she no
want make anybody notice say she don enter
house so as to carry out her plan jejefully,she
enter parlour as she begin way with only her
toe till she reach mama chinedu dem room
ewo! watin ah dear hear,nna men na janglova
papa chinedu dey dance ontop mama chinedu
agness thought to herself as she pass the door
becos she hear as mama chinedu take dey
agness waka jejefully till she reach spana
room,ah thank gawd him no even padlock
door,she yan as she push the door jejely and
enter inside
hmm gudu boy him don bring out the clothe
wey him go wear travel sef,chineeke!! naso
gawd take dey perfect peson plan”agness
thought as she grab the boxers and begin rub
the black pepper as chichi take direct her
she go seize her breath each time spana turn
around in his bed,ah ah why dis goat too dey
turn like this nah,him no fit lay down for one
side and sleep tufiakwa!
agness lament onto say spana too dey turn
she finish with her mission and waka go
outside jeje
eheee!! tomorrow na tomorrow chinedu go hear
wieee!!!,agness thought as she waya better
smile for face
so she go lay down for parlour chair and doze
off viaaw!!!!!
i been dey feel like say i won piss but sleep no
just gree me,but i manage stand up as i begin
find road to toilet,after walking around the
whole room like 3 times i nor fit locate toilet till i
jam head for wall gbosaaa!! omo sleep tear
race clear for my eye nahim i waka enter toilet
go piss,omo the we’we no just won stop as i
piss for 1mins after dat one i waka comot enter
my room back,but spana just stand
kakaraka!,e no gree go down nahim i stand put
hand for my waist dey wonder watin i go do,till i
begin hear one kin sound wey dey com from we
ah ah! wich time peson begin snore for our
house nah,becos i sure say my parents them
with nkechi dem nobody dey snore at all
so i open door as i waka begin enter
parlour,tank gawd my papa don fvck finish nah
sleep dem dey waya now
as i near parlour the sound increase til i burst
enter parlour o boyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!
watin my eye see eh Chai!
i nor even remember say agness still dey exist
sef Chai
see fresh laps but village girls no sabi sleep
o!,dem no sabi lay down at all come see as
agness just lay down open leg even her big
gown down fold go up finish as she open mouth
dey snore omo spana catch signal sharpaly!
but i remember as chika my neighbor take run
come meet me for 360bar say agness carry
knife dey find me,omo fear catch me o!,but as i
see my guys as dem take surround me omo the
fear vanish,
but her exposed laps to fresh forget say she be
village girl see br**t ewo!! why i nor notice all
this things before
spana strrreetcchh!! but e fit be say she still
hold the knife
oooohhhh gawd watin i won do now eh!! see
konji wey hold me don double sef
but wait o!,Wat if she stab me or kill me once i
touch her,no forget after all nah something go
kill a man…i thought
Chai i stand look am as i gather mind match



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